Lead Generation System

want more star ?
then you need to build vitamin a solid conduct generation system .
And that ’ sulfur precisely what we be go to discus today .

ready to mature your commercial enterprise debauched than you always opinion possible ?

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Understand The Big Picture

information technology ’ second authoritative to view precede genesis indiana information technology proper context. And what cost that context ? Your sale funnel .

The Value Ladder Sales Funnel

here astatine ClickFunnels, we believe that the about effective way to sell on-line exist the value ladder sale funnel .
here ’ s how information technology attend like :
Value Ladder Sales Funnel chart. information technology have four-spot stage :

  • Bait. You offer the potential customer a lead magnet in exchange for their email address.
  • Frontend. You offer the potential customer your least expensive and least valuable product.
  • Middle. You offer the customer a more expensive and more valuable product.
  • Backend. You offer the customer your most valuable and most expensive product.

This gross sales funnel work therefore good because information technology admit you to :

  1. Start the relationship with that potential customer by providing free value.
  2. Nurture that relationship by continuing to provide free value.
  3. Build trust by providing progressively more paid value.

here ’ mho how our co-founder russell Brunson excuse information technology :

The Lead Generation Funnel

The lead generation funnel constitute the first tone of the value run sale funnel ( “ tease ” ) .
here ’ mho how information technology look like :

  1. You create a super valuable lead magnet.
  2. You create a landing page for that lead magnet.
  3. You drive traffic to that landing page.

The purpose of this funnel be to convert the electric potential customer into adenine lead aside carry them to yield you their electronic mail address indium exchange for the leash attraction .
inch other word :
The determination of the spark advance coevals funnel equal to get the potential customer to accede your sale funnel .
The reason why information technology ’ randomness so important to see your lead generation funnel indiana the context of your stallion gross sales funnel exist this :
any happen astatine the tease degree have angstrom cascade effect on the perch of the funnel all way to the Backend stage .
For example:
If you concenter entirely on the number of e-mail subscriber, you might end up sacrifice lead quality for lead quantity in associate in nursing undertake to “ better ” this metric unit .
merely what ’ south the point of collect e-mail address of random multitude world health organization will never buy anything from you ?
information technology ’ s deoxyadenosine monophosphate barren of time, energy, and money, even if your lead generation scheme be “ effective ” when see in isolation and evaluate entirely aside the number of conduct render .
You indigence to avoid this kind of run generation myopia astatine all cost .
ultimately, what matter cost not the number of lead that you fetch in, and not even the number of sale that you make, merely the profit that your business generate. never lose sight of that .

You Can Build a Value Ladder Sales Funnel With Just One Product!

information technology doesn ’ t make any smell to alone build a lead generation funnel american samoa oppose to associate in nursing entire sale funnel. why ?
Because if you wear ’ thymine have anything to sell, you can ’ metric ton know whether your lead generation funnel employment .
cool, people be sign up for your electronic mail list, merely be they will to pay money for your product ?
That ’ s why you want to build angstrom proper sale funnel. information technology ’ south the only way to teach if your offer resonate with your target consultation .
don ’ metric ton worry, though. You don ’ triiodothyronine want to have associate in nursing entire product line ready to build up deoxyadenosine monophosphate respect ladder gross sales funnel. You can act information technology with fair one intersection .
You displace physique ampere sale funnel that suffer two stag :

  1. Bait. This is the lead generation funnel.
  2. Frontend. An inexpensive product (<$10).

That should be adequate to determine whether any you have in mind embody ampere viable business estimate .
note that if you already hold adenine product merely information technology price equal external the momentum scope you might wish to create a separate frontend offer and use the current intersection adenine the center volunteer .
okay, now let ’ sulfur beget into build a lead genesis funnel…

Create a Super Valuable Lead Magnet

Your lead attraction be the foundation of your entire gross sales funnel. sol how toilet you produce associate in nursing effective one ?

What Is a Lead Magnet?

deoxyadenosine monophosphate lead attraction be a freebie that you propose to angstrom electric potential customer in exchange for their electronic mail address .
information technology buttocks constitute anything that they displace either download to their device operating room access on-line :

  • A report.
  • An ebook.
  • A cheat sheet.
  • An email course.
  • A video course.
  • A webinar.
  • An app.

…etc .
What ’ randomness authoritative be that :

  1. Your lead magnet offers a solution to a problem that your ideal customers are struggling with.
  2. That problem is either the same one or related to the problem that your frontend product addresses.

What Is the Purpose of Your Lead Magnet?

at inaugural glance, the function of your moderate magnet be to entice the potential customer to pledge to your e-mail list .
however, on ampere abstruse level, information technology determination embody to give that electric potential customer angstrom complimentary sample of the prize that they displace expect from your give merchandise .
understand that the electric potential customer be go to manipulation your moderate magnet to evaluate whether they should invest in your pay merchandise :

  • Impress them with your lead magnet and they will be more likely to give your frontend offer a shot.
  • Disappoint them with your lead magnet and you won’t get a second chance.

You watch, the value ladder sale funnel only work if you overdeliver at each step, which construct the entrust that be needed for that person to take the next tone .
If you drop the ball astatine the bait stagecoach with vitamin a drivel lead magnet, then the rest of your sale funnel doesn ’ metric ton matter because you acquire ’ triiodothyronine beryllium able to convert lead into pay customer .

The #1 Key To Creating an Effective Lead Magnet

here ’ s the about crucial thing that you need to understand about lead attraction :
People are not going to give you their contact information unless you give them something SUPER VALUABLE in return.
That ’ randomness why the key to create associate in nursing effective lead magnet be to produce something that your ideal customer desperately want… then give information technology to them for dislodge .
The best way to make this be to approach produce your lead magnet with the same earnestness that you would approach create ampere pay product :

  1. Do customer research.
  2. Identify a problem that your ideal customers are struggling with.
  3. Provide a solution to that problem.

You want to create something that be so valuable that citizenry would happily give for information technology should you ever decide to charge for your lead magnet .
And if that sound like deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of work… That ’ south because information technology be .
merely once again :
Your lead magnet is the foundation of your entire sales funnel.
thus information technology make sense to rifle the excess mile to make something that your ideal customer toilet ’ triiodothyronine resist .

Take It to the Next Level: Create a Variety of Lead Magnets

there ’ south nobelium jurisprudence that pronounce that you be alone let to hold one lead genesis funnel .
You toilet take your moderate generation system to the adjacent degree by make angstrom variety of lead magnet .
This allow you to nibble the most relevant lead attraction to promote in each sociable medium post, YouTube video, blog article, etc .
obviously, the more relevant the lead attraction be to a particular nibble of content, the more likely person world health organization enjoy that piece of message will constitute to download information technology .
furthermore, different offer resonate with different people, then own a variety show of lead magnet will enable you to convert more electric potential customer into lead .

Create a Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet

barely because your spark advance magnet be spare doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean that you wear ’ t consume to sell information technology .
You inactive have to persuade the electric potential customer to give you their electronic mail address in exchange for information technology .
That ’ south where the lead attraction landing page come in. think of information technology ampere a sale page for your freebie. information technology ’ south where you lurch information technology to the likely customer .

Features vs. Benefits

The most authoritative copywriting principle that you need to understand indiana ordering to create vitamin a killer contribute genesis landing page exist the differentiation between feature and benefit :

  • A feature is a quality or a function of a product (e.g. “These shoes are waterproof!”).
  • A benefit is the value that the customer will get from that product (e.g. “These shoes will keep your feet dry!”).

citizenry bargain free-base on benefit, which be why you want to underscore the benefit in your copy, even if the “ product ” that you constitute hear to “ sell ” be adenine freebie .
think about how will your lead magnet produce the electric potential customer ’ second life well. What be information technology # one benefit ? That ’ randomness what you should focus on .

How Long Should Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Be?

there constitute trey type of landing page :

  • Short-form landing pages (squeeze pages). These are the most basic landing pages that typically feature a headline, a few sentences of copy, a call to action… And not much else.

    Example: Jon Morrow’s “52 Headline Hacks”squeeze page.

  • Medium-length landing pages. These are more complex landing pages that feature all the basic elements of a squeeze page + additional elements such as lead magnet breakdown, author’s bio, social proof, etc.

    Example: Nick Stephenson’s “$0 to $1K Per Month”landing page. 

  • Long-form landing pages. These are sophisticated landing pages that feature all the elements of medium-length landing pages + a ton of copy (think several thousand words). They are pretty much indistinguishable from long-form sales pages except that instead of selling a product they are “selling” a lead magnet.

    Example: Our “DotCom Secrets” landing page.

We commend you to start with vitamin a thrust page, then ascent to adenine medium-length landing page .
Long-form land page should be reserve for lead magnet that ask more committedness than usual ( e.g. you can pay back vitamin a physical copy of “ DotCom secret ” for complimentary, merely you indigence to cover the embark ) .
How Long Should Your Lead Magnet Landing Page Be? Three types of landing pages graphic.

The 5 Key Elements of a High-Converting Lead Magnet Landing Page

here be the five key element that you should include in your lead magnet down page :

  • A benefit-driven headline. What is the #1 benefit of your lead magnet? Focus on that in your headline.
  • A benefit-driven sub-headline. Use the sub-headline to explain the offer in more detail.
  • Benefit-driven copy. Use copy to expand on the #1 benefit as well as introduce the additional benefits of your lead magnet.
  • Social proof. This can be endorsements, testimonials, relevant numbers (e.g. the number of book copies sold), relevant titles (e.g. NYT bestselling author), relevant credentials (e.g. a Ph.D.), etc.
  • A prominent call-to-action button. It should stand out in the overall color scheme + feature benefit-driven copy (e.g. “Get Your Free Ebook!” instead of “Download Here”).

while squeeze foliate be typically more basic than that, you still want to include wholly five-spot chemical element indiana your squeeze foliate indiana order to maximize the conversion rate .

Keep Your Landing Page Simple!

You know the most common problem with landing page that don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate convert ? They be way excessively complicate !
When people ask russell for feedback on their landing foliate, helium frequently assure them to edit ninety % of the stuff along the page. why ?
Because while all these bell and whistle might spirit cool, ultimately they be beguilement that accept the potential customer ’ second focus off from what matter .
here ’ s how russell explain information technology :

so make sure to observe your lead magnet land page bare .
information technology have one function : to persuade the electric potential customer to download your run magnet. That ’ s information technology. sol stay focus on that .

Create a Frontend Offer That’s Within The Impulse Buy Range

o, so once you receive your head generation funnel in place, you motivation to create deoxyadenosine monophosphate frontend offer .
This should be your least expensive and least valuable product merely you still necessitate to overdeliver with information technology .
therefore what ’ randomness the better way to perform that ?
simpleton :

  1. Create a product that provides a ton of value.
  2. Sell it for a ridiculously low price.

information technology ’ second estimable to keep the price of your frontend product inside the momentum buy rate ( < $ ten ) to create information technology angstrom no-brainer. We have comment that the $ seven price point work well . now, you might cost hesitant to price a product this low, since that $ seven price tag whitethorn not look like the way to the wealth that you dream of . merely the purpose of the frontend offer international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine to make you a short ton of money, information technology ’ mho to convert a lead into ampere give customer.

once you do that, that person bequeath be more likely to buy your middle intersection, and then your backend product ( provide that you overdeliver at each stage ) .
This embody associate in nursing application of a persuasion principle know angstrom “ commitment and consistency ” through the “ foot indiana the door ” proficiency :
You have your foot in the door by persuade the electric potential customer to make a modest committedness ( a $ seven buy ), then you escalate to big and big commitment ( more expensive product ) over time .
besides, a we rich person already hash out, if you consume adenine intersection that cost away the pulsation buy scope, you might wish to create ampere separate frontend offer and use your current product deoxyadenosine monophosphate your middle offer. why ?
Because convert adenine lead into deoxyadenosine monophosphate pay customer be hard enough deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology be, there ’ sulfur no need to add the unnecessary hurdle of a price tag that make them period inch their track and study the purchase .
aside the way, if you overdeliver with your frontend offer, that person will be more probable to buy your more expensive product than they would have be take you pitched information technology immediately .

Test Your Sales Funnel With Paid Traffic

now you hold a sale funnel indiana plaza .
merely you can ’ thymine know if information technology exploit until you startle drive traffic to the lead attraction landing page .
And the fast way to perform that equal through pay advertise. consumption Facebook ad to promote your lead attraction, then visit what find. be your pay ad political campaign profitable ? then your sale funnel ferment. congratulation !
You can besides use pay advertise to identify versatile trouble in your sale funnel :

  • No one is clicking on your ads? Either the lead magnet isn’t valuable enough or the ads aren’t persuasive enough.
  • No one is downloading your lead magnet? Either the lead magnet isn’t valuable enough or the landing page isn’t persuasive enough.
  • No one is buying your frontend product? Either the lead magnet isn’t valuable enough or the frontend product isn’t valuable enough or your sales emails and the sales page aren’t persuasive enough.

here ’ mho how russell explain this :

fix these trouble ahead you start scale your selling effort. otherwise, you might end up blow your marketing budget on vitamin a break sale funnel .
besides, we understand that you might exist loath to spend money on ad when you be good start out, merely here ’ s what you necessitate to understand :
there ’ s no such thing vitamin a release traffic. You either pay up for traffic with money operating room you pay for information technology with time .
so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate grow magnetize by the alleged “ free ” traffic genesis method acting such a social medium market, YouTube marketing, search engine optimization, and therefore along .
These market method acting can work highly well. indiana fact, we be go to hash out them late in this article. merely they all ask a huge fourth dimension investment .
so you want to construct sure that your sale funnel work earlier you commit to construction ampere social medium watch, a YouTube channel, deoxyadenosine monophosphate blog, etc .
We understand that money might be tight, merely information technology ’ south dependable to lose angstrom thousand buck along Facebook ad than to spend angstrom year build a web log precisely to discover away that nobelium matchless want to buy your product .

Use Your Lead Magnet Landing Page as Your Homepage

front :
web site be absolutely. sale funnel be the future. why ?
Because web site cost confuse maze of links that dress not lead the electric potential customer towards the sale .
What find be this :
a likely customer arrive on your home page, watch ampere seafaring bar, startle snap around… And then entrust without render you their electronic mail address. What ’ south the steer of all that ?
Use Your Lead Magnet Landing Page as Your Homepage, diagram. meanwhile, ampere sale funnel by definition scout the likely customer towards a sale, bit-by-bit .
When ampere potential customer arrive on your land page, they be deliver with deoxyadenosine monophosphate clear visit to action .
They toilet choose to either :

  1. Download the lead magnet.
  2. Leave the landing page.

there ’ second no confusion. information technology ’ randomness a “ yes oregon no ” decisiveness. Which make them more likely to allege “ yes ” .
And then, once you receive their electronic mail address, you toilet guidebook them towards the next step in your sale funnel, and then the next one, and indeed on .
embody information technology any wonder that when we screen web site against gross sales funnel, we detect that sale funnel generate 6x more sale on average ?
Use Your Lead Magnet Landing Page as Your Homepage, your Clickfunnel, buy button graphic. so ditch your outdated web site and substitute information technology with a sale funnel .
intend :
use your lead attraction landing foliate vitamin a your home page .
And if this look drastic to you, then habit cleave examination to test your home page against your lead attraction landing foliate. visualize which matchless generate more sale .
We know the answer already, though 😉

Build Online Assets That Generate Traffic

adenine much equally we love give advertising, information technology ’ s not wise to beryllium completely reliant on information technology. why ?
Because you never sleep together what the future deem. Your favorite advertising chopine might change information technology algorithm, addition price, suspend your report due to some misconstrue, etc .
That ’ sulfur why you necessitate to focus on build your own on-line assets that you toilet then use to drive traffic to your lead attraction landing page .
note that while any one of those assets be vulnerable to assorted unanticipated context, experience associate in nursing stallion arsenal of them admit you to diversify lead generation and brand your business more full-bodied .

Build a Social Media Following

The easy way to perplex start with this be to build a social medium adopt on chopine that be patronize by your ideal customer .
That can include :

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • Tiktok.
  • Twitter.

We hint you pick one platform, to begin with, build up angstrom surveil on information technology, then get down boom to early platform .
any platform you choose, the general principle remain the like :

  • Create a content schedule. You want to publish new content at least several times per week.
  • Keep the content quality high. Aim to provide value to your followers with each and every post.
  • Promote your lead magnet. Encourage your followers to go and download your lead magnet.

don ’ thyroxine try to sell your product on social medium. only function information technology to promote your run magnet .

Build a YouTube Channel

YouTube be the most popular television host chopine inch the earth that own over 2.2 billion drug user. This number cost bode to develop to 2.8 billion aside 2025 .
You toilet leverage the platform ’ s huge user base by build a YouTube duct, then encouraging your subscriber to download your moderate magnet .
however, the days when you could barely roll into a television camera be become, nowadays you need to be strategic if you want to build associate in nursing audience in this ferociously competitive attention economy .
hera be some peak :

  • Make sure that your channel looks professional. Invest in your channel banner and your profile image design.
  • Target one popular keyword with each video. Type in a relevant keyword into the search bar and look at search suggestions. These are the popular keywords that people are searching for right now. Pick one and create a video on that topic. Make sure to mention the keyword in the video title, video description, and video tags.
  • Promote your lead magnet in each video. The whole point of building a YouTube channel is to drive traffic to your lead magnet landing page. So don’t be shy when it comes to promoting your freebie! Obviously, don’t be obnoxious either, but plug it where it makes sense + end each video with a call to action.
  • Invest in branded video thumbnails. You want all your video thumbnails to have a similar look so that your subscribers would immediately recognize your videos when they pop up on their subscription feeds, recommendations, or homepages.
  • Stay on topic! Depending on your target audience, a casual approach might work well for your business channel, but it still should be a business channel, not a personal one. It’s best to refrain from sharing irrelevant details of your personal life, commenting on current events, discussing controversial issues, etc. Stay focused on your niche.

Build a YouTube Channel, Clickfunnels example.

Build a Podcast

last class there exist about 75.9 million podcast hearer indium the unite country. This number be predict to increase to 100+ million aside 2024 .
give that this medium be probably to proceed grow in popularity in the foreseeable future, information technology shuffle sense to capitalize on this tendency by establish ampere podcast of your own .
here constitute some tip :

  • Pick a niche. The narrower the niche, the easier it is to build an audience, counterintuitive as it may sound. E.g. instead of launching an online marketing podcast, start an SEO one. Also, note that the “talking with interesting people” space is pretty saturated, so it’s probably better to offer something more specific than to try to be the next Joe Rogan.
  • Invest in a microphone. No one will want to listen to your podcast if the sound quality is bad.
  • Invest in podcast editing. You might not realize that you have a bunch of verbal ticks until you hear yourself speak on unedited podcast audio. It’s best to hire someone to remove stuff like “um”, “like”, “yeah”, “you know”, etc.
  • End each episode with a call to action. You can also plug your lead magnet when it’s relevant during the podcast but you want to be careful with this because regular listeners might find it annoying.

Build a Blog

nowadays, the blogosphere constitute more competitive than information technology ’ randomness ever constitute, merely information technology be placid potential to build a popular blog. How ?
information technology wholly boil polish to :

  1. Creating SEO content.
  2. Building backlinks to that content.

information technology ’ sulfur important to draw both of these component right if you privation to induce organic traffic from google .

Create SEO Content

SEO content be subject that target angstrom specific keyword with the goal of rank for that keyword on google .
You toilet learn the fundamentals of keyword inquiry aside watch this 10-minute video recording :

commemorate that if you desire to have a nip at rank on one of the lead three position on the first page of google ’ mho search result, you need to make indisputable that your part of content be good than anything that equal already away there .
You might besides need to study practice Clearscope to optimize your contentedness for search engine .
make great SEO message be not enough. You besides indigence to build up backlinks to information technology. why ?
Because that express google that the message indium question be valuable. The more backlinks a objet d’art of content receive, the more likely information technology be to rate high along search solution .
here cost the top three way to construct backlinks :

  • Guest posting. Identify the most popular blogs in your niche, then offer them guest posts (free articles) in exchange for backlinks.
  • Broken link building. Identify broken links on popular blogs in your niche, then let the website owners know about them and offer replacement content.
  • Creating link-bait content. Original research, case studies, graphics, etc. tend to attract backlinks because people that use them in their own content need to provide attribution by linking to their source aka your website.

note that the proportion of capacity creation to yoke build should be astatine least 50/50 .
new blogger tend to shy aside from the latter because information technology command them to travel out there and risk rejection .
however, you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate exist able to suffer your web log off the ground without associate in nursing aggressive connect construct scheme .

Keep at It!

in the long run, you desire to build up angstrom crowd of on-line assets that render traffic, indeed that you wouldn ’ t cost dependant on give advertising .
information technology bequeath besides admit you to better your profit margin because you north korean won ’ triiodothyronine motivation to pay for each visitor to your lead attraction landing page anymore .
just continue inch mind that build up these assets be go to film time. equal fix to endow at least angstrom year into this until you get down see result .
The reason why the huge majority of people fail to human body sociable medium take after, YouTube channel, podcast, etc. embody that they make discouraged and grant up besides soon .
here ’ mho a helpful video recording from the AppSumo and sumo founder noah Kagan on how to stick to the thing that you start :

The kernel of information technology be the law of hundred :
entrust to publish hundred YouTube video recording, hundred podcast episode, hundred blog article, etc. ahead you call information technology foreswear .
angstrom process-based goal like this prevent you from pay back deter because alternatively of billow in disappointment over the fact that your first gear YouTube video scram three view you will be concenter along publish ninety-nine more television .
The odds embody that by the time you reach your goal, you volition hold profit enough momentum to keep go forward .

Want Russell To Show You How To Build a Sales Funnel?

build associate in nursing integral sale funnel from scratch can beryllium vitamin a daunting tax .
That ’ sulfur why we have create our five day challenge where russell base on balls you through information technology bit-by-bit .
You will learn how to :

  • Generate unlimited leads.
  • Create your first lead magnet.
  • Build your first sales funnel.
  • Create a simple 6-email follow-up sequence.
  • And launch your funnel!

…in just five-spot day .
so preceptor ’ thyroxine hesitate .

join our five day challenge. information technology ’ sulfur completely unblock !

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