“Why Consulting?”: Anatomy of the Perfect Interview Answer

Interviewer: “ Hey Tracy, what brings you to consulting ? ” Tracy: “ You know, that ’ s a very good question. I think it ’ mho three main things. First, the quality of the work you do. Second, the high gear vulnerability to senior people this early in my career. Third, the opportunity for an external career subsequently on. Let me explain why each one is important to me.

I think the chief thing that draws me into consulting, and specifically to your tauten, is the choice of the work you do. I was talking to [ Consultant ’ mho Name ] in a network event and he was telling me about how a lot exercise goes into each analysis. He told me of everything you do to sure that it will be relevant to the client, that it ’ s well executed and well presented. I was sol impressed when he was walking me through how you did it that I looked on-line for presentations you guys did. I found one for a public sector customer and I fell in love with the make you did in [ Project X ]. There was so much detail and timbre that I swore to myself I would work here. In my last employer, I constantly pushed for more quality but if I ’ megabyte honest to you I don ’ t think my foreman valued it. He was a bang-up party boss and all, but I know if I want to push my solve ’ second choice to its highest I ’ ll need to be somewhere that values that. I could see from that presentation that here ’ s such a place. so that was the first cause : the timbre of the ferment that you do. The 2nd rationality relates to the exposure to senior people this early in my career. My think here is that if I ’ thousand going to do high-quality work, I might a well do it in projects that matter. And I think a good proxy of how much a project matters is that senior people care about it.

so, this along with reason # 1 creates a beautiful positive loop hera. I do high-quality work for aged people in projects that count. That makes me learn from them and improve my craft. I then get to better work at early high stakes projects. I actually think this would make me excited to wake up and go to work every Monday good morning : ). ” Interviewer: “ But hey, you do know it ’ s not all roses and that there is some grunt work hera and there, right ? ” Tracy: “ You ’ re right. I ’ ve talked to a couple of friends in consulting and they did emphasize that there is this partially of the job. They mentioned several hours spend on cleanse datasets and formatting slides. But I think being attentive to detail and to the process is authoritative to learn any craft. And I wouldn ’ metric ton mind doing that at all if that means having the opportunity to do significant, high quality exploit for aged people ! And just to close my think here, there ’ s the third gear argue : the opportunity of an international career. It ’ s not something that I think of in the following few years, but I ’ five hundred love to have the opportunity to do work somewhere else in 5-10 years from now. I think that would be a very fat career opportunity.

consult is perfective for this. I know it ’ mho tougher to get this in early career paths because width of cognition is not as valued. then, the more I talk to people, the more I think there ’ s a great fit between consulting and me. I besides think consulting firms respect people who want to do high-quality work and get better with time, is that true ? ”

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