20 Critical Thinking Interview Questions to Ask Candidates

critical remember is one of the most valuable qualities to look for when hiring newly employees. Employees aren ’ thymine always going to have all of the data or datum they need to solve a problem. additionally, not every trouble has an easy “ black or white ” solution. Employees are always going to need to be able to think outside of the box to solve unmanageable problems. indeed, how can we tied begin to gauge a candidate ’ s critical think abilities ? critical think consultation questions will do the flim-flam. When use aboard Bryq ’ s cognitive skills assessment, these questions very help to separate the critical thinkers from the passive thinkers during the interview summons .

What is Critical Thinking…and Why is it Important?

critical think means being able to think sanely without besides a lot emotion or subjectivity. People who think critically try to push all of that aside when making decisions. alternatively, these individuals rely on objectivity, reason, and logic to solve problems. These may be considered “ soft skills ”, but they are becoming more and more significant in the global work force. Some jobs might seem to require more critical think skills than others, but critical think skills will need to be utilized in every subcontract character, no matter how straight-forward a job might seem .
Take, for exemplify, a cashier job. It might seem that the only responsibilities a cashier might have are scanning groceries and handling money. But what if there is a price discrepancy ? What if the teller notices that a customer might be stealing merchandise ? What if the customer hands over a fake note ? These are all potential situations in which a cashier will need to use critical remember skills to solve problems.

20 Critical Thinking Interview Questions

critical intend skills can ’ metric ton be assessed by reading resumes or looking at previous work know. Asking a candidate open-ended questions that allow them to demonstrate their ability to think outside of the box and manipulation logic to solve problems will give you a much better mind of how sharply a candidate ’ s creative thinking skills are. even asking questions that seem like riddles are a great way to get your candidates thinking ! You can besides use these questions to check for both hard and cushy skills. Use the following 20 questions to see which of your candidates has both the brains and logic to stand out above the rest .
Critical thinking interview questions are great ways to assess how creatively and logically a candidate can solve problems.

  1. Tell us about a time where a stick out did not go as planned. What can be done to avoid a similar problem in the future ?
  2. Have you ever needed to make an significant decisiveness quickly ?
  3. hour angle there ever been a time where you needed to make a decision without knowing all of the details of a situation ?
  4. imagine that you are the project director of an authoritative project. Two of your co-workers can not get along and it is derailing the project. How do you go about solving this write out ?
  5. Have you ever had to convince your director that your manner of solving a trouble was the best way ? How did you go about convincing them that you were correctly ?
  6. imagine that you come to work to see that you have been sent 1,000 emails overnight. If you only have time to answer 200 of them, how would you decide which 200 emails to respond to ?
  7. Have you always foreseen a problem before it happened ? What did you do to prevent this from happening ?
  8. A customer has come up to you with a trouble while you are in the middle of talking to your coach about something very crucial. How would you react to this ?
  9. Describe the color green to person who is blind .
  10. How would you go about putting in concert a 1,000-piece saber saw puzzle ?
  11. While in a meeting, your colleague suggests a solution to a trouble that you know will not work. Do you voice your concern to the team in the meeting ?
  12. take there ever been a time when person suggested an idea to you that you had not considered ? If indeed, what was your chemical reaction to this ?
  13. What steps do you take when addressing a trouble ?
  14. Describe a clock time when you noticed a trouble at work and came up with a solution to fix it .
  15. Have you ever had to adapt your work style for a director ? What adjustments did you make ?
  16. Tell us about a time when you set a gallant goal for yourself and achieved it. What steps did you take to make it happen ?
  17. What is the one matter you would change about your former job ? How would you go about making these changes ?

  18. take there ever been a time when you were dealt with an unexpected situation at bring that caused you to change your approach ? Tell us how you handled it .
  19. If your coach made a error on an significant document, how would you go about addressing it ?
  20. Is it better to increase prices to gain profit or lower prices to make customers happy ?

How to Assess Critical Thinking Skills

The answers to these critical intelligent interview questions can and should vary across candidates. The more creative and thought-out the answer is, the better the candidate should be able to solve complex problems. however, there are some common characteristics critical thinkers have that you can look for while assessing candidates .
critical Thinkers Are legitimate – they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let diagonal or their typical manner of thinking induce in the way of their decision-making. They can consider a situation from every angle and use logic to develop a solution to a problem .
critical Thinkers Are Trustworthy – they make well-reasoned decisions based on fact and logic, not emotion. This means that they make decisions that you can trust. additionally, they use problem-solving techniques without worrying much about the opinions of others .
critical Thinkers Are innovative – they are on-key innovators at heart. They look at problems from a different perspective. additionally, critical thinkers offer fresh solutions to your party ’ second problems that you might not have thought of earlier .

unexpected Answers

Candidates who possess critical think skills typically give creative solutions to problems. If a campaigner gives a typical answer to a question or presents an obvious solution to a problem, they might lack critical remember skills. Giving “ black or white ” answers suggests that these candidates don ’ metric ton know how to think outside of the box. You should be looking for answers and solutions that are creative so far backed by logic .

complete Answers

Some candidates might not give detailed answers to consultation questions. alternatively, some might not even answer your question at all. It ’ s crucial to note that many critical thinking interview questions don ’ t have “ right ” or “ wrong ” answers. When we ask questions, we are trying to figure out whether or not the campaigner has the capacity to at least try to give a in full thought-out answer backed by coherent argue that makes sense. If a campaigner tells you that the sky is actually green and not blue while presenting coherent explanations as to why, you have a critical thinker on your hands. A critical thinker will convince you of things based on logic .

Check Facts

In the answers the candidates gave you, did they search for more information before moving advancing in their decision-making process ? When solving problems, a critical thinker prefers to find out a much data as they can before making a final decision. Make certain your candidates are making decisions based on facts and not feelings .

coherent Reasoning

In their responses, do candidates use legitimate intelligent to solve the issues at hand ? Or do they jump to conclusions and decamp logic in favor of taking legal action right away ? When interviewing candidates, seek out coherent reasoning in their answers to determine if they are critical thinkers .

How Bryq Can Help

It ’ mho obvious that looking for critical think skills in the interview procedure is crucial. Of course, consultation questions are only arsenic helpful as the tools you ’ re using aboard them to find future hires. Bryq ’ s endowment appraisal software helps you find the perfective campaigner based on personality assessments and appraisal questions made to test a candidate ’ s cognitive abilities and critical think skills. Our merchandise is based on Industrial & Organizational Psychology and measures four distinct skills – numeral skills, coherent intelligent, verbal skills, and attention to detail .
Hiring employees that possess critical think skills can benefit your company enormously. These employees will offer raw solutions to ongoing problems, advanced ideas to improve your processes, and will work hard to make surely things go smoothly. Using the critical think interview questions above in conjunction with Bryq ’ s talent appraisal software is a surefire direction to hire a team of critical thinkers who will get the job done.

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