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Top 36 Networking Interview Questions and Answers

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Updated September 9, 2021 | Published February 4, 2020 Updated September 9, 2021 Published February 4, 2020TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail Getting a job in computer network requires a specific skillset and background. During the interview phase, you are likely to receive questions that test your cognition and reveal more about your personality. By learning what types of questions you can expect in your network consultation, you can better prepare ahead of time. In this article, we list common networking interview questions, along with some sample questions and answers to help you prepare your own responses. Related : How to Prepare for an interview

What is networking?

network is a occupation in which you connect calculator devices to each other. A network administrator will ensure computers can connect securely and efficiently so that they can partake information. They will not only set up the network, but besides monitor it to see that it remains effective. Businesses across many industries rely on network to keep operations running. Read more : Learn About Being a Network Administrator

General questions

An interviewer will typically ask a few questions to learn more about your personality and setting. Some general questions you might be asked include :

  • What is your educational backdrop ?
  • What did you enjoy about the college you attended ?
  • What are you presently reading for enjoyment ?
  • When did your interest in computers and networking begin ? What sparked it ?
  • What are some of the strengths that help you when working with networks ?
  • What is your biggest helplessness, and what are you doing to address it ?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years, or what are your career goals ?
  • Why did you apply for this job ?
  • How do you feel about working long hours in front of a calculator ?
  • What sort of computer frame-up do you have at home plate ?

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Questions about network experience and background

The adjacent determine of networking interview questions will help the employer teach more about your particular experiences and background. They will use your answers to determine if you have enough know for the job and whether your values align with those of the organization .

  • How do you keep up to date with the latest information in networks and engineering ?
  • What past sour have have you had that is closest to this speculate open ?
  • What ‘s your biggest accomplishment when it comes to engineering and network ?
  • Walk me through your preferable process for system sustenance or how you did it at previous places of employment .
  • spill the beans about a challenge you faced at your last target of employment and how you handled it .
  • Do you have any certifications or extra train ? Describe what they are and how they relate to a network administrator position .
  • What ‘s your least favored partially about being a network administrator, and how do you handle it ?
  • Are you a member of any computer-related groups ?
  • We have virtual employees here—what are some ways we can support them and make working easier for them ?
  • How do you typically handle diagnosing a DNS issue ? What about a network topic ?

In-depth questions

These questions look for more detail about your experience, goals and cognition. Examples include :

  • What experience do you have with configuration management ?
  • Can you explain the dispute between a hub, a throw and a router ?
  • What is a VPN and when should it be used ?
  • What are some methods for accessing a shared folder from a distant calculator ?
  • identify a few different types of network topologies and their respective advantages .
  • What criterion would you use to determine if a network is effective ?
  • Can you briefly explain how encoding and decoding work ?
  • What audit tools and procedures do you prefer, and why ?
  • When you ‘re manually configuring the TCP/IP, what happens if you leave the default option gateway blank ?
  • What is a crosslink cable television, and when is the best clock time to use one ?

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Sample network interview questions and answers

Below are some sample network interview questions you might get during a network interview and exemplar answers you could give. The best way to use these samples is to treat them as a usher and explicate answers in your own words. Interviewers want you to provide thought-out and personal answers, not answers you memorized .

  1. How should businesses use a VPN ?
  2. What characteristics do you think a good network administrator should have ?
  3. What ‘s the dispute between a hub, switch and router ?
  4. We have our agency network set up as a Workgroup. Is this the best method acting ?
  5. Do you have any experience with proxy servers ? If so, how did you protect them ?
  6. excuse when you would use straight cables and cross cables .

1. How should businesses use a VPN?

Since many businesses are now letting their employees work remotely, they will likely ask you a question about VPNs. exemplar : “ VPNs get users securely connect to an organization ‘s network. At my last job, we had many employees who worked from home or on the road. To ensure all our data was protected, I set up VPNs on all outside computers. Without this private net, our business would have been susceptible to security threats. ”

2. What characteristics do you think a good network administrator should have?

Employers want to see that you prize the same things that they do. With this question, you can show that you understand what it takes to be a good network administrator. model : “ I think a good network administrator needs a copulate of qualities. For starters, they should be good at solving problems. When something went faulty with our net at my stopping point job, I needed to be able to figure out what it was and implement a solution cursorily. They should besides enjoy learning new things. As technology is always changing, you want a network administrator who is keeping up to go steady on not lone the latest innovations but the newest threats adenine well. That ‘s why I read the latest technical school journals vitamin a frequently as I can and attend conferences each year. Lastly, network administrators should have strong communication skills, so that they can efficaciously work with everyone else involved on the team and let them know what ‘s going on with the network. ”

3. What’s the difference between a hub, switch and router?

This doubt will help employers gauge your charge of cognition. It ‘s a fairly straightforward question, so you should be able to provide a clear description during your interview. This will demonstrate not only your cognition, but besides your ability to communicate ideas efficiently. model : “ Hubs, switches and routers are all pieces of equipment used to connect computers to one another. A hub is the simple device, as it will broadcast data to every available port. They are typically the cheapest, but besides the most vulnerable to security concerns. Switches are a little more complicate than hubs, as they only provide data to the requesting port. Routers are like mini-computers, directing data where it needs to go securely and efficiently. At my former job, I was assigned the task of picking out equipment for our office. I had to weigh our security concerns against the budget I was assigned. finally, I ended up going with a router, as security was their top precedence. ”

4. We have our office network set up as a Workgroup. Is this the best method?

A doubt like this is designed to see if you know the best practices for security system within an position mise en scene. This question is either to see if you know the best way to do things, or they are looking for advice. example : “ For an office set, it would be better to go with a Domain apparatus for your computer network. At a previous place of employment, they were using a Workgroup apparatus when I arrived. With a Workgroup apparatus, all computers are peers of one another, making it less secure. besides, Workgroup setups are less efficient, as they are more ideal for base networks rather than in an office. To remedy this, I transitioned the network into a Domain apparatus. A Domain setup allowed me to monitor access and security permissions in all of the other computers. This centralize system made it easier to secure and more effective. ”

5. Do you have any experience with proxy servers? If so, how did you protect them?

proxy servers are another way businesses can protect themselves on-line. A commodity network administrator will know where and when to use them, along with how to protect them. exercise : “ At my former position of use, we used proxy servers to prevent undesirable users from gaining access to our net. To protect it, we limited the number of proxy servers, controlled where the proxy service could be accessed from and shut it off when we were n’t using it. It was besides my responsibility to regularly check the proxy waiter logs and attend for issues. ”

6. Explain when you would use straight cables and cross cables.

This is a common question used to make certain you know the basics. Use it as an opportunity to demonstrate some expertness. example : “ I am quite conversant with both straight and cross cables, thanks to one of my previous jobs. There, the company had all sorts of computers, routers and hubs that needed to be connected together. I used the cross cables when connecting computers to other computers, or hubs to other hub. The straight cables were for when I needed to connect a calculator to a hub, router, trade or modem. There were a bunch of wires lying around, but I finally got it all arranged correctly. ”

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