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35 Questions for Consulting Interviews (With Sample Answers)

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Updated March 22, 2021 | Published January 5, 2021 Updated March 22, 2021 Published January 5, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail In a consulting career, you provide clients with recommendations that are aimed at solving problems or achieving goals. When you apply for these kinds of jobs, you frequently must answer questions that buttocks whether you have the necessary cognition, skills and qualifications to collaborate successfully with clients. Understanding how to answer common consulting questions will help you make a positive depression and show why you deserve the job. In this article, we list 35 park questions for consulting interviews, along with sample answers to help you prepare. Related : Q & A : What Is Consulting ?

General questions

Employers will ask general questions to gain an initial impression of you as a likely employee. These questions enable you to discuss your professional experiences and skills and besides allow the employer to assess your interest in the speculate and whether you are a good fit :

  • Tell me about yourself .
  • Can you talk me through your sum up ?
  • Why do you want to be a adviser ?
  • What do you consider your strengths ?
  • What do you consider your weaknesses ?
  • How well do you work under coerce ?
  • What is your most significant professional accomplishment ?
  • What is your leadership expressive style ?
  • How would your former colleagues or supervisors describe you ?
  • Why do you want to work for our organization over another consulting firm ?
  • Why should we hire you ?
  • What are your expectations for this position ?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years ?
  • What are your long-run goals as a adviser ?

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Questions about experience and background

Employers will ask questions related to your consulting experience and backdrop to evaluate your qualifications for the function :

  • How was your anterior experience prepared you for this position ?
  • Tell me about your proposal writing have .
  • Tell me about a prison term when you worked within a cross-functional team to complete a visualize .
  • What types of consulting projects do you have experience working on ? Which do you work on most much ?
  • What methods do you use to identify your clients ‘ needs ? How do you structure your approach when solving those needs ?
  • Tell me about a time when you exceeded the expectations of a customer .
  • Describe a fourth dimension when you needed to adjust your approach to communicate more effectively with a customer .
  • How many clients do you typically work with at one clock time ? What has been the most you have worked with at a time ?
  • What was the focus of your most holocene consult projects ?
  • Can you walk me through your summons when sizing a market ?
  • spill the beans me through your typical procedure when conducting a sales converge .
  • Describe a time when you had to make a decision without having all the facts .
  • Tell me about a time when you failed on a project. What did you learn from this situation ?
  • Describe a clock when you had to persuade a colleague/client to follow your ideas or recommendations .

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In-depth questions

Employers ask in-depth consult questions to assess your industry cognition, ferment style and ability to manage relevant challenges :

  • Describe how you would explain a complex or technical issue to a client .
  • What skills or behaviors do you believe a adviser needs to be successful in this diligence ?
  • What do you believe are the most meaning issues facing this industry ?
  • Give me an example of a party in the diligence and a trouble they face. How would you help solve that trouble ?
  • Describe your process when researching a company or diligence .
  • What diligence trends are you following closely, and why ?
  • What crucial ethical considerations must a adviser stool ?
  • Tell me about a time when you faced an ethical dilemma as a adviser .
  • Tell me about a meter when you led a team through a challenge .
  • Tell me about a time when you had to work with a unmanageable customer on a project employment .
  • Describe a time when you disagreed with a supervisory program or colleague. How did you resolve the situation ?
  • Can you walk me through a recent project you completed ? What did you achieve, and what parts of the process went well ? Is there anything you would have changed ?
  • Tell me about how you handle working with multiple clients or multiple projects at the same time .

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Interview questions with sample answers

You can use the follow common consultation questions and sample answers to prepare for your consulting interview :

Why consulting?

Interviewers ask this interrogate to gauge your genuine interest in a consulting career and cognition of the field. When an employee has rage, it demonstrates their enthusiasm for and committedness to the job. You may hear this question often during consulting interviews, so you need a integrated answer that conveys the specific reasons you want to be a adviser and anecdotal evidence that supports those reasons. Try to focus on one or two aspects of the sphere that you enjoy most. exemplar : “ In consult, I like having the opportunity to solve business problems and create significant impacts for my clients. I enjoy the process of conducting inquiry and collaborating with my colleagues and clients to determine which solutions dependable fit their business issues. The variety show of the character excites me, as I am always solving new problems and meeting new people. What motivates me is knowing that the work I do has a meaningful impingement on my clients. In one of my first jobs, I helped develop a direct market broadcast for a little occupation that grew its customer base by 10 %. Accomplishments like that motivate me to continue doing my best. I hope to develop my consulting career and move toward solving problems for multimillion-dollar companies, using strategies gained from my small business experiences therefore far. ”

Tell me about a time when you struggled or failed to meet a deadline.

Interviewers use behavioral questions such as this one to assess how you manage common challenges at sour. They most want to understand how you react to stressful situations and learn from them. When answering specific behavioral questions, social organization your response using the STAR proficiency ( situation, tax, action and result ). Your responses to these questions provide attest of your value as an employee. example : “ I once accepted an assignment with a short reversion fourth dimension, not realizing how a lot time it would take nor considering the rest of my workload that week. With one sidereal day left, I realized that I would not be able to complete the customer deliverable on my own and communicate my concerns to my supervisory program. fortunately, she pulled in some colleagues who had handiness. It required working belated into the night, but we completed the deliverable on time and to the client ‘s requirements. I realized that I need to honestly assess my capabilities before accepting assignments. This have besides encouraged me to work on my clock management skills and learn techniques the enable me to track my prison term effectively. I have not missed a node deadline since. ”

How many cups of coffee did people drink in New York City last week?

commercialize size and estimate is an all-important skill for consultants and demonstrates your ability to calculate emergence electric potential. Interviewers will test you using the “ How many Xs are in Y ? ” format, picking a random detail and geographic localization. The function of your answer is not to correctly calculate the act but to demonstrate your thinking work and critical think skills. Start your response by outlining any assumptions that affect the estimate, such as population size. then provide the legitimate steps and calculations you would take to create an calculate. You can besides impress the interview by asking clarifying questions that might impact your appraisal. example : “ First, I will assume New York City has about 10 million residents. then I need to estimate how many of those residents drink coffee—excluding children and people who do not like coffee, I will assume that number is 40 % of the population or four million people. adjacent, I will assume that the average total of cups consumed in a day by an individual is two. last, I would multiply four million people by two, which equals 8 million cups consume each day, then multiply that by seven. My concluding estimate is that people drank 56 million cups of coffee last week in New York City. This appraisal treats each day of the week equally, so it does not account for the mind that individuals may drink less chocolate on the weekends when they are not working, for example. ” Related : How To Answer Interview Brainteasers

Explain how you adapt to your clients’ culture when working on projects.

As a adviser, you will work on projects with a diverseness of clients. Your likely employer wants to ensure you can navigate unlike caller cultures and seamlessly fit into new environments using effective communication and collaboration skills. Your answer should demonstrate these skills, along with your interest in the values of teamwork and trusted relationships. case : “ Before an employment, I research the company ‘s mission, values and other aspects of its culture. I often use on-line resources along with asking people who are familiar with the business, whether those are colleagues or contacts I have at the company. Using those insights, I assess my current ferment style and determine how I may need to adjust my communications or behaviors to suit their needs. I continue this process throughout my customer interactions, making changes as needed to ensure they are receptive to my communication style. For case, I have learned that some clients hate receiving emails and prefer a call call. Or some prefer to make small talk at the startle of meetings while others want to get straight to the bespeak. I aim to provide whatever they need to ensure that I establish potent relationships that help the plan run smoothly. ”

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