The Top 11 Server Interview Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Great waiter interview questions are significant because servers, waiters, or food serve workers are customer-facing employees who represent your business.
In this article, we will go over some best practices, and must ask questions when it comes to hiring the best person for the subcontract.

We will share some strategic and situational restaurant interview questions along with technical and cultural ones to avoid coarse mistakes.
This will give you the best chance of hiring the right field person for the job ; saving you time and money in the long test.
‍ so without further adieu, hera are 11 strategic server interview questions we recommend asking your potential new server hires.

1 – Why do you want to work in the service industry?

It is key to ask all prospective new service industry hires what appeals to them about the restaurant industry itself. Do they enjoy working in a fast-paced environment ? Meeting fresh people and being part of a team ? This is a capital first question because it tells you a draw about their attitude and expectations .

2 – What does being a “team player” mean to you?

Working in the service industry means being part of a team and working well with others ; sometimes in nerve-racking situations. It is keystone to make sure your newfangled employee understands the importance of teamwork and realizes they ’ rhenium part of a bigger picture.

3 – What is your experience with POS systems and accepting payments?

hardheaded skills should constantly be covered in any laid of restaurant interview questions. A campaigner who ’ mho experienced and knowledgeable about POS systems and early essential waiter skills is easier to onboard and train .

4 – Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer.

Restaurant interview questions frequently focus on what candidates can and will do, but it ’ s besides a effective estimate to ask one or two questions that require them to give examples of times they ’ ve distribute with unmanageable situations or customers. Questions like these force them to be specific and clear in their answers .

5 – Why did you decide to apply here versus other restaurants?

This restaurant interview question gives you a gamble to evaluate your campaigner ’ s flat of concern in the position. Have they researched your establishment ? Do they know what you ’ re about ? Whether they ’ re a loyal customer or just like the vibration of the restaurant, their answer will help you decide if they align with your mission and are a good cultural equip. ‍

6 – Do you have your Serving It Right and FOODSAFE certificates?

In British Columbia, anyone involved in the sale or service of liquor is required to have their Serving It Right security, and every food-service establishment is required to have at least one person with a FOODSAFE certification onsite at all times. other provinces have similar requirements. If you expect your servers to have these certifications, you ’ ll want to bring them up in the interview.

7 – What does the word “hospitality” mean to you?

Customer service is at the kernel of the food avail diligence. Asking candidates what “ cordial reception ” means to them is a great way to see if their view of dependable customer avail aligns with yours. Do they believe it ’ s authoritative to be friendly and chat with guests, or is it more about quick, efficient service ?

8 – How would you defuse a situation involving a dissatisfied customer?

If you work in a restaurant for hanker enough, you ’ re bound to encounter unhappy customers finally. When these difficult situations arise, you need to know that your staff is equipped to handle them and remain aplomb, calm, and collected. Asking this interrogate, or a mutant of it is a capital manner to understand your potential newly rent on a deeper level, and observe how they might problem solve on the smudge .

9 – What hours are you available to work?

Your employee schedule is a critical component of your HR processes, and consequently your daily operations and overall clientele strategy. While personality traits and skills are important, you besides need to make certain any new lease is available to work when they ’ rhenium needed .

10 – What made you decide to leave your last restaurant job?

It ’ second no mystery that high turnover is a trouble in the serve diligence. Restaurant Interview questions should constantly address whether or not a campaigner is probably to stick around. Since an interviewee credibly won ’ metric ton state you they ’ re a short-run rent, the best strategy is to ask them why they left their previous stead .

11 – What are your long-term career goals?

Does your campaigner want to continue working as a server ? Do they hope to go into management ? Are they working their way through school and design to enter another diligence wholly ? Knowing a candidate ’ s long-run goals will help you determine if they align with yours.

Hire smart, with great server interview questions.

Your people are the heart and soul of your brand. Their approach path to customer military service and teamwork can make or break your business. That ’ second why it ’ s important to hire people who align with your restaurant ’ randomness culture and values. That ‘s besides why it is important to have great server interview questions.

Effective human resource management is substantive for success in the restaurant industry. A successful interview strategy increases the likelihood that you ’ ll hire the right person for the job, which saves you the hassle and costs of having to hire, onboard, and educate doubly.

Push offers HR management software that can inform your hiring process and recently launched customizable interview tracking templates, so you can track your applicants interview responses and streamline your hiring action. If you want to learn more about recruiting, onboarding or hiring for restaurants, download our detached guide below ! ‍

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