Top 32 Lowe’s Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

By Mike Simpson

For avid DIYers and home maintenance aficionado, a travel to Lowe ’ mho is more than a patronize trip ; it ’ s a probability to immerse themselves in the sawdust-covered world they revere. Walking through the door practically spiritual, as the wealth of home improvement possibilities washes over them .
Anyone who feels like that about home improvement would jump at the casual to work at a mecca like Lowe ’ mho. And because of their home improvement cognition they may feel particularly well-equipped to handle a Lowe ’ south consultation. But that doesn ’ t base they should assume it ’ ll be a cakewalk .
the fact is, all interviews come with challenges. How do you overcome them ? With a great plan, of course !
Would you try to build a shed without plans ? Didn ’ t think so. With the right scheme, your chances of success go up dramatically. Let ’ s take a spirit at what it takes to nail any Lowe ’ s interview question and ultimately snag the caper.

How to Answer Lowe’s Interview Questions

Before we hop into some exemplar Lowe ’ south interview questions and answers, let ’ s hesitate for a consequence. If you want to shine when you meet with the rent director, you can ’ t trust on examples alone. rather, you need to carefully craft your consultation blueprint .
In the simple terms, your interview design needs to showcase you as an exceptional campaigner. But how do you do that for a Lowe ’ randomness interview ?
well, your first gear step is to learn about what Lowe ’ randomness wants. The company ’ south mission statement is a great reading of the constitution ’ second priorities .
For Lowe ’ second, the mission statement is :

“ together, deliver the proper home improvement products, with the best service and value, across every channel and community we serve. ”

That means the company places a fortune of importance on customer servicing, intersection choice, and rate .
Another home for clues about what hire managers need to find is the job description. If they list a skill or trait respective times in that handful of paragraph of the occupation description, you can bet those are crucial to have as a candidate .
Make sense ?
Put the mission statement and job description together, and what you get is a guide. Discuss how you shine in those areas, and you ’ ll increase the odds of catching the hire coach ’ s eye .
But, if you ’ re ask behavioral interview questions, you don ’ t want to stop there. Creating a stellar response means doing more than asserting you have what it takes. You need to show the rent director, not tell them. How do you do that ? With the STAR method and our Tailoring Method, of run. Those approaches, which we ’ ve discussed in detail before, ensure that your solution is relevant and compel. If you want to actually pique a hire director ’ second interest, it ’ s an exceptional scheme for making that find .
We besides wanted to let you know that we created an amaze free cheat sheet that will give you word-for-word answers for some of the toughest interview questions you are going to face in your approaching interview. After all, hiring managers will frequently ask you more generalize interview questions along with their Lowe ’ s specific questions !
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Top 3 Lowe’s Interview Questions

now you have a solid sympathy of how to approach interview questions. That means it ’ s time to take it a step further ; it ’ south prison term for some examples that can show you how to put those strategies to work .
here are the acme three Lowe ’ s interview questions and answers .

1. If a customer has a question about a DIY project and you didn’t know how to answer it, how would you proceed?

“ Do it right for less. ” That ’ s the motto Lowe ’ s took on it 2019. When it comes to a customer value proposition, that tagline showcases the company ’ second position concisely .
The flim-flam is, to “ do it veracious, ” some customers need avail. Lowe ’ randomness employees get asked for guidance all of the clock. If you get hired, you can expect the casual question to get hurled in your guidance, excessively. Hiring managers want to know that, when that moment comes, you can handle it even if you don ’ thymine know the answer .

“ If a customer asked me for guidance, and I was uncertain about how they should proceed, the beginning thing I would do is make certain I understood their request. I would summarize what they shared and would ask clarifying questions to ensure I in full understood. At that compass point, I would turn to diverse resources to find an answer. This could include an employee cognition base, details off of the Lowe ’ s web site, or coworkers who specialize in projects of that nature. My goal would be to stay with the customer, navigating through, and tapping extra resources until a suitable solution is found. ”

2. When you have to do repetitive tasks, what do you do to stay motivated?

Let ’ s face facts ; no job is exciting all of the meter. On juncture, you ’ re going to have to do some everyday study, and it won ’ thymine be the most prosecute experience .
This is one of those Lowe ’ s interview questions that ’ s designed to learn more about your personality. The lease director wants to find out how self-motivated you are, as that is critical for the company ’ second achiever .

“ When I am assigned a undertaking that is insistent in nature, I keep myself motivated by focusing on the importance of the bodily process. While it may not be the most excite, that doesn ’ triiodothyronine make it any less critical to operations. By doing my best, I ’ megabyte ensuring that I excel in the character and that my employer can thrive. ultimately, it ’ s my mania for excellence that keeps me moving fore, careless of the nature of the undertaking. ”

3. If a manager told you to do something that was unsafe, what would you do?

safety is a major business for most employers. Work injuries cost companies approximately $ 170.8 billion a year. Holy cow, right ?
Knowing that, is it any surprise that hiring managers want to choose candidates that are safety-minded ? not actually. That ’ randomness why they ask questions like this, to ensure they can select new hires that aware of safety issues and how to avoid potential problems .

“ If a director asked me to do something dangerous, my first tone would be to ensure I understood what was actually being requested. There ’ mho a prospect I misinterpreted the situation, so I would summarize what I was told and ask clarifying questions as needed. If it was clear that the job or approach was insecure, I would voice my concern calmly and professionally. I would concentrate on using impersonal linguistic process and would rely on facts. If applicable, I would besides bring up relevant ship’s company policies that discuss such actions. then, I would attempt to present an alternate that ensured the job could be completed in a safe manner. My finish would be to be accommodative and collaborative so that a solution could be identified. If that did not yield results, and the coach insisted I act in an dangerous manner, I would reach out to a superior or safety coach for guidance. ”

29 More Lowe’s Interview Questions

hera are 29 more Lowe ’ s interview questions candidates much face :

      1. Why do you want to work at Lowe’s?
      2. What can you tell me about Lowe’s? Are you familiar with the company?
      3. If a customer needs a part but doesn’t know what it’s called, how do you figure out what they are trying to find?
      4. What is your definition of great customer service?
      5. How would you deal with an angry customer?
      6. Tell me about your DIY and home maintenance experience.
      7. Can you describe how familiar you are with cash registers (point of sale systems)?
      8. Tell me about your cash handling experience.
      9. Have you ever had to fix a mistake made by a coworker? If so, how did you handle it?
      10. Are you comfortable promoting the Lowe’s credit card?
      11. Tell me about a time when you were working as part of a team, and there was a disagreement. What did you do to resolve the issue?
      12. If you were given a high-priority task by a manager and, before you finished, a customer came up and asked for your help, what would you do?
      13. What would you do if a customer wanted your opinion on two different paint colors?
      14. Are you available to work nights, weekends, and holidays?
      15. Tell me about a time when you displayed leadership on the job.
      16. If you saw a coworker steal an item work less than $1, what would you do?
      17. Have you ever gone above and beyond for a customer? If so, what did you do?
      18. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your manager. What was the outcome of the situation?
      19. Which of your traits do you think will help you excel in this job, and why?
      20. How do you respond to constructive criticism?
      21. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an uncomfortable situation at work. How did you handle it?
      22. If a customer gave you negative feedback about a coworker, what would you do?
      23. Can you describe a time when you went above and beyond for your employer, manager, or coworker?
      24. Give me an example of a moment when you completely changed your approach based on the customer’s attitude or demeanor.
      25. Tell me about a time you got angry on the job. What did you do to ensure it didn’t impact your work?
      26. What is your biggest customer service mistake? What did you do to fix it or to prevent it from happening again?
      27. Give me an example of when you had to rely on your attention-to-detail to complete a task successfully.
      28. When you face an obstacle at work, what do you do to ensure you can overcome it?
      29. Are you familiar with common tools, construction materials, and equipment?

5 Good Questions to Ask at the End of a Lowe’s Interview

once the lease director asks their concluding question, you might think that you can relax your guard. After all, you aren ’ metric ton on the spot anymore, right ? Well, not very .
even if the rent coach doesn ’ thymine have any more questions about your know, they ’ ll normally ask you one extra thing, “ Do you have any questions for me ? ” While this might seem innocent enough, sometimes it international relations and security network ’ t .
Asking intelligent questions at the end of your Lowe’s interview is crucial. It lets you demonstrate your interest, for one. For another, it ’ s a luck to see if the job is a big fit for you, and that ’ s important .
If you aren ’ t certain what to ask, here are five questions to have at the ready :

      1. What is Lowe’s biggest challenge today? What can a person in this role do to help overcome it?
      2. Can you describe what a typical day in this job is like?
      3. Are there any barriers to success that new hires in this position face? What tips can you provide to help me overcome or avoid them?
      4. What about your top performers stands out in your mind?
      5. Why do you like most and least about working at Lowe’s?

MIKE’S TIP: sol, once you ask your questions, then you can relax, right ? wrong ! technically, your interview international relations and security network ’ metric ton over. actually, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine consider your consultation over until you leave the property. And, by that, we mean getting in your vehicle and driving away. You never know who you might meet as you exit. Any passerby could be a person with decision-making agency or who has the lease director ’ second ear. Don ’ metric ton miss out on a job by making a err as you ’ ra leaving. focus on being your best self until you ’ re gone .

Putting It All Together

Trust us… we get it ; interviews are nerve-racking. It international relations and security network ’ thyroxine easy to sit across from a lease coach and put it all out there. even great candidates like you get aflutter, and that ’ s o. Plus, you ’ ve got a secret weapon : all of the tips above .
so, jab in. Review all of those Lowe ’ s interview questions. Embrace a scheme that ensures you put your best metrical foot forth. While commit and planning bring campaign, it ’ sulfur campaign worth giving. You ’ ll be able to show the lease coach precisely why you ’ re therefore amazing, and that makes it entirely worthwhile .
beneficial luck !

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