15 Restaurant Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring in 2021-22

The summons of retaining adept restaurant employees doesn ’ triiodothyronine beginning after you ’ ve hired and trained them. It starts during the interview—something that ’ s become even more truthful during the stream labor deficit !
That ’ randomness why we ’ ve put together a list of 15 restaurant consultation questions that you need to ask every potential new hire in 2021-2022. We ’ ll besides partake what type of data you should look for from candidates to discern whether they ’ re a good equip for the occupation .
But before we get into all of that, we think it ’ second crucial you see how things look from the applicant ’ sulfur position by asking yourself the surveil doubt .

Why is it so hard to find employees right now?

You ’ re not the entirely one who is struggling to find commodity employees right immediately. According to a September 2021 data report by Restaurant Dive, 26 % of restaurants were looking for cooks and line cooks, 17 % were looking for servers, and 7 % were looking for bartenders.

What ’ s causing the labor deficit ? The new normal. The pandemic has changed how we live. And hourly workers want higher yield, more flexibility in their schedule, and employee benefits that reflect our newly world .
And if you think the solution is to equitable wait this thing out, think again. Some people are predicting that the labor deficit could be permanent wave due to things like a shrinking talent pool .
What ’ s the point we ’ re trying to make hera ? It ’ s this : you need to make your hiring process a efficient as possible to find and hire the right candidates. And one of the samara ingredients for achiever is the direction you conduct interviews .

15 Restaurant Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring

The pursue 15 interview questions will help you conduct interviews that achieve the two most significant tasks of any interview :

  • Find applicants that are serious and committed to doing the job well
  • Weed out the candidates who’d leave you looking for a replacement soon after onboarding

And, in the current situation, those two tasks are more authoritative than ever. therefore, without far bustle, here are the restaurant interview questions you need to ask before hiring any new employee in 2021-2022 .

#1 Can you tell me a bit about yourself?

This is a basic but important interview to ask in any consultation. It allows electric potential employees to talk about themselves and get comfortable at the begin of the interview. It besides gives you, the interviewer, a general understand of the interviewee without restricting them to any subject .
specifically, you should listen to discover information and details that are not mentioned in their sketch. It ’ randomness besides a good chance to learn about the interviewee ’ second personality, peculiarly how they carry themselves when meeting a stranger—an important trait to succeed in the restaurant industry before, during, and after the pandemic .

#2 Why do you want to work in the restaurant industry?

You know there are pros and cons to the restaurant diligence. And everyone will have different motives for choosing this line of work. This doubt will guide the interviewee to express how this caper fits with their curtly and long-run goals .
As they answer, listen to how they describe their feelings and thoughts about the industry. Do they think of it as a short-run gig ? Do they want to progress through different stages of a restaurant career, be it with your restaurant or others ? Try to tie their answer back to your stream lease aim to get an theme if they are a match for the function .

#3 Why do you want to work at our restaurant over others?

As we mentioned previously, restaurants all around the nation are finding employees now due to a countrywide labor dearth. then, the interviewee probably has many options. This motion can help you to further sympathize why they ’ ve chosen to apply for a job at your restaurant .
This interrogate could besides help you understand if they have done enough research about your company. Based on their answers, you can have an idea if they fit with your restaurant ‘s mission, vision, and workplace culture. On top of that, you may discover what your competitive edges are in the grocery store that draws applicants to you .

#4 What do you know about our restaurant?

Yes, this interview is alike to the one above. But it might besides reveal fresh, significant information. For one thing, it will help you distinguish between a well-prepared campaigner and an apply-to-all-job campaigner .
spirit for answers that describe what is happening recently alternatively of undefined answers that could have applied to how things worked pre-pandemic. For exemplar, your clientele might be undergoing meaning changes to how you serve consumers, such as chiefly serving takeout orders rather of dine-in. If the candidate can tell you seasonably and relevant observations, you ’ ll have a better mind about their seriousness for getting the job .

#5 Do you have any prior experience in the restaurant industry?

This is another common question to understand what expertise the interviewee brings to the mesa and which of their skills might be assignable to the function you ’ rhenium hire for .
look for answers that demonstrate desirable skills in 2021, such as their proficiency in using POS systems or other emerging technologies in the restaurant industry. Their answer will help you determine how much train you may need to provide if they are hired. If you are lucky, you might only need to give them a refresher course alternatively of comprehensive examination trail during onboarding !

#6 How well do you work under pressure?

We all know that working in a restaurant is not easy, particularly during a pandemic. The labor dearth might besides put extra atmospheric pressure on restaurant operations, making things a morsel unpredictable. This interview lets you know how flexible and resilient the interviewee is at work .
front for answers that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate good stop at a simple “ yes, ” but besides explain how they manage pressure and prioritize competing tasks.

#7 Tell me about a time you had to deal with demanding customers in a restaurant. How did you resolve the issue?

Every restaurant will always have customers that occasionally act out of course, particularly with all of the opposing opinions about Covid-related safety measures. No employee can prevent those troublesome occurrences from happening. But there are a kind of ways to resolve those conflicts, some more professional and effective than others .
This consultation motion gives you a casual to see if the candidate knows how to handle nerve-racking situations without jeopardizing your business. Look for candidates that not only have their own ways to resolve conflicts and ensure excellent customer service, but besides know how to seek assistant and raise concerns at the correct time .

#8 What does excellent customer service mean to you?

The discussion “ excellent ” is immanent. What it means to you and the campaigner could be drastically different. This wonder allows you to see if their theme of customer avail is aligned with your restaurant ’ mho standards .
Given the stream situation, besides try to dig for examples of times the candidate has given excellent customer overhaul in a kind of settings. For exercise, what does customer service look like to them when speaking over the earphone, by electronic mail, by textbook, or in-person ? Their approach to customer service using these different mediums may not be the same .

#9 How would you resolve a conflict with your coworkers?

Running a restaurant is not a one-man show. It ’ s a corporate campaign from customer-facing employees, kitchen staff, and administration. And casual conflicts among coworkers are to be expected .
This interview question will help you gauge how well the candidate can work with others, whether they are a team player, and how they might influence your work culture. Look for answers that focus on solution rather of the problem or people .

#10 What digital tools have you used in previous restaurant jobs?

As a consequence of how Covid has changed consumer demeanor, the restaurant industry is undergoing a digital transformation. Technology such as third-party order apps ( e.g. Uber Eats ) and self-ordering kiosks will be more common in the years to come. All of this makes digital literacy a crucial skill for restaurant workers in 2021 and beyond .
Ask this restaurant interview question to see if the candidate would be comfortable using the digital tools your restaurant is presently using and how they might approach learning about new engineering in the future .

#11 What hours are you available to work?

This is a cardinal doubt that is authoritative now more than ever. As you know by now, adapting your restaurant operation scheme can be a continuous process to get right during the pandemic. Having a clear estimate of their handiness will help you in planning your restaurant hours and resources .
Your goal with this interrogate is to find person that can cover the standard shifts while remaining flexible if needed .

#12 How do you feel about working extra shifts? 

This motion surely feels similar to the former one. therefore, why ask it ? Because it ’ s not adequate to know if they ’ re available to work excess shifts. You besides need to know how it might affect their feelings towards the job. Knowing this is key to finding employees that will stay with you long-run .
Of course, it ’ s important to know there is no right or improper answer to this question. And you should encourage the interviewee to be honest. But applicants with more flexibility will likely be dependable suited to accommodate your restaurant ’ s changing needs throughout the remainder of the pandemic .

#13 What are your career goals?

There are millions of people that work full-time careers in the restaurant industry, while there are some that work part-time or temporarily before landing a problem they rightfully want. indeed, the goal of this interview doubt international relations and security network ’ thyroxine to find person who will stay in this diligence or your restaurant constantly. Rather, you ’ rhenium looking for person honest with their objectives .
Based on the campaigner ’ s suffice, you ’ ll besides get a better theme if they are a good meet for the current put and how they might help you build your restaurant in the retentive term .

#14 How would you handle a customer who refuses to comply with Covid-19 safety procedures?

As you know, there are Covid-19 safety guidelines that restaurants should follow to keep workers and consumers deoxyadenosine monophosphate safe as possible. But, as you besides know, occasionally there could be customers who are not willing to cooperate .
This restaurant interview question will help you ensure the candidate is willing to enforce the rules. ideally, they should strive to do this while upholding your restaurant ’ south standard for customer serve. Look for candidates that aim to explain the restaurant ’ south policies and the importance of upholding them without giving in to unmanageable customers .

#15 Do you have any questions for me?

last, but not least, this interview question allows the interviewee to ask you any questions about you and how you run your restaurant. Pay careful attention to the types of questions they ask. Are their questions generic or relevant to the job ? Either direction, you ’ ll gain insight into how serious they are about getting the job and performing well if hired.

Final Thoughts

You ’ ve probable adapted many parts of your restaurant operations to keep up with all of the pandemic-related changes. Don ’ t neglect to do the like for your lease process, including the types of questions you ask. You can use the 15 restaurant interview questions we ’ ve shared here to cursorily achieve that goal !
For easy citation, here are those questions again :

  1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
  2. Why do you want to work in the restaurant industry?
  3. Why do you want to work at our restaurant over others?
  4. What do you know about our restaurant?
  5. Do you have any prior experience in the restaurant industry?
  6. How well do you work under pressure?
  7. Tell me about a time you had to deal with demanding customers in a restaurant. How did you resolve the issue?
  8. What does excellent customer service mean to you?
  9. How would you resolve a conflict with your coworkers?
  10. What digital tools have you used in previous restaurant jobs?
  11. What hours are you available to work?
  12. How do you feel about working extra shifts?
  13. What are your career goals? 
  14. How would you handle a customer who refuses to comply with COVID-19 safety procedures?
  15. Do you have any questions for me?

Want to find out more ways to improve your hiring procedure ? Check out Workstream ’ s text recruit instrument ! It can help you fill open roles with quality candidates in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional enroll methods .

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