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Bank Teller Interview Quesitons

Question : What skills and early qualities do you think are crucial for a trust narrator to possess ?
Explanation : This is an opening or general question which the interviewer will ask to get you talking, learn more about you, and obtain data they can use for subsequent questions .
Example : “ There are several qualities that a good bank teller must possess. These include honesty, integrity, attention to detail, and good communication skills. Honesty and integrity are important because people and the savings bank are trusting you with their money. Attention to detail avail you process transactions accurately. well communication skills enable you to provide excellent customer service. ”

Question : What does excellent customer service attend like, and how do you go about providing it ?
Explanation : This is your inaugural operational question. operational questions help the interviewer understand how you go about doing this job. functional questions are well answered by describing the work you use to accomplish the tax about which the interviewer is asking you .
Example : “ Customer service as a winder skill a bank teller must possess and is crucial to the bank ’ sulfur operations. I believe customers choose their savings bank based first on the services available and then on the friendliness and capabilities of the employees. Since the teller is one of the first people most customers encounter in a bank, it is significant to provide big service. I do this by smiling, listening to the customers, answering their questions, and processing their transactions efficiently and accurately. ”
Question : Can you tell me about the extent to which you ‘ve handled big amounts of cash ?
Explanation : This is another operational question which the interviewer is asking to make certain you ’ ve done this job before. The nature of this motion indicates this is an important aspect of a bank teller ‘s job, and they want to make certain you are comfortable doing it .
Example : “ As you can see from my sketch, not only have I worked as a savings bank teller in the by, but I ’ ve besides worked as a retail teller. Both of these positions required me to handle big volumes of cash promptly and accurately. I am very comfortable doing this and take pride that my register or cash drawer has always balanced at the conclusion of my shift. ”
Question : What fiscal management and bank teller software applications are you familiar with ?
Explanation : This is a technical foul doubt. Interviewers will ask technical questions to determine your cognition of the engineering, terminology, and processes required by the caper for which you ’ rhenium interview. technical questions are good answered squarely and concisely. The interviewer may ask you a follow-up motion if they require extra information .
Example : “ I am companion with or have worked with respective software applications related to banking and fiscal transactions. I am very familiar with Quicken and QuickBooks equally good as other base and minor business report software. People sometimes ask me about this, and I ’ m normally able to answer their questions. In my last side, we used an automated bank arrangement called EZTeller which let me handle transactions promptly and efficiently. ”
Question : A deposit teller ’ second subcontract requires a lot of routines each day. How do you perform in jobs like this ?
Explanation : This is another functional question which the interviewer is asking to determine if you would be a good fit for the job. While this doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate address specific tasks or cognition required to be a bank teller, it does talk about the general behavior you ’ ll be experiencing in this position. even if insistent or act work is not your darling depart of the subcontract, you should always answer interview questions in a convinced manner .
Example : “ Many jobs I ’ ve held throughout my career have involved act or repetitive tasks. This is actually one of the things I like about this character of workplace. It allows me to learn the procedure promptly and then continue to refine it so I become more efficient and effective at performing these types of duties. sometimes, I even make a game out of it, seeing how I can improve the time it takes to perform a tax. ”
Question : How would you sell a new overhaul the bank is offering when a customer comes in to make a down payment to their account ?
Explanation : This is an functional question targeted at determining your sales and customer service capabilities. Since trust tellers have the most interaction with the bank ’ randomness customers, part of their job is to upsell the bank ’ south services. You should be comfortable presenting a serve to a customer and either closing a sale or accepting the rejection if the customer declines to take advantage of the offer .
Example : “ One of the most significant jobs a bank narrator can perform is to offer extra services to the deposit ’ second customers they interact with. The samara to being successful at this is knowing which services the customer already uses, offering them extra services they may be interested in, explaining the avail and the benefits it offers to the customer, and answering any questions they may have. You besides have to be comfortable if the customer declines the serve, keeping in mind that it ’ s the service they are rejecting, not you. ”

Question : What do you do if a person who is not a current bank customer approaches you and asks how they can open an score or become a client of this bank ?
Explanation : This is a follow improving to the previous question. Interviewers will ask you follow-up questions if they are curious about a specific topic or need extra information. This indicates that this topic is authoritative to them, so you should spend a little more time on your answer than you normally would. You should anticipate follow-up questions any time you answer an interviewer ’ south questions .
Example : “ While working as a teller, I ’ meter often approached by people who are not clients of the bank. I let my coach know that I need to spend extra time with this person so they can direct customers to other teller windows. I then take time to explain the bank ’ mho services to the prospect, answering any questions they may have and then trying to close by asking if they ’ d like to open an explanation at this time. If they need extra help, I call in the director who then takes them aside so they can spend more time pitching the bank ‘s services and products. ”
Question : How do you go about detecting counterfeit cash and deceitful checks ?
Explanation : This is yet another operational wonder. As a bank teller, you can expect the majority of the questions they will be asking you will be functional and technical questions. The best means to prepare for these is to review the job post, inquiry the bank, and be conversant with the processes and operations they perform. You can use questions like these to exercise your answers to questions you anticipate being asked .
Example : “ There are several ways you can detect counterfeit cash or deceitful checks. These include using a counterfeit pen for the cash and looking for tattletale signs of a bad check. These signs include errors in the print, a fishy touch, a large measure, and missing information such as an cover or bank name on the check. I ’ ve detected forge cash on respective occasions and a badly check once. ”
Question : Can you tell me about a time when a customer stated that the bank wrongly charged them a fee for a service they didn ’ thyroxine function ?
Explanation : This is a behavioral motion. behavioral questions seek to understand how you would react to a specific site presented by the interviewer. behavioral questions are best answered within the STAR framework. You inaugural describe the Situation, then state the Task you need to accomplish, tell the interviewer about the Actions you took, then describe the Results you obtained .
Example : “ It is not uncommon for a customer to approach me at my teller window to complain about an write out they are experiencing. This demand site happened to me in my previous placement. A customer was charged a tip for printing checks, even though they didn ’ t have a check history with the bank. I had to satisfy the customer ’ mho requirements while besides protecting the bank ’ s matter to. I reviewed the customer ’ south report and confirmed they did not have a determine report with the bank. I then issued a credit to their savings account in the sum of the fee. not only was the customer satisfied with this solution, but they referred several of their friends to the savings bank because of the excellent service we provided. My coach commended me for taking this action. ”
Question : What would you do if you witnessed a colleague employee taking $ 100 from their draftsman and putting it in their pouch ?
Explanation : This is another behavioral question. The interviewer will ask this type of question to determine your grade of integrity and your ability to protect the bank ’ sulfur interests. You stated earlier that honesty and integrity are key attributes a bank teller should possess. Make sure you use the STAR framework to respond to this question, tied though it projects behavior that will occur in the future .
Example : “ Let me reiterate that honesty and integrity are some of the key attributes a bank narrator must have. If I were to witness one of my companion tellers taking money from the bank, I would immediately inform my coach. Confronting the teller may force them to return the money, but it would not address the return of their honesty. Informing the director enables them to deal with the issue directly. If, for some rationality, I had made a err or the director allowed the early narrator to remain on the speculate, I would explain to the other teller about my beliefs in honesty and how I was lone looking after the bank ’ sulfur interests. ”

Additional Bank Teller Interview Questions

  • What do you believe is the most authoritative thing in customer service ?
  • If you found a way to do a undertaking more efficiently than the means you were instructed, what would you do ?

  • Have you had any have handling cash ? If so, where and how did you gain your have ?
  • If an existing customer became angry over a new bank confirmation policy, how would you handle it ?
  • If you were facing a trouble with a customer and did not know how else to proceed, what would you do ?
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