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Receptionist Interview Questions

Question : Can you tell me about your experience as an administrative assistant, secretary, or receptionist and what duties you performed ?
Explanation : This is an exemplar of an hatchway or general question. The purpose of this type of motion is to get you talking, learn a little spot more about you, and provide the interviewer with some information they can use to ask you extra questions .
Example : “ As noted in my curriculum vitae, I have spent six years as either a receptionist or an administrative assistant. Both of these roles were with organizations similar to yours. In those jobs, I did things like greet guests in person or on the call, route calls to the allow individuals, provide support skills like data entrance and file, and good about anything else needed to keep the office running smoothly. ”

Question : Please provide me with a compendious of your customer service have and how you approach this important tax .
Explanation : This is another general motion in which the interviewer is seeking to better understand your skills in the area of customer military service. Since you will be the face of the constitution that customers and early individuals first meet, this is an important skill for you to have and be able to describe to the interviewer .
Example : “ One of the things I realized early in my career is that to be an effective receptionist, I needed to learn how to deal with people efficaciously. Since I am much the beginning person in the company that individuals meeting, I make surely that I am constantly convinced and congenial when greeting guests on the call or in person. I try to determine their needs and then figure out how to best address them. I make it a distributor point to learn about the resources the arrangement offers its customers and become familiar with the products and services the company promotes. ”
Question : How many employees did you either support or interact with in your death job ?
Explanation : This is so far another general doubt the interviewer will ask to learn more about you. This particular interrogate is geared toward understanding your ability to support multiple employees. This impacts your workload, your multitasking skills, and your cognition of the setting of the organization and the different jobs each individual performs .
Example : “ In my most recent place, I supported six people directly and a sum organization of 40 employees. The six I supported included the office director and five administrative assistants. I handled their oeuvre overflow, including data submission and file. The duties are performed to support the rest of the staff, including distributing mail, routing telephone calls to them, and any ad hoc work they needed which I had time to do. ”
Question : How potent are your computer-related skills ?
Explanation : This is the foremost functional interrogate the interviewer has asked. operational questions provide the interviewer with data about how you go about performing the tasks required for this job. The interviewer wants to ensure that the way you perform a job align with their processes and procedures .
Example : “ I ’ ve been working on computers since I was a child. I ’ meter very familiar with Microsoft Office Suite arsenic well as Google Office apps. This includes give voice process, spreadsheets, and creating PowerPoint type presentations. I ’ ve besides worked with several different CRM systems and other software typically found in an office environment. ”
Question : What function does a receptionist play in a customer ’ second first base impression of an organization ?
Explanation : This is another operational question which the interviewer will ask to see if your sensing of the role of a receptionist is the lapp as theirs. You stated earlier that you try to make a full impression since you are typically the first person person from outside the ship’s company encounters. You should follow up on this subject, talking about how you act as an ambassador for the company .
Example : “ The receptionist is frequently the foremost person person from outside the company encounters when visiting the office or calling on the earphone. This means the receptionist has the opportunity to make the first impression, dependable or bad. I keep this in mind every time I encounter person, making certain I am wellbeing and press out concern in them and their argue for contacting the ship’s company. I consider myself an ambassador of the company and the first gear person that can influence a sale or positive reaction to what we do. ”
Question : How do you manage your workload to keep up in a fast-paced study environment ?
Explanation : This is another operational question in which the interviewer is attempting to discover how you organize your day and deal with both planned and unintentional activities. This is important as a receptionist because you have to both greet visitors and answer the telephone when needed while performing other office tasks when you ’ re not doing this .
Example : “ I learned early in my career that no two days as a receptionist are the lapp. Visitors arrive, and the telephone rings, and I must address both of these as they occur. additionally, I am responsible for completing other position tasks, including data entrance, give voice process, file, and early duties to help the ship’s company employees. I prioritize these plan activities deoxyadenosine monophosphate good as I can while ensuring I have meter to handle phone calls and visitors. If necessary, I ’ ll work approved overtime to finish the other tasks which need to be done. ”

Question : How do you prioritize calls, clients, deliveries, and other issues that must be addressed immediately ?
Explanation : This is a follow-up interrogate to the former one. You noted in your previous answer that you prioritize activities such as the ones described in this question. The interviewer will ask follow-up questions to better understand precisely how you go about doing something you mentioned in a anterior answer. You can anticipate follow-up questions any time you answer an interviewer ’ sulfur interrogate .
Example : “ As I mentioned in my earlier answer, while I try to stay busy with a wide kind of office-related tasks, I ’ meter constantly ready to respond to visitors, telephone calls, deliveries, and other issues that demand my immediate attention. I am always looking out for these ‘pop-up ‘ opportunities and have disciplined myself to immediately stop what I ’ megabyte working on in order to address them. I prioritize people, calls, and tasks – in that order. ”
Question : How do you keep your daily agenda organized and on chase ?
Explanation : You ’ ll note that this is the third base functional interview the interviewer has asked about this particular topic. This indicates it is very important to them or they may have had some issues with this in the past. It may be the rationality they ’ ra looking to hire a newfangled receptionist. When interviewers ask multiple questions about a single subject, you need to stay focused and continue to provide information even though you think you ’ ve already addressed this topic .
Example : “ Staying organized is easy if you first plan and then remain elastic. Planning the day and the tasks you are going to complete is critical because it gives you a framework to work within. Remaining flexible is crucial because stuff happens, and you need to respond to it when it does. The identify is addressing the ad hoc events as they occur and then returning to your aforethought activities. This becomes easier the more you do it. ”
Question : Can you describe a clock time you had to deal with an angry customer or guest, either on the telephone or in-person ?
Explanation : This is an exemplar of a behavioral interrogate. Interviewers will ask behavioral questions by creating a scenario and then asking how you would react to it. The best way to respond to behavioral questions is by using the STAR framework. Repeat the Situation the interviewer is asking about, state the Task you needed to accomplish, describe the Actions you took, and then discuss the Results .
Example : “ unfortunately, being a receptionist means having to deal with people who are upset about something. I ’ ve developed the methodology to address this which seems to work. In my final character, a customer called and was angry their order was belated. even though it was not my demerit, I knew I had to calm the customer devour and help them resolve the position. I actively listened to their charge and asked particular questions involving their order. I then told them I would make inquiries with the shipping department and contact them when I had an update. I prioritized this, stopping everything else I was working on. I was able to obtain a tracking numeral from the transportation department and provided this to the customer. I besides got the sales team to agree to a 10 % price decrease due to the late delivery. This satisfied the customer. They thanked me for my efforts and subsequently placed another club with the company. ”
Question : What did you do at your last party to increase revenues, reduce costs, or save fourth dimension ?
Explanation : This motion demonstrates why companies hire employees. Unless you can help the company make money, save money, or save time, they don ’ t need you. You should keep this in thinker when answering any interview questions. Always be demonstrating your measure to the party and showing them how you can accomplish one of these objectives .
Example : “ Whenever I join a raw company, I am always looking for ways to improve processes, reduce the time it takes to accomplish a tax, or ways I can help generate incremental gross for the company. As a receptionist, I can by and large accomplish one or more of these objectives. In my previous function, I helped create a universal calendar for the firm in which every employee entered their schedule for the week. This enabled me to be quick for any visitors scheduled to be in the function that day. When a visitor arrived, I already had their name badge prepared and some of the information on the sign-in sheet completed for them. I besides knew precisely where the employee with whom they were meeting was when they arrived. This reduced the amount of time it took to check a visitor in and ensured the employee greeted them within minutes of their arrival. The feedback I received was that visitors often commented about this, and it led to a better impression of the company, our employees, and the products and services we offered. ”

Additional Receptionist Interview Questions

  • Most of your day you will be required to multi-task. Will you be able to stay focused and get your problem done ? How accustomed are you to multi-tasking ?
  • How would you deal with an angry guest ?

  • What is your definition of professionalism ?
  • What would you do if you found you had double booked a client ?
  • If the phones were constantly ringing, would you feel overwhelmed ?
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