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2no object Succeed in surviving or in attaining one’s aims, especially against heavy odds; cope.

‘Catherine managed on five hours’ sleep a night’

  • ‘You can get the best of Middle Eastern, especially Egyptian, spices and spice mixes in the dingy shops where you can manage with Hindi.’
  • ‘As James Marshall Bridge states, more has to be shared, so it stands to reason that Joe Public has to manage with less as there will be less to go round.’
  • ‘It does mean that we are going to have to rent out a base in the centre of town for about a month around festival time, but we’ll manage with that.’
  • ‘They’re usually the ones who’ve been around for a while, and they usually manage with the barest minimum of speaker support.’
  • ‘There was no doctor on board and not even another woman, and Golda and I had to manage with the assistance of the steward.’
  • ‘So how did we manage with cultural correspondences but no common language?’
  • ‘Though initially we thought we could manage with our English, it was not so.’
  • ‘If only one ear is affected then one can manage with the other normal ear.’
  • ‘As you have to get close, you have to manage with a very limited depth of field.’
  • ‘It has been told that it must manage with standstill budgets for at least the next year.’
  • ‘Bringing up baby is demanding enough, but how do parents manage with twins or triplets?’
  • ‘We are concerned to know how people are managing in these difficult circumstances in terms of food’
  • ‘But times are hard and the place where we work couldn’t manage with two people doing one person’s job.’
  • ‘From lodging to food and other requirements, they have to manage with the limited monthly salary.’
  • ‘And before you joined Grow, how did you manage with your three kids?’
  • ‘I used to argue with him because I couldn’t manage with the children, but he wouldn’t listen.’
  • ‘However, if absolutely necessary you could manage with a laptop in the passenger seat as your navigator.’
  • ‘Academic freedom and tenure may be at risk as our institutions determine how to manage with reduced funding.’
  • ‘A clean, seamless line is needed for Oh Foolish Fay, which she cannot quite manage with her operatic vibrato.’
  • ‘For several months, the unit continued to manage with limited logistical assets.’
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, get along, get on, make do, be all right, do all right, fare all right, carry on, survive, deal with the situation, scrape along, scrape by, muddle along, muddle through, fend for oneself, shift for oneself, make ends meet, weather the storm

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  1. 2.1

    with object

    Succeed in doing, achieving, or producing (something, especially something difficult)

    ‘she managed a brave but unconvincing smile’

    • ‘Beth finally managed to hail a cab’
    • ‘one fund managed to lose money’
    • ‘While these tasks can be managed, it is difficult to do so effectively and in a timely manner.’
    • ‘Overall, the new President can be said to have managed a fairly difficult balancing act.’
    • ‘He tried to find his voice, but it was difficult for him to manage anything but a feeble sounding grunt.’
    • ‘You can be very extravagant in both your affections and your finances, finding it difficult to manage both.’
    • ‘They manage both to bring more money into healthcare, and to spend it more efficiently.’
    • ‘Brave Sarah finally managed to grab the leash on David’s board and get hold of the girls.’
    • ‘The guitar shares the power base, but still manages some slightly effected interludes and neat, sharp, but simple phrases.’
    • ‘Following a struggle the brave youngster finally managed to break free from the man and make her escape.’
    • ‘We’ve been trying to watch it all weekend and finally managed to finish it today.’
    • ‘Somehow in the midst of all this popularity, it is managing to lose money.’
    • ‘Previous pre-November work succeeded in managing clearance of a large deal of dead leaves and branches.’
    • ‘The Quiet American is a film that attempts to succeed on two different levels, and manages it with aplomb on both.’
    • ‘Humphreys managed a penalty to level the game, but the scoreline was nothing to store any hope in.’
    • ‘They are today barely managing an orderly dollar decline.’
    • ‘The fact that Sligo could only manage three second half scores proves just how out of sorts they really were.’
    • ‘We shouldn’t be favoring one sort of investment over another if we can manage it.’
    • ‘It’s particularly stupid to be fed-up and out of sorts on a lovely warm sunny day but we managed it.’
    • ‘Canada, ranked 13th in the world, could only manage a penalty in each half by full-back Derek Daypuck.’
    • ‘He was confined to his home for much of the remainder of his school years although he did manage a very irregular attendance at school.’
    • ‘The authorities wanted to take me back to Dover to sort out the paperwork, but I managed to get freed in London.’


    , achieve, do, carry out, perform, undertake, bring about, bring off, effect, finish, succeed in, contrive, engineer

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  2. 2.2

    with object

    Succeed in dealing with or withstanding (something)

    ‘there was more stress and anxiety than he could manage’

    • ‘Those suffering from Tourette’s need help to develop strategies for dealing with and managing their tics, and, where necessary, medical treatment.’
    • ‘But I had managed to get a supply of special tablets that turn your stomach to concrete, so I could manage the flight.’
    • ‘As a footnote, I would reluctantly object to the consumption of food in the mall, but this could easily be dealt with in the same way the shops manage the problem.’


    , handle, master, influence, manipulate

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  3. 2.3

    with object

    Be free to attend on (a certain day) or at (a certain time)

    • ‘he could not manage March 24 after all’

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