Louise Penny Novels In Order Gamache Your Ultimate Guide

Louise Penny Novels In Order Gamache: Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re a follower of enigma stories, likelihoods are you’ve heard of Louise Penny. This Canadian writer has penned copious smash-hit books featuring Head Inspector Armand Gamache, a cherished personality who has captured the hearts of readers around the sphere. Nevertheless, if you’re new to Louise Penny’s world, it can be demanding to know where to commence. In this blog, we’ll give you a lowdown of all the Louise Penny novels in order Gamache, so you can plunge straight into her sphere of assassination, puzzle, and chaos.

About Louise Penny

Before we delve into the books, let’s talk a bit about the author herself. Louise Penny was birthed in Toronto in 1958 and went on to serve as a journalist and radio host before transitioning to writing full-time. She publicized her premier novel, “Still Life,” in 2005, which launched readers to Head Inspector Armand Gamache and the miniature town of Three Pines. Since then, she has penned a cumulative of sixteen novels in the sequence, with more on the way.

Louise Penny Books In Order Gamache

1. Still Life (2005)

The first book in the sequence, “Still Life,” introduces readers to Inspector Armand Gamache and his team of investigators. Set in the picturesque town of Three Pines, the narrative follows the probe into the assassination of Jane Neal, a cherished member of the community. As Gamache gets to know the townspeople and uncovers their clandestine whereabouts, he begins to realize that things in Three Pines are not as utopian as they seem.

2. A Fatal Grace (2006)

The second in the series, “A Fatal Grace,” witnesses Gamache revisiting Three Pines to examine the homicide of CC de Poitiers, a woman who has made adversaries of almost everyone in town. As Gamache delves deeper into the case, he detects that there may be more at play than a straightforward assassination.

3. The Cruellest Month (2007)

In “The Cruelest Month,” Gamache and his team are summoned to examine the fatality of a lady during a séance in Three Pines. As Gamache starts to untangle the bizarre events leading up to the homicide, he discovers an intricate web of clandestine whereabouts and lies that imperils to rend the town apart.

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4. A Rule Against Murder (2008)

In “A Rule Against Murder,” Gamache and his wife go on a much-needed vacation to the distant Manoir Bellechasse. However, when a homicide takes place on the resort, Gamache finds himself drawn into the case, which has eerie correlations to a tragic event in his own past.

5. The Brutal Telling (2009)

In “The Brutal Telling,” a mysterious stranger appears in Three Pines with a rare and precious artifact, only to be found assassinated shortly thereafter. As Gamache probes, he starts to realize that the victim may have been masking a dark secret.

6. Bury Your Dead (2010)

“Bury Your Dead” sees Gamache still recovering from the events of the preceding book. While convalescing in Quebec City, he becomes embroiled in two separate probes: the search for a missing historian and the reopening of a cold case involving a bloodbath at the local library.

7. A Trick of the Light (2011)

In “A Trick of the Light,” a cherished member of the Three Pines community is found dead in an artist’s studio. As Gamache and his team delve into the victim’s past, they realize that there may be more to her fatality than meets the eye.

8. The Beautiful Mystery (2012)

“The Beautiful Mystery” witnesses Gamache and colleague detective Jean-Guy Beauvoir examining a murder at a distant monastery in Quebec, where a choir of monks is recognized for their beautiful singing. But as they delve deeper into the case, they realize that the assassination may be linked to a long-planted clandestine at the center of the monastery.

9. How the Light Gets In (2013)

In “How the Light Gets In,” Gamache revisits Three Pines to investigate a case encompassing a missing woman and a potent and wealthy family. As he attempts to unravel the family’s entangled history, he realizes that there may be more at bet than just the missing woman.

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10. The Long Way Home (2014)

“The Long Way Home” takes Gamache on a journey outside of Three Pines as he tries to aid a friend who has vanished while examining a murder case. As he travels crosswise Canada and the United States, Gamache realizes that he may be edging closer to the truth than he ever could have envisaged.

11. The Nature of the Beast (2015)

In “The Nature of the Beast,” a young boy is found dead in the woods near Three Pines. As Gamache and his team investigate, they begin to realize that the case may be linked to a precarious and mysterious creature that has been spotted in the area.

12. A Great Reckoning (2016)

“A Great Reckoning” sees Gamache taking on a new position as the head of the Surete Academy, where he tries to get rid of corruption and misconduct. Nevertheless, when a homicide takes place on the grounds of the academy, Gamache realizes that the past may be coming back to haunt him.

13. Glass Houses (2017)

In “Glass Houses,” a mysterious figure appears on the village green in Three Pines, but disappears without a trace. When a body is found nearby, Gamache realizes that the two events may be linked to a shadowy mesh of drugs and crime in the miniature town.

14. Kingdom of the Blind (2018)

“Kingdom of the Blind” sees Gamache examining a case encompassing a will that has been left by a mysterious figure recognized only as “The Baroness.” Nevertheless, as he tries to unravel the clandestine of the Baroness and her estate, he realizes that someone is determined to stop him at all costs.

15. A Better Man (2019)

In “A Better Man,” Three Pines is threatened by burgeoning floodwaters, and a woman goes missing. As the community strives to adjust to the disaster, Gamache starts to investigate the vanishing, which may be linked to a long-planted clandestine.

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16. All The Devils Are Here (2020)

The latest in the series, “All The Devils Are Here,” sees Gamache and his wife traveling to Paris to visit their children. Nevertheless, when a dear friend is injured in a hit-and-run accident, Gamache realizes that the incident may be linked to a precarious conspiracy.


1. What is the first book in the Louise Penny series?

The first book in the Louise Penny series is “Still Life.”

2. How many books are in the Louise Penny series?

There are currently sixteen books in the Louise Penny series.

3. What is the order of the Louise Penny books?

The order of the Louise Penny novels is as follows:
– Still Life
– A Fatal Grace
– The Cruelest Month
– A Rule Against Murder
– The Brutal Telling
– Bury Your Dead
– A Trick of the Light
– The Beautiful Mystery
– How the Light Gets In
– The Long Way Home
– The Nature of the Beast
– A Great Reckoning
– Glass Houses
– Kingdom of the Blind
– A Better Man
– All The Devils Are Here

4. What is the Louise Penny Head Inspector Gamache series?

The Louise Penny Head Inspector Gamache series is a collection of puzzle novels featuring Head Inspector Armand Gamache.

5. What is the latest book in the Louise Penny series?

The latest book in the Louise Penny series is “All The Devils Are Here.”


Louise Penny’s Head Inspector Armand Gamache series is a must-read for fans of mystery and crime novels. With sixteen books and counting, there’s plenty of material to keep you engrossed for hours. We hope this guide to the Louise Penny novels in order Gamache has aided you in navigating the series and discovering your subsequent favorite read. So take hold of a cup of coffee, curl up with a decent book, and get primed for a thrilling ride through the miniature town of Three Pines.

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