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    Lowe ’ south is one of the top home improvement stores in North America, employing upwards of 300,000 people. There ’ south a wide kind of positions for different skills levels within the Lowe ’ s corporation, including sales associates, stockers, and rescue drivers. If you ’ re in the commercialize for a raw job, there may be an opportunity for you at Lowe ’ randomness Before you can be considered for hire at Lowe ’ randomness, you need to get through an interview, and reviewing coarse questions will help you prepare. Looking for a job at Lowe’s? These position are hiring now near you :

  1. Tell Me About Yourself. The function of an interview is to get to know a firm campaigner better. To do this, an interviewer will ask you to describe yourself broadly. Giving a satisfactory answer will mean talking about your professional and personal experiences.


    “ I am a californian native who ’ s been working in retail sales since I graduated from high school. I enjoy sales because I like spending my days helping people solve their buying dilemma. Outside of work, I spend my clock time doing long-distance swim. ”

  2. What Can You Tell Me About Lowe’s? Interviewers will put forth questions like this one to test out how familiar you are with the party. Prior research you ’ ve done into the Lowe ’ s brand will help you appear more prepare when asked this doubt .

    “ Lowe ’ randomness is a company based in America and Canada that sells home improvement products, like paint and kitchenware. It was founded in 1946, and since then has committed to values of teamwork, respect, and helping customers. ”

  3. How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated When Doing Tasks At Work? Associate positions at bigger corporations like Lowe ’ second can sometimes involve doing boring tasks. A hire coach will use questions like this to decipher your capability to work independently and carry through humdrum responsibilities .

    “ My biggest motivation to get boastfully and small tasks done at work is knowing that my co-workers and supervisory program are relying on me. even when doing long-winded tasks, I don ’ thyroxine like to let my influence team down. ”

  4. What Relevant Work Experience Do You Have? even though a Lowe ’ sulfur interviewer has probably read through your experience points on your resume, they ’ ll look for more detail in an interview .

    “ While I ’ ve never worked at a Lowe ’ s localization before, I have had previous experience handling customer needs. I ’ ve worked at a grocery store store and a restaurant. Both roles heavily depended on providing great customer avail. additionally, I ’ ve done home improvement projects in the past, which puts me in a firm military position to offer advice to customers looking to purchase supplies. ”

  5. Why Do You Want To Work At Lowe’s? An interviewer will use this motion to see how well a campaigner knows Lowe ’ second as a company and the details of the receptive status. An applicant who articulates relevant reasons for wanting the occupation will impress a recruiter with their cognition .

    “ Lowe ’ sulfur helps people make their homes better and more comfortable. I think this is an crucial mission because a person ’ s dwelling impacts their wellbeing. I want to work as a sales associate at Lowe ’ south to help in this deputation towards home improvement. ”

  6. How Would You Define Great Customer Service? A bad depart of the Lowe ’ sulfur stigmatize is providing excellent customer serve to people making home improvements. That leads them to look for candidates who display great customer avail electric potential in the interview stage .

    “ I think that great customer avail is defined by how the customer feels leaving the interaction. If they leave feeling satisfied and that they ’ ve made the best buy decision, it was successful customer service. A positivist customer feel means capital avail. ”

  7. Tell Me About A Time You Solved A Problem At Work. Problem-solvers are in high demand when it comes to the kind of employees that Lowe ’ second hires. An interviewer will ask you about a time you ’ ve solved a problem in the by to understand your skills in this area .

    “ I used to work as a coach at an upscale restaurant with a big staff. We were having an issue with sustain income during the slow season, so I suggested that we start catering to belittled parties during those months. They implemented the idea, and we saw huge profit improvements during normally slow times of the year. ”

  8. How Would You Deal With A Difficult Customer? Anyone who worked in a serve job knows that you ’ ll come across a unmanageable customer or two, which can be nerve-racking. A recruiter will ask situational questions about challenging customers to assess how you may handle it when you ’ re work .

    “ Anger often comes from a place of misunderstanding. Based on that, I think the best room to deal with a unmanageable customer is to have a problem-solving and professional attitude. Focusing less on the customer ’ s anger or irrationality, and more on what I can do to solve their problem and improve their have. ”

  9. How Would You Figure Out What A Customer Needs If They Don’t Know The Name Of An Item? It ’ mho common for customers to go into a store like Lowe ’ s looking for advice about a particular detail from the description. Some people may not even know what they ’ ra looking for at all. Expect a interrogate or two about how you ’ ll manage confused customer situations .

    “ If a customer needed serve finding an token that they didn ’ triiodothyronine know the mention of, I ’ five hundred first ask them what they do know about the product. For exercise, what area of the home it involves, and what their intended stick out is. From this information, I should be able to gather where we could start looking. If I couldn ’ thyroxine figure out what the detail was, I ’ vitamin d turn to a supervisor ’ second expertness for help. ”

  10. What’s Your Best Quality? Employers like to know how you view yourself and your strengths. To answer this motion well, keep the timbre relevant to something that will help you be successful on the speculate .

    “ My best quality is that I always remain calm under pressure. I think this helps me as a customer service associate because I always act master, even in bully circumstances. ”

  11. What Would You Do If A Supervisor Asked You To Complete An Unsafe Task? Home improvement stores like Lowe ’ s have a lot of electric potential outlets for danger. Employee wound due to insecure study is a significant risk for corporations. Interviewers ask situational questions like this to determine how you ’ ll behave as an employee .

    “ If my director asked me to complete an insecure task, I would ask them for clarity to make sure I understand the job correctly. If I decided that the task was dangerous after discussion, I ’ d tell my supervisory program how I felt and attack to offer suggestions for other ways to handle the undertaking. ”

  12. Tell Me About A Time You’ve Faced Conflict With A Co-Worker. Every employee has to deal with conflict to some degree. A rent coach asks questions about how you ’ ve handled this in the past to see how you would deal with it if they hired you to work for the Lowe ’ randomness team.


    “ At my last subcontract, I was scheduled to work before a colleague who was constantly showing up late. They often worked correct after me, sol I was staying past my stir to accommodate their lateness. I chose to have a private conversation with the colleague in which I explained how their punctuality was affecting my agenda. They wholly understood, apologized, and fixed their behavior in the future. ”

  13. What Is Your Availability? Having a elastic schedule is all-important to landing a place at Lowe ’ mho, specially around the busy temper. however, you should still be realistic about how a lot and when you can work .

    “ I am available to work full-time, any shift Monday-Friday. I would be bequeath to take on holiday shifts deoxyadenosine monophosphate well, but I can ’ metric ton work on the weekends. ”

  14. Are You Familiar With Point Of Sale (POS) Systems? If you ’ re interview for a cashier position, having a degree of familiarity with Point Of Sale systems can be critical to achiever on the job. Lowe ’ second may be uncoerced to train the right campaigner in this department, so be honest .

    “ Yes, I am familiar with POS systems. I worked at a grocery store where I had to use a point Of Sale arrangement casual. ”

  15. Who Are Lowe’s Competitors? An interviewer may ask you who Lowe ’ s competitors are to get a sense of how familiar you are with their market demographic .
    Some Examples Of Lowe ’ s Competitor ’ s Include :

    • Walmart
    • The Home Depot
    • target


    “ Some examples of Lowe ’ s competitors that come to mind are The Home Depot and Costco. ”

  16. Why Did You Leave Your Last Position? Talking about your deviation from a previous placement can be intimidate, but providing a impregnable answer will improve your chances of landing the speculate. You want to discuss leaving your last position strategically, but honestly, because the hire coach can contact your former job for more data .

    “ I worked in my last position for three years as a cashier. I learned a fortune in that time, but it was time to move on to a new opportunity with more room for growth. I left on dependable terms after putting in a two-week notice. ”

  17. Do You Have Experience With “Do-It-Yourself” Projects? Since Lowe ’ s chiefly supplies tools and materials for home improvement DIY projects, they ’ ll ask if you ’ ve done anything like this earlier. Having experience in these kinds of projects won ’ triiodothyronine be required for a job at Lowe ’ randomness, but it will probably make you a more competitive campaigner .

    “ I do have some experience with DIY projects. specifically, I ’ ve remake the floors in my rear ’ s old home plate. It took about a calendar month and was a long-haul stick out, but it turned out beautifully. Plus, it was a fun experience. ”

  18. Why Should We Hire You To Work At Lowe’s? Most companies will ask some variation of why the candidate thinks they should be hired for the position .
    The function of the doubt is to assess the applicant ’ s self-awareness, confidence, and ability to pitch themselves impressively .

    “ I should be hired for the sales associate place at Lowe ’ s because I have prior experience in how to give customers the best experience possible. I ’ ve worked in several customer service positions and have been a problem-solver in all of them. I ’ m a positive employee whose playfulness to work with and productively makes sales. I think these qualities would make me an asset to Lowe ’ second as an employee. ”

  19. Tell Me About A Customer Service Mistake You’ve Made? Being a successful employee at Lowe ’ south is all about the customer. An interviewer will ask about your past mistakes in customer military service to learn more about how you ’ ve improved since then .

    “ In a former position, I was working as a cashier for a invest store. A woman ’ s card was being declined, and she was very ill-bred to me about it. I made the error of giving her an attitude, which reflects ill on me as an employee. It taught me to stay calm and professional when dealing with customer dispute. ”

  20. Do You Have Any Questions For Me? At the end of about any consultation you attend, the hire coach will ask if you have any questions for them about the company or position. Use this as an opportunity to tie up any loosen ends when it comes to your agreement of the job .
    Examples Of Questions To Ask At The end Of A Lowe ’ s Interview Include :

    • What ’ s the company culture like at Lowe ’ south ?
    • Can you tell me more about the daily responsibilities of this position ?
    • Who would I be reporting to in this position ?

    • What are the essential soft skills for this function ?
    • How have employees succeeded in this position at Lowe ’ second in the past ?
    • Do you think I ’ megabyte qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of this character ?
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