Top 5 Teaching Assistant Job Interview Questions

When interviewing for a teach assistant ( TA ) situation, you very want to do everything you can to show the interviewer your heat for teaching and working with children. While you should constantly be prepared for common job interview questions, there are a few TA-specific questions that you ’ ll want to make certain you have practiced before hand .

Why do you want to be a teaching assistant?

This question allows the interviewer to make sure you are n’t just looking for any occupation and are authentically matter to in the stead .

“ My previous position was at an after school adeptness. As I worked there, I developed a passion for working with children. I feel that as a teacher ‘s assistant I ‘ll be able to play a more hands-on role in child development, which I believe starts in the classroom. ”

Why is the role of teaching assistant important?

Explain what function you think this position would serve and why it would be beneficial to the teacher.

“ The function as a teaching assistant is full of life because it allows the teacher to dedicate all their efforts to giving ampere much care and steering as possible to the children. A TA takes care of the smaller details, such as grading papers, sorting paperwork, etc. so that they can focus on the bigger video of imparting cognition onto the students. ”

If two kids are disrupting the class by talking and giggling, what would you do?

As a TA, there may be times where you have to discipline a child or handle behavioral issues. Elaborate on how you would resolve this site .

“ If two students were disrupting the class and did n’t seem to be paying care, I would separate them on diametric sides of the classroom. This way they are calm a part of the learn environment without having the ability to converse and disturb the rest of the class. ”

Does learning have to be fun?

Feel free to voice your honest public opinion, however you want to make surely the interviewer does n’t think you will be boring or excessively focused on fun.

“ It is not compulsory for learning to be fun, however I would advise against a cookie-cutter approach. Students are more prone to participating and retaining the data if they are engaged. Fun and department of education do n’t have to be mutually exclusive and I prefer the two to work together cohesively. ”

If you and the teacher disagree on something, how would you resolve it?

The employer is looking to see that you know how to work with others and respect the hierarchy, while still holding your ground .

“ If the teacher and I were always to have a disagreement, I would keep in take care that it is their class so they have the authority and the concluding say. however, if I feel as though I have an estimate that could be beneficial in the classroom I will stand behind it and do my best to persuade them to implement it. ”

Tell me about a time you successfully worked with a group of children.

In order to be a successful teaching assistant, you need to be skilled at working with children. Pick an example that will reflect that .

“ In my last position, at the after school facility I mentioned earlier, I worked with children day in and day extinct. a soon as everyone arrived each day, we would start off by playing a game. I would set up the activeness and make sure every child was participating and enjoying themselves. It allowed the kids to have some social time to get to know each early and have some fun before starting their homework. Because of all the cooking before hand, every game went off without a hitchhike. ”

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