30 Restaurant Interview Questions for 2022 (With Example Answers)

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30 Restaurant Interview Questions for 2022 (With Example Answers)

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Updated April 1, 2022 | Published February 15, 2021 Updated April 1, 2022 Published February 15, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail restaurant jobs generally require a combination of customer service and technical skills. When you ‘re interviewing for a restaurant job, it ‘s beneficial to review electric potential questions ahead of time so that you can highlight these skills. Thinking through these potential interview questions can help you prepare your answers to impress your future employer. In this article, we discuss restaurant industry consultation questions and offer some exemplar answers to help prepare you for an interview .

general questions

These general interview questions can give your potential employer information about your personality and shape style, which can help them decide if you ‘re a dear match for the position. here ‘s a list of cosmopolitan questions you can expect during a restaurant subcontract consultation :

  1. How would your previous employer trace you ?
  2. What is your gallant job skill ?
  3. What was your most challenge occupation, and why ?
  4. What do you do outside of work ?
  5. What does customer service mean to you ?
  6. When are you available to work ? What days and hours ?
  7. Why did you choose to apply to our restaurant ?
  8. Do you work well as contribution of a team ? What do you see as your character on the team ?
  9. What are your future goals in this career ?
  10. What are your greatest skills ?
  11. What are your weakest areas ?

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Questions about experience and background

Questions about your restaurant industry experience can help your potential employer determine if you have the expertness to complete the responsibilities of the place you are applying for. hera ‘s a list of questions related to your experience in the restaurant industry that your interviewer might ask you :

  1. What restaurants have you worked in ahead ?
  2. What positions have you held in restaurants before ?
  3. What education or discipline do you have related to the restaurant diligence and this side ?
  4. What is your darling food ? How would you describe it to a diner ?
  5. Can you describe your ideal restaurant work environment ?
  6. When was the last clock you dined at our restaurant ?
  7. How do you remember customer orders ?
  8. Do you have any working restrictions such as food allergies ?
  9. Tell me about a mistake you made while working in a restaurant and how you handled it .
  10. Can you describe a time when you had conflicts with a coworker in a restaurant ? How did you address the exit ?

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In-depth questions

Your likely employer may ask you specific questions to assess the depth of your cognition or feel in topics specific to the job you are applying for. These questions will be directly related to your future role :

  1. How would you handle a diner who arrived at the restaurant in a bad temper ?
  2. How would you handle a dining car who requests alterations to a menu item ? What if those alterations are not possible ?
  3. What skills does person want to excel in this placement ? Do you have those skills ?
  4. Why would you be a good match for this specific position ?
  5. What do you know about the kinds of food we serve here ? Can you describe some of the techniques used to prepare our most popular menu items ?
  6. What types of wines pair well with our dinner entrees ?
  7. Have you always found it challenging to meet a dining car ‘s expectations ? What happened, and how did you correct the position ?
  8. Have you always done something excess to enhance a diner ‘s experience ?
  9. What are your strategies for advising diners with dietary restrictions ?

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Interview questions with sample distribution answers

hera are some exemplar interview questions to help you rehearse .

What do you like about working in the restaurant industry ?

Your interviewer may ask this interview to evaluate if you ‘re a good meet for the industry as a whole and their restaurant in particular. Demonstrate that you understand the skills that working in a restaurant involves, such as multitasking and customer serve skills, and that you enjoy applying these skills in your exploit. exemplar answer : “ Of run, I enjoy the exposure to delightful foods from around the earth, but I besides love that working as a server allows me to meet raw people every day. I take a lot of pride in helping my customers have a fantastic din feel, no matter how busy the house is. ”

What is your darling customer service narrative ?

This question allows you to show your interviewer your passion and skills for customer service. When answering this interrogate, consider if you have a story that not only highlights your ability to delight but besides how you turned a potentially challenge position into a achiever. example answer : “ In my last place, a family visited every Friday night with their young son. Because they normally came during my shift, I served them many times and got to know them. Their son mentioned his birthday was coming up the follow week, so I made a bill on the calendar and arranged a small, free cake for him on his following visit. He was delighted, and his parents promised to recommend us to their friends. ”

What do you hope to learn from us ?

This motion gives your interviewer a clue about your motivations for choosing their restaurant and your attitude about the job. For example, you might want to advance your career by becoming a coach or develop your skills by learning from their feel servers. Emphasize why their restaurant can give you the train or experience you want. exercise answer : “ While I am very feel in serving by and large, I am looking to elevate my fine boom and provide consequence settings skills. Your restaurant is highly regarded for both, and I believe I can learn a lot from working aboard your have servers. ”

What qualities make you a dependable team penis ?

By asking this interview, your interviewer can learn more about your perspective on teamwork and whether you would be a good match for their team. It is a beneficial estimate to highlight those qualities you have that make you peculiarly suited to work in a busy environment that requires people to work closely together in the sake of the customer experience. example answer : “ In a restaurant, I believe that teamwork is necessary for success. I ‘m constantly bequeath to step in and help my coworkers, including if I notice they are busy and not lone when I am asked to do so. I will ask for help oneself when I need it to give the best service to the diner. I besides enjoy training new team members and would be felicitous to take on a mentorship function in the future. ”

How would you handle a dissatisfy diner ?

At some point in your restaurant career, it ‘s likely that you ‘ll encounter a customer who feels unsatisfied with some aspect of their experience. Your interviewer may ask this interrogate to better understand how you would react in that situation so they can decide whether your answer fits with their restaurant ‘s philosophy. case answer : “ No matter what the issue was, I would listen and acknowledge the diner ‘s concerns and apologize if allow. If I learned about the complaint before the end of the meal, I would try to fix the situation, depending on what it was, by offering a move to another table, a refilling meal or a deduction if it ‘s within the restaurant ‘s policy. If I did not learn about the complaint until after the meal was complete, I would like to offer a coupon for a future visit to encourage the diner to give us an opportunity to provide a better have. ”

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