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leboncoin equal a true success story. indiana twelve long time, the on-line classify ad site have become the sixth most popular web site in france, across wholly category and hearing, harmonize to 2018 result from Médiamétrie NetRatings. information technology customer service trust on Zendesk support, guide, and chat solution to leave the best-possible patronize and information to super-independent drug user .
just imagine : every calendar month, a many ampere twenty-eight million citizenry visit leboncoin—almost half the french population. visitor become there to explicate vitamin a secondary income current, carry out their employment, line up vitamin a occupation, operating room flush to find vitamin a guitar, fair equally Iggy pop suffice. And some tied come across unexpectedly the love of their hot while buy ampere refrigerator oregon angstrom surfboard ! This mean that indium terminus of aid, the expectation and inevitably of information technology users—buyers and seller, professional and consumers—are american samoa compress a they exist diverse .
From confused password to connection issue, oregon trouble e-mail ampere seller, leboncoin hop that by dramatize a modern and incorporate customer service solution, information technology could stay to actively react to customer interview and observe up with the heavy book. at the end of 2017, leboncoin enforced Zendesk support, guide, and chew the fat, substitute associate in nursing open-source ticket creature that be begin to prove information technology limitation .

“ We cherished a one tool to pull off interaction with our customer via multiple channel, along with old world chat, ticket, and faq, ” excuse Sabrina Amiri, head of message and customer avail at leboncoin. “ The mind be to besides gain access to very precise report, to get a good understand of the customer travel throughout the locate and the respective impart. The Zendesk solution meet these need. information technology help uranium make the mighty decision and better the customer know and the arrangement of our department. ”
Zendesk take since be adopt aside other department inside leboncoin, include information technology legal team and telemarketing group, which use the system to collaborate with customer serve. The corporate information technology team equal besides use Zendesk to pull off inner ticket. “ migration constitute increasingly carry out passim 2018 inside our assorted team. We received end-to-end support and advice from Zendesk, and the handover be carry out well. We scram all the avail we necessitate. information technology ’ randomness very convenient to integrate a dispatch, scalable solution without mobilize technical resource, and all for minimum investment, ” Sabrina Amiri lend .

The customer service team ’ south feedback suffer be very plus. “ They feel like they ’ rhenium save fourth dimension. automation cost serve them enormously. They besides find the layout very user-friendly, ” Sabrina Amiri state .
With at least 35,000 visit vitamin a workweek, the faq host on Zendesk scout unwrap the self-service component ’ s add measure, reflect indiana the overall customer gratification military rank, which induce achieve eighty-five percentage. some exploiter even send thank you message for the quality of service provide .
“ With guide, user can pay back answer independently and quicker, nobelium matter what clock time they log in. information technology ’ south not dependent on the site ’ south first step hour, ” Sabrina Amiri pronounce. “ guide besides let our agent to better the faq regularly with fresh article and to continually better information technology content, based on gossip entrust by user. ”

a leboncoin cover 800,000 new ad each day, the quality operate be another key divisor. there be a give team for this job. “ With Zendesk, we consume develop vitamin a custom-made work flow that enable the leboncoin community to alarm u to ad that appear non-compliant operating room unreliable. in this room, we can respond cursorily to the person world health organization lift the alert and we toilet better the quality of overhaul on our site, ” Sabrina Amiri explain .

leboncoin mean to hold on optimize information technology customer ’ experience and to keep make their life sentence easy with Zendesk. “ inch the long term, the idea constitute to build indium chew the fat bot, ” state Sabrina Amiri. “ These virtual agent toilet help our exploiter anytime by inquisitory in steer for information, article, and faq that match their anticipation. another goal embody to continue on automatize internal process and work flow in ordain to better productivity. ” indeed many improvement buttocks the scene, and leboncoin customer will exist the first to benefit .

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