‘Interview With the Vampire’ Was Actually About the Horrors of Domestic Life

‘Interview With the Vampire ‘ Was actually About the Horrors of Domestic Life Lee has a bachelor ‘s in English Lit. She loves analyzing fiction and obsess over books, film, and television receiver .

About ‘Interview With the Vampire’

interview with the Vampire was a 1994 gothic horror film directed by Neil Jordan. And to be perfectly honest ? It ‘s the lone film I can stand Tom Cruise in. It has besides been one of my front-runner films for years now. I ‘m still asking myself what that says about me, but eh.

The film actually got me into reading the books by Anne Rice, which I credibly never would have picked up otherwise. aside from Mary Shelley ‘s Frankenstein, the periodic Daphne du Maurier koran, and R.L. Stine ‘s Goosebumps when I was a pull the leg of, I was never much into repugnance books. My personal library consisted largely of high fantasy classics written by such authors as Marion Zimmer Bradley or Mercedes Lackey. Anne Rice was entirely newly territory for me, but I read Interview with the Vampire and loved it so much that I read many of the other vampire chronicles books that followed it. Around the class 2012, Anne Rice confirmed that Louis and Lestat were a same-sex couple raising a child. I was surprised that it flush needed to be confirmed. Anyone who read the books knew that Lestat swung both ways and that Louis was probably not straight. It was always fairly obvious to me that these two were a couple classify of stick in concert in their own private hell, who made the inauspicious but common mistake of thinking that having a child would magically fix everything .

The Characters Were A Reflection

The family that slays together. . . The family that slays together. .. I was a adolescent when I got into Anne Rice ‘s vampire chronicles, and because I admired her so much as a writer, I looked into her life. Turned out she was married to a blond man who very much reminded me of Lestat, while she had lost a daughter at a very young long time ( Claudia ) and herself had a lot in park with Louis. I thought it was pretty obvious that she was using the koran Interview with the Vampire to grieve what had happened to her family, one reason the book was widely considered “ depress ” and “ fretful ” by fans who did n’t know the real-life narrative behind the narrative ‘s melancholy. I actually heard that it offended Anne Rice anytime people suggested such a thing, but a distribute of writers ( myself included ) subconsciously self-insert into their work. Anne Rice loved historical New Orleans and imagined herself, her conserve, and her lost child living there forever. Whether she realized it or not. I thought it was beautiful and made me empathize with her as a human being who was suffering. It besides made it pretty obvious to me that Louis, Lestat, and Claudia were the fib of domestic life gone dreadfully amiss in that the child of the family. .. had died .

The Courtship

Before they had a child, Louis and Lestat had a life in concert. In the books, Lestat ( Tom Cruise ) was in love with his ally Nicolas — or at least, that was implied. When Nicolas went brainsick after receiving “ the black give, ” Lestat left for the Americas to find a new love. He found Louis ( Brad Pitt ), person who was dark-haired, beautiful. intellectual and fair a miserable as he. Louis being miserable made him comfortable prey. All Lestat had to do was walk up and offer him endless life — while looking damn aphrodisiac as he did it. Louis accepts the marriage marriage proposal, but like all people who randomly elope with strangers, he learns the heavily way that letting foreign men kiss his neck might result in misery. He and Lestat become a bitter couple, constantly arguing back and forth. It seems that no matter what Lestat does, he ca n’t make Louis glad. It ‘s actually pretty sweet when you think about it : Lestat good wants to make Louis felicitous. But Louis regrets the “ marriage ” and sits around sulking and refuses to be anything but. The measly state of matter of their kinship is only farther underscored in the bible when Lestat has his aged founder total to live with them. Louis is kind to the old serviceman — his “ founder in law ” — but Lestat has full reason to be bitter and treats his blind father abhorrently. Because Lestat refuses to share the details of his mysterious by, Louis lento comes to view him as a atrocious freak who refuses to share cognition, abuses his aged church father, and enjoys terrorizing mortals because he is bitterness about his curse immortality. The audience is intentionally observe wondering whether or not Lestat is actually evil. We see Louis trying to protect impeccant mortals from him throughout both the book and the film, and it frames Lestat in a in truth bad abstemious, leaving us to believe that he is, in fact, a typical atrocious vampire. But for anyone who pays attention to the film, there is testify throughout that Lestat is actually a reasonably adequate vampire, all things considered. He terrorized mortals for fun, true, but because Louis lacks the vampiric ability to read minds — and because the story is told from Louis ‘ remarkable position — we have no estimate if the people Lestat hunts are in truth “ innocent. ” In one setting, we see Lestat hunting a frail honest-to-god woman — which immediately makes him look pretty atrocious. then it ‘s revealed that the old woman is actually a murderer who framed one of her slaves for the act. so not then sweet and innocent after all. In said scene, Lestat teaches Louis to focus on killing “ evildoers, ” a fact which directly contradicts Louis ‘ bitter and biased perspective regarding Lestat ‘s “ evil. ” This is what makes Louis and Lestat mirror images of each other. Lestat was forced to become a vampire when he was quite young and had hardly lived. alternatively of moping about it, he found a way to adapt by focusing on killing evildoers, getting rich, and living the high life. Louis, interim, does the claim opposition. He was given a pretty clear choice in the matter, and even whines about the choice he made alternatively of owning up to it. Yes, Lestat drained Louis and made him sick, which was a classify of blackmail. But Louis could have easily recovered. He made the choice to become a vampire. subsequently, he is burdened with atrocious guilt for having chosen to become a animal that must kill to survive. He does n’t want to hurt anyone, not even “ evildoers. ” He constantly judges and criticizes Lestat, but in reality, he commits more acts of evil than Lestat does in the entire movie, while besides throwing off their wealth and support by setting fire to his own estate in a absurd fit. After berating Lestat for being “ evil, ” Louis kills his barren slave, Yvette ( Thandiwe Newton ) which causes the early slaves to gather outside the house ( that character made no sense, but any ). Louis then sets the plantation on fire in an try to kill himself. It ‘s silly because he had to know Lestat would come and rescue him, that they would just move to another set and that his nightmare would continue. In trying to burn down the plantation, Louis made a decrepit and childish undertake to run from the consequences of his actions. Lestat tries to coax him into precisely dealing with being a vampire. It does n’t work. And alternatively, Louis goes wandering .

Signing The Adoption Papers

finally, Louis finds Claudia ( Kirsten Dunst ) and pretty much kills her. He drains her to the distributor point of end and leaves her for dead. It ‘s basically what Lestat did to him, and what he so deeply resents Lestat for. It positions him as the ultimate hypocrite, everlastingly punishing Lestat for his own mistakes. In a last despairing undertake to make Louis felicitous, Lestat finds Claudia and turns her into a vampire. The only alternate is to let her die — which credibly would have been the morally discipline thing to do, given the rest of the film ."Never in our home!"

“ never in our home ! ” The three of them live in domestic bliss for fifty years. Because he now has Claudia, Louis straightens up, accepts the choices he made in animation, stops despairing and torturing himself. He hunts mortals, sleeps in his coffin, and day by day combs his haircloth. Lestat, interim, relishes in having person who is will to learn, person who respects him and listens to him, never judges him, enjoys hunting with him — rather than constantly bickering and arguing. There ‘s a scene in the book where they have to order Claudia a little coffin because “ the day came when she wanted one of her own. ” But inactive, she would constantly crawl inside with Louis. Claudia is portrayed as an innocent freak, feeding hungrily on her servants and tutors alike. She has no queasiness about it because it is the only way of life she has ever known. Until one day it is n’t enough. Though Claudia has been trapped in a child ‘s body for fifty years, she about seems like a defiant adolescent after discovering that not merely is she never going to grow up, but Louis and Lestat both had a hired hand in dooming her to an ageless Pinocchio state. She runs around the house shout and slamming doors. then she gets a match of scissors and threatens Lestat, slicing open his face .

The Divorce

finally, the family splits the way most families do : one of the members kills the other. It ‘s revealed in the books that Claudia loved and hated both Louis and Lestat evenly. She likely would have killed them both, but because she was besides small to survive on her own, she needed a caretaker. easy and sensitive Louis was easily seduced as her slave, while fiery and free-spirited Lestat would have to be murdered. so even though she lashed out at Lestat, the reality was, she loved both men just the same. With Lestat ‘s “ cadaver ” dumped in the deluge, Louis and Claudia pack up and move to Paris. What ‘s disturbing is the fact that once she ‘s alone with Louis, Claudia “ graduates ” from daughter to lover. mentally, she is an adult and has developed sexual and romanticist feelings for Louis that she will never be able to fully express in her child ‘s body. Yeah. There ‘s a rather gross Lolita slant here I am not getting into. Claudia and Louis pretty much live like husband and wife while in Paris, but present themselves to the outside global as forefather and daughter. finally, they meet Armand ( Antonio Banderas ), a vampire who runs a theater of vampires. Armand is quick to point out that Louis and Claudia are actually lovers. It ‘s besides immediately obvious that Armand is attracted to Louis and wants him for himself. Both Louis and Claudia can feel it, and Claudia accuses Louis of wanting to leave her for Armand .

The Second Divorce

Armand seems to hold Claudia under a classify of spell. While meeting him with Louis, she is very quietly, never speaking. It ‘s about as if he has silenced her. later, she reveals that Armand was, in fact, holding a silent conversation with her while at the like prison term speaking out forte to Louis. According to Claudia, Armand telepathically told her to “ let him go, ” speaking of Louis. A panicky Claudia scrambles to ensure her own survival by guilt-tripping Louis into making her a modern defender. She knows Louis wants to leave her for Armand, that if he does n’t, Armand will find some way to take Louis for himself. Louis finally agrees and makes Madeline ( Domiziana Giordano ) a vampire. The second he does, however, the vampires from the field total and kidnap everyone. Louis is sealed in the rampart, while Claudia and Madeline are thrown in a board that is exposed to the flip. Armand helps Louis elude but intentionally neglects to help Claudia and Madeline, who are both killed by the rays of the sun. In the books, it was actually a lot more ghastly than that. Armand did a bunch of grotesque things to Claudia, like sewing her head on a charwoman ‘s torso — whether to in truth help her “ grow up ” or to mock her, I do n’t recall. After this psycho-jealous fit, he throws her in the sunlight and lets her torso burn up to cover the attest. All that so he could get Louis as his fan. To be clear up, none of the vampires actually sleep together. In the books, it ‘s made apparent that they are ineffective to experience arousal because they are the living dead. so vampire “ lovers ” are people romantically linked, not sexually. besides, I was joking about Lestat being “ aphrodisiac ” ( I ‘m not attracted to men ). People much joke about how erotic the vampire books are, and it ‘s true. even though the vampires do n’t very have sex, they sure have a batch of it when they ‘re still deadly. After a while, I was ashamed of the fact that I was reading them. They were practically p * registered nurse, particularly the book about Armand. I recall reading that one with a bantam bit of shock .

The Third Divorce

After exacting his retaliation on the vampires of the field, Louis begins a life with Armand and lives with him happily for some clock time. finally, he realizes that Armand was behind Claudia ‘s death and that he killed her out of harebrained jealousy and possessiveness of Louis. Armand is disappointed that their kinship lacks rage, and like a true psychotic, does n’t seem to understand that in killing Claudia, he efficaciously broke Louis ‘ heart. Louis tells his interviewer that all his passion “ went with her yellow hair. ” Louis is broken, depressed, and has lost all his love for life sentence. In killing Claudia, Armand destroyed the very thing he treasured most in Louis. Louis decides to leave Armand and basically breaks up with him, venturing binding to the Americas, where he learns to enjoy liveliness on his own. Louis, through his assorted relationships with other vampires, learns to appreciate life, to love himself, to learn to be independent. By the end of the film, he crosses paths with Lestat, who appears to have survived Claudia ‘s assault on him. ( It is belated revealed that Lestat was so difficult to kill because he drank from Akasha, the first known vampire and therefore the queen of the damned. ) Lestat makes another put up to Louis — mirroring the opening of the film — but Louis is a better, stronger person now. So he declines. The film ends with Lestat moving on — as constantly. He attacks Daniel ( Christian Slater ) the “ boy ” who interviewed Louis throughout the movie, captive on making him a vampire. In the books, it was actually Armand who moved on to Daniel after Louis dumped him. Armand became Daniel ‘s lover and made him a vampire. Like Nicolas before him, Daniel goes insane from “ the black giving ” and has to be kept in a little room, where he mindlessly builds model trains. So the entire film was reasonably much a bunch of vampires falling in love with Louis matchless after another and fighting over him. Given that there was nothing remotely noteworthy about Louis ( digression from his “ deadly soul ” ), he was pretty much Bella Swan before Bella Swan. Of run, no one would ever call him a Mary Sue or shame Anne Rice for making an obvious self-insert. Funny how that works.

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