21 Engineering Manager Interview Questions and Answers to Know

Use these software technology director interview questions to practice and prepare for your boastful meet and land the occupation of your dreams. Prioritization, mentor, and risk management — a great engineering director needs it all. How can you prove you ’ re the best candidate for the open situation ? For technical recruiters, how will you make certain you cover all the bases ?
In this article, we are going to cover some critical questions frequently asked at interviews for engineering coach candidates. These questions not only help find candidates who best fit a company ’ south polish but besides allow hiring managers to get a feel of candidates ’ personal management styles .
By the end of the article, you ’ ll be familiar with the key attributes you should look for when hiring your next big engineering director.

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1. How would you prioritize the following work?

One of the cardinal responsibilities of an technology director is to prioritize and schedule the tasks needed to build a intersection or service. They need to prioritize feature development, bug fixes, and refactoring technical debt or bequest code .
good technology managers know how to prioritize tasks based on how well they meet business objectives and based on the time, attempt, and cost involved. Great technology managers know how to ask the right questions to help with prioritization .
Ask this prioritization motion with a number of 2-3 sample features, bug fixes, and other supporting tasks. It is besides a good open to lead into early questions .
here is an case list of tasks :

  • Build a new web app interface
  • Upgrade the database
  • Fix bug with concurrency in server code
  • Fix JavaScript bug in front-end code
  • Fix CSS display issue in front-end code

With this list, you can then ask the campaigner “ How would you prioritize those tasks ? ” The engineer coach candidate should ask probing questions about the background context of the tasks, the priorities of the team, and the organization .
They should ask about business goals and about the level of urgency of the tasks. For exemplify, fixing a wiretap with concurrence in the server code could be very crucial as it blocks the sales team from demoing the product to a client, or it could be impacting thousands of customers .
If an mastermind coach job campaigner does not ask excessively many probing questions, this could indicate a miss of feel. however, if alternatively of asking probing questions they start to explain their choices, this could show confidence. It ’ s up to you how to interpret this during the consultation .

2. You’re leading a team of three developers. How would you divide these tasks among them?

good technology managers know how to divide up tasks based on skill level and domain cognition. Great mastermind managers understand how to avoid overloading developers and how to spread cognition throughout the arrangement .
This interrogate invites the candidate to ask discerning questions to determine the optimum division of tasks. It is a good sign if they ask about the skill levels and domain cognition of the team they will be leading. It is besides a dependable sign if they try to pair developers or talk about work that is normally done to accomplish those tasks. This provides the candidate with an opportunity to bring up their past have in leading teams and give farther information about their methodology .

3. In what ways have you upgraded the skills of your team?

adept technology managers look for ways to train their team. Great engineering managers look for ways to train their team in newly skills indeed that new opportunities for the business can open .
This doubt gives you an indicator of whether the technology coach campaigner is a run-of-the-mill coach or a genuine leader. If they have had past experiences in providing their team with mentor and coaching, they are more of a leader than a coach .
If the campaigner tells you that they never had time to upgrade the skills of their team, this could be worrisome. An mastermind director should be making room for their team to grow and learn modern skills or improve their cognition of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks .

4. Your project is running behind. How would you communicate this to other teams? How would you communicate this to the executive team?

In the software development diligence, projects are always running behind in some manner or another. With these questions, we are asking the engineer director campaigner to share how they would communicate visualize delays to team members and to their manager/executive team .
In a startup, the engineer director could be creditworthy for two teams and have to communicate immediately with both the CTO and the CEO .
good engineering managers communicate in a collaborative manner. Great engineer managers use collaboration as an opportunity to introduce post-mortems at the end of a dash ( or the end of the project ) .
When answering this interrogate, the campaigner should mention that they listen to ideas from the team in these meetings, in ordain to create action plans and minimize the risk of delays for future projects. Great engineering managers create an environment where everyone is convinced that everything is being done to complete the project and to get it back up to speed .

5. When working with product or project managers, have you disagreed with task prioritization? How did you resolve this?

typically when an engineer coach is asked to give a high-level estimate for how long tasks will take, they should take into report whatever prioritization the product or visualize director has in judgment. They should then communicate this to their team, and assign appropriate resources ( developers, DevOps, frontend engineers, machine learn engineers, etc. ) .
During the course of a plan, however, there will be times when the prioritization of tasks needs to change, e.g. in reaction to :

  • New bugs being discovered
  • Users (or other stakeholders) giving feedback on features
  • DevOps/server administration issues

The mastermind coach campaigner should be able to come up with prioritization examples from their past experiences in the diligence. For exercise, their team could have been working on a few features when the sales team tried to bump up the priority of early features. How did the candidate do to resolve the situation and communicate the consequences of changing task precedence ?
From here you can explore other questions about task prioritization and communication across the organization. For exemplify, let ’ s say the campaigner has some job experience at a consultancy. You can ask if they ’ ve been exposed to a customer trying to regularly careen priorities and disrupt the daily stand up into a sprint planning session .
In this case, how did the candidate manage the client ’ s expectations while protecting scrum processes ? How did they communicate with the node ? Did they push second and protect the team from changing priorities with good explanation or with good attest ? How did they communicate with their team about any re-prioritization ? You can besides explore how comfortable the candidate is with differing project timelines .
The goal of this question is to dig into the campaigner ’ s past know and understand their communication skills, including how they deal with challenges and obstacles. You besides want to know how they handle constantly shifting priorities .
Check out our entire set of software development interview questions to choose and practice those which fit your job search situation best:
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6. In what ways do you support your team as they work on projects?

This doubt is used to explore the technology coach campaigner ’ s have with mentor, coaching, and differently by and large supporting their team. For exemplify, the campaigner may only have experience with getting projects done, and may not be familiar with accommodating the career aspirations of individuals on their team .
Or possibly they are well-versed in coaching/mentoring and have set up consistent one-on-one meetings with all team members. This question will let you know if they are a good cultural suit, or if the candidate will have to adapt to the constitution ’ s room of doing things .
You can besides use this interview to inquire about how former teams responded to the support. These notes will be utilitarian when it comes clock time to check the candidate ’ mho references .
additionally, this question can help you find out under what circumstances the campaigner will jump in and develop code, whether it is to help mentor a junior developer or to ensure best practices are being followed when pressing situations arise .
Depending on your organization and the projects that you are working on, there will probable be an expectation that the candidate has coding experience and can actively code if want be .

7. How do you usually ensure a project runs on schedule?

With this engineering director interview question, you can give the campaigner an case scenario or probe into their experience at particular companies. You can ask “ tell me about a time when your project was on schedule ? ” and “ how did you help make that position happen ? ”
You want to find out how the campaigner could react to diverse obstacles and challenges, and how they conceptually see the software development march .
For exemplify, they could describe the action as a cone or funnel of uncertainty where a visualize ’ s scope and schedule become more certain and well-understood as the project moves along. Or they could think about software growth and management as an use in risk decrease .
This question helps you find out how much the candidate knows, what stylus of management they engage in, and how well they prepare their team and projects for success .

8. Other Great Engineering Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Those questions above are some of the most coarse, but hera are a few early crucial interview questions for engineering managers and elder developers :

  1. How do you incorporate team building into an engineering department?
  2. What do you do to grow as a leader, manager, and overall professional?
  3. How do you break down complex, technical topics to stakeholders who are not so technologically inclined?
  4. How do you view the engineering management role?
  5. What are some of your engineering management strengths?
  6. What are some of your engineering management weaknesses?
  7. How would you organize an engineering team that is distributed around the world and working remotely?
  8. How would you deal with a software developer under your management who continues to show bad performance?
  9. What is your process for ensuring coding accuracy?
  10. What are your top 5 software engineering tools?
  11. What, in your opinion, is the best programming language to work with?
  12. How hands-on do you prefer to be as an engineering manager?
  13. What do you do to encourage professional growth and continuous development on the teams you lead?
  14. What do you look for when hiring a new developer, QA analyst, or data engineer for your team?


Using the above interview questions for engineer coach candidates, you should be able to find out whether they will be a great match in your constitution. Will they work well with developers, product and project managers, and other teams ? These are all crucial high-level questions you will seek to answer during mastermind director interviews.

The most important responsibilities of engineer managers are to ensure swift delivery of sour and to ensure good relations between teams/developers. With employers seeking to increase the retention of developers, an emerging responsibility of engineer managers is besides to mentor and develop their team. Does this candidate have what it takes ?
These consultation questions should help you in finding not merely a effective mastermind coach, but a great one — one who delivers and supports both their team and the constitution .
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