Consulting Interview Questions: The Complete List – Crafting Cases

Frequency: 70-80 % of lawsuit interviews Time to Master: 30-60 hours of practice Brief Description: Every consulting firm ’ sulfur node has a bully, building complex goal to reach or decision to make. That ’ second why they ’ re calling the consultants in !

The first thing your clients ( and the undertaking ’ mho partner ) want is a plan to solve that problem. A cohesive, structured plan that one can look at it from the beginning and be confident that whoever ’ randomness going to do the workplace will be able to achieve the desirable results. The Framework question is the question where the interviewer gives you a problem as large and complex as a wholly project and asks you to break it down into a plan to solve it. contrary to what many people think, not every case interview starts with a framework. It ’ s common for interviewers to start the case giving you a chart to interpret, an estimate to solve or a brainstorm wonder. These types of cases feel more like you ’ re starting out from somewhere in the middle of a project. besides, I ’ ve seen a few cases where the Framework question comes at the end of the case. In these situations, the function of the begin and middle of the encase is for you to find adequate information and context to build a decision-making plan ( or model ) vitamin a well as potential at the end of your 30-40 minutes with the interviewer. Common phrasing / Examples:

  • Your client is an e-commerce store that sells furniture. Their clients say that they wish they could see and touch the items before they bought and that they’d buy more of it if they could do that. Your client is considering to open demo retail stores in selected cities for that purpose. Should they do it?
  • How would you help a pizza restaurant recover from a sharp profitability decline?
  • A government of an Asian country is scared of an outbreak of an aggressive flu strain in a neighboring country. What should they do about it?
  • Help a local school increase math scores of its students in standardized tests.
  • What steps would you take to set up the strategic plan of a company like Apple?

Purpose: Breaking down complex business and populace sector problems is the hallmark of management consult. Interviewers want to test your ability to break down a big, building complex trouble into accomplishable steps that would achieve the objective. Within the design, they want to see your ability to foresee what are the main issues regarding the trouble and hypothesize the answers. They besides want to check your ability to organize your ideas in a unclutter, concise, prioritized way ( check out the MECE principle ). How to answer: The first base thing to realize when answering this questions is that you CAN ’ T USE A PRE-MADE FRAMEWORK. You need to build your own or you ’ ll sink the impression that you ’ re person who can ’ thyroxine think for yourself and relies on memorization rather. Let me emphasize this charge one more prison term : Your interviewers have probably given the specific case they ’ rhenium giving you 100+ times. They ’ ve seen every framework you can conceive. And because most candidates memorize frameworks from long-familiar books and sources, they know what are the memorize ones… They all look the same.

There are 4 steps to create a winning model on your own : 1) Define the problem clearly. Interviewers will often give you an ill-defined problem merely to see if you ’ re able to ask the right questions upfront in order to actually understand it. Can ’ metric ton solve a problem you can ’ triiodothyronine understand. 2) Create MECE categories of analyses. MECE stands for “ Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive ”. In simple terms : no gaps in your analyses ( categories cover the whole trouble ) and no overlaps ( each category is amply discrete from the others ). Easier said than done, but I ’ ll give you a crowd of resources in a couple minutes. 3) Show what you would analyze in each category. remember of this as key questions… If one of your categories of analyses is the “ size and quality of demand ”, what are the specific questions you want to answer to be fully satisfied that demand is good enough for your client to go through with the decision ? The best way to do it is using hypotheses. 4) Define next steps. After you finish presenting your plan, you ought to mention how to start using it. Select a high precedence area of your model and say you ’ ll begin from there by testing hypothesis x. In 99 % of interviews you can ask for a copulate minutes to build your framework after defining the problem distinctly. And you should. I don ’ t know of any candidate, no matter how brainy, that can pull off a great model in no prison term at all. Additional resources: The Framework Module in our free run, Case Interview Fundamentals, is considered by most students the best reservoir to learn how to create model from incision properly. There, I ’ ll appearance you precisely how to define the problem, I ’ ll teach you the Landscape Technique to create conceptual frameworks from scratch to any problem ( even Public Sector cases ) and I ’ ll show you how to present your model and wield time. There are a few Framework television drills there adenine well, so you can put your cognition you learn into practice and compare your Frameworks to mine.

Another key resource is our comprehensive guide to Issue Trees. Ask any adviser what ’ s the # 1 thing to learn before your interviews and you ’ re certain to hear about Issue Trees. As you will learn in the Framework module in Case Interview Fundamentals, when building a model you can always choose between using a conceptual Framework or a customize Issue Tree. There are specific situations for each, so you need to learn both. last, our Youtube impart has a few insightful videos on Frameworks, including techniques to improve them and examples of great Frameworks .

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