Marshawn Lynch on ‘Murderville,’ ‘Westworld’ and Acting Ambitions: “I Want to Blow S*** Up”

To say Marshawn Lynch has stayed “ reasonably ” interfering since retiring from the NFL is like saying his “ Beast Quake ” run — where the reaction from Seattle Seahawks fans excellently registered on a seismograph — was “ reasonably ” good .
The Super Bowl-winning running back, who besides happens to be one of the most charismatic people to always live, has been everywhere .

In summation to his charitable endeavors and occupation ventures ( his Beast Mode life style sword ( est. 2014 ), a production caller, a commercialize agency, restaurants, Oakland ’ s premier trade blunt, etc., etc. ), post-retirement he ’ second become an even more sought pitchman for everything from Subway to Frito-Lay to Uber Eats to razors and telephone cases. ( During a recent appearance on “ Manning Cast ” he was tied asked by Eli if his goal was to “ catch Peyton in the number of commercials always been on TV. ” ) In October, he was announced as the first-ever head trade name ambassador for the NFLPA. There ’ s a rumor he could get into announcing. And he hasn ’ t lost the work wiretap he picked up while still in the league on, uh, The League, which dovetails nicely with his profess desire — most notably demonstrated on a identical entertain 2016 episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls — to keep trying modern jack .

After showing off his dramatic chops in season three of HBO ’ randomness Westworld as a thief named Giggles, Lynch ’ s most holocene acting challenge is improv-ing his direction through a mangle mystery on new Netflix drollery Murderville, which premiered on the cyclosis service yesterday .
here ’ s the conceit : Will Arnett plays homicide detective Terry Seattle. Arnett — along with the draw of early regulars including Haneefah Wood as Seattle ’ s boss cut ex-wife, Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, and Lilan Bowden as coroner Amber Kang — gets a script. Each episode, a node star “ trainee ” is paired with Seattle and tasked with helping him solve a ghastly mangle. They do not get a script, and must react to Seattle ’ second prompts as they interrogate three suspects and examine the crime picture for clues, culminating in a lineup where they guess mystery. It ’ s like one of those murder mystery dinner party games where the host is Lego Batman .
Of the six guest stars, Lynch is the entirely one who is not a coach actor, comedian or actor-comedian ( the others are Conan O ’ Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Annie Murphy, Ken Jeong and Sharon Stone ). however, displaying the like feel of natural comedian time that has made his “ Clueless Gamer ” segments on Conan the stuff of legend, he avails himself well. ( At one point, Seattle points to an urn full of his aunt ’ sulfur ashes and says, “ That ’ s what we all become finally, ” to which Lynch responds, “ A vase ? ” )

ahead of the premiere of Murderville, Lynch sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk his act ambitions, why he ’ s thus comfortable stepping outside his comfort zone, and how his clock time on Running Wild convinced him that all world television is not “ hella fudge. ”
I read that both you and Conan were among the celebrity guest stars on Murderville and figured, “Oh, Conan must have got Marshawn involved in this.” But how did you actually get hooked up with this project?
I mean, although I fuck with Conan, and I ’ thousand not one hundred percentage sure that he didn ’ thymine put me on, I think it was my ridicule over at WME who actually put that in concert .
Had you ever done improv before?
not on that floor. But, shit, I did enjoy it like a asshole .
So from the time you found out like, “Hey, there’s this show, it’s like a murder mystery improv,” and you said yes, how long was it until you were actually on the set doing it?
I ’ d say it was probably like a month, month and a half out that they put it on my radar. And then, you know, by the time I seen what type of situation it was, it was already on my front man doorsill, so, you know, it was good move time !
The intro to the show says the trainees don’t know what’s going on, but how did it work? From when you showed up to the studio until the camera was rolling, what type of instructions did you get?
If you look at the roll, there ’ s some reasonably heavy hitters. And they know I ’ thousand credibly the greenest out of everybody. This is what they ’ ll tell you : “ This is the direction we ’ ra going in, ” and kind of, “ Follow the tip ” -type stool, and it ’ s like, “ All right, but what lead is that ? ” And it ’ s like, “ Oh, well, once we call natural process, you ’ ll get it ” — like, what the fuck ? ! ( Laughs. )
Were there second takes? Or was it just kind of like, “All right. That’s a wrap”?
There was a moment contract if something happened where they were supposed to get something in and it didn ’ t come up just based off of either my chemical reaction or the reaction of other actors to something that I said or did would carry us into a unlike guidance. But other than that, it was straight off the rent. What you get is what you get !

You also recently did Westworld, which is kind of a similar jump in the deep end, right? Your first time as a dramatic actor, and, “I’m just going to go ahead and be on Westworld, on HBO, in a recurring role.” So, similar question: How did that opportunity come about?
What happened was, I started a production company. And I came down and met with WME. And they were actually alike, “ Would you like acting roles ? ” and blahzay blahzay, and I was like, “ Yeah, homo ” — and I was just fucking around — I told ’ em, “ Yeah, I want to act some. ” And they were like, “ OK ! What kind of role are you looking into ? ” I told ’ em, “ Well, I don ’ triiodothyronine want to talk besides much. I want to blow shit up. I want to shoot jack. Basically, I barely want to fuck shit up. ”
Yeah. Of course. 
And I ain ’ metric ton gon na lie. credibly within, like, three days, [ WME agents ] Adam [ Harris ] and Braden [ Currier ] had called me back like, “ Hey, we got a role for you, ” and I ’ m like, “ You unplayful ? ” “ Yeah. Oh, it ’ mho on Westworld. ” I ’ m like, “ Are you fucking kidding me ? ” “ Nah, I ’ megabyte dangerous. We got a role for you on Westworld, ” and I ’ m like, “ Well shit. All right. ” indeed Lisa [ Joy, Westworld co-showrunner ] called me and gave me the summation on the fictional character that I was playing. And I ’ molarity equitable like, “ Aw nah, this crap is actually happening. I better be careful with what I go in there talking to these dudes [ at the means ] about because they ’ ra making asshole happen proper nowadays. ”
thus, after I talked to Lisa, it was basically like, “ Oh, yeah, you got to come to set tomorrow, ” right ? “ Oh, like that ? ! ” ( Laughs. ) “ OK, cool. All good. We ’ ll make it happen. ” But, on that set ? You talk about heavy hitters, you feel me ? All of them know me from my previous career and where I was coming from. Everybody on set was, I mean, they was raw as fuck. They were all professionals, they all knew what they were doing. so, you know, them good catching me up to speed and giving me the lie of the land on what was going on, certain things I should and shouldn ’ t do. But at the end of the day, they all took caution of me .

Did you enjoy that experience, too? I assume it’s a shock for a first-timer. I imagine there’s a lot of waiting around …

That was the part that fucked with me the most. Because considering where I just came from, everything is “ natural process ! properly now ! ” Once we start we don ’ thyroxine period until we ’ rhenium done. So there would be times where I ’ five hundred arrive to set, and possibly I ’ vitamin d spend about five, six hours in my preview, and then go shoot something for about 10 minutes. And then it ’ s like, “ Well, hold on. We ’ ra gon na bring you back to set in about an hour, ” and then it would turn out to be two, three hours later like, “ Oh, nobelium, we aren ’ triiodothyronine going to shoot that scene nowadays, so it ’ mho cool, you can go home. ” Like, what the fuck ? ! It was something I had to get used to, but all the actors were telling me, like, “ Welcome to Hollywood, ” basically .
So you’ve done the improv comedy. You got the scripted comedy with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Got prestige drama out of the way. You got survival reality, right? You’ve done motion capture and voice work in video games. What have you not done that you want to do?
When I got into it, it was more so barely to have playfulness. I ’ d very say it was like experiencing some denounce that I never experience before, which was acting on the shield, you know, and actually good playing out childhood dreams. Like I think about when I was a youth, I ’ m like, “ Oh, that shit would look fun to do. Oh man, if I was in that, I would do something like this or something like that. ” so immediately I ’ m in a situation where If I merely think it or speak it into universe, that jack will kinda happen. I like to have playfulness, but at the like time I ’ m not looking at the acting like, “ Oh, it ’ mho challenging. I want a challenge, ” this, that and the one-third. Nah. Fuck that. If it ’ south something that it looks like I ’ ll delight doing it, then yeah I ’ ll rock like that .
You retired for the first time in February 2016, and your episode of Running Wild aired in September 2016. Presumably, you filmed it before that. How long was it between when you retired until you were on a plane to Corsica? Or train. I don’t even know how you get to Corsica. Is it an island?

well I ’ ll tell you, it was beautiful as sleep together. But I mean — [ Lynch ’ s earphone dies. While I wait for him to come back on the line I confirm that Corsica is, in fact, an island. ] OK, good-for-nothing I ’ megabyte back now .
I think that episode stood out because, just knowing you as a football player, not many people would have expected you to be scared of anything. But that was another instance of you stepping outside your comfort zone. Why was that the thing you decided that you wanted to do — or needed to do — after you retired?
I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think it was like, “ Oh, this is something I got to do. ” It was more so like, “ Well crap, I ain ’ metric ton got nothing else planned for this prison term, so I ’ mma go ahead and fuck with it. ” And like I said, it gave me the opportunity to do some asshole I ain ’ t never done earlier. Something my uncle always told me was, “ Let ’ s drink some Hennessy and do some damn we ain ’ metric ton never done before. ” And it kind of worked out like that. It just so happened that when I got to Corsica, France and before I went on the digression, I went to my room and there was some Hennessy in there, sol, it made for a better trip .
Did you sneak it in the backpack like you used to do before games?
It came stocked in my backpack. It was about like they did their homework .
How much negotiation do you get to do when you go on that? Do you to get to be like, “I’ll spear a pig, but I’m not gonna eat a bug”?
Hell nah. You get out there, and what I learned from Bear was he ’ s gon na do damn as if he was out there by himself. And then once he starts going, he ’ randomness like, “ Oh yea. Fuck. I got person else with me. ” Like, “ Hey, I need you to come and do this. ” And it ’ s like, “ Man, what the sleep together is you talking about. I never did no denounce like that before. ” He ’ mho like, “ Yeah I know, but I need you to do this and come this way and we need to do that, jumpstart over here and grab this, kill that. ” And if you ’ re with the bullshit, then you ’ re going to do it. And if not, then I think he kind of finds another way to get bullshit done .

So did you really just chase that wild pig and you just kind of came out on that cliff and the pig had run itself off? That seems … 
I thought that jack was all talk through one’s hat and hella fake, like all the other reality television receiver. And I had to stop and think to myself like, realistically bro, if it ’ randomness hella fake and stool like, he in truth merely took off ladder, and I had that sharp-ass tongue that he made a spear out of ? And he took off and it was like, well jack, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come, you will be left here by yourself up on this big ass batch. So I started running after that asshole and I ’ m like, hold on, if this damn is fudge, why would they be letting me run full-speed with this fucking knife through the jungle where I don ’ metric ton know where the fuck I ’ megabyte going — induce that knife was sharp as sleep together ! Like, if I would have tripped or anything, slipped and fell with it ? I ’ m like, “ Oh no, this damn very [ real ]. ” At least tell me like, “ Hey, you ’ re about to be running with a big-ass knife then be careful. ” It was precisely like, “ Marshawn, come on ! We got to get this fucking hog ! That ’ south dinner ! Let ’ s go ! ” And next thing I know he was fucking gone, you feel me ? Slow feet, don ’ t eat ! So all I knew was ten toes, assholes and elbows, go on and get that thing !
At the end of Running Wild you were like, “Well I had fun, but I don’t know if I’d ever do this again.” But I watched a panel that you did with Ryan Coogler and J. Cole where you talked about how the first time that you ever left Oakland was to go on a recruiting trip to Oregon and how that sparked your love of travel. Since you’ve retired, have you had the opportunity to travel a lot?
Yeah. Most decidedly. I think the alone continent that I haven ’ metric ton been on is Asia .
So you’ve been to Antarctica?
( Laughs. ) Nah. I ain ’ metric ton gon na go no rate precisely to be cold. so I don ’ t believe I ’ megabyte count that one. But other than that, yea. ( incredulously ) antarctica !
Cause I would watch a Marshawn Lynch travel show. So I don’t know if you want to add that …

To the list of asshole that I have done, or am going to do ?
Maybe. We ’ ll see .
So you played against Ryan Coogler in high school and college [Lynch and Coogler were both born in Oakland in 1986. Coogler attended high school at St. Mary’s in Berkeley and Lynch went to Oakland Tech. In 2005, Lynch’s Cal Golden Bears played Coogler’s Sac State Hornets. The entire game is on YouTube. ] That’s not a terrible connection to have in Hollywood — a person who directs Marvel movies — if your desire is to blow more shit up. I’m not trying to break any news, but is that something you’d be interested in? Joining the MCU?
I mean, if shit happen, then shit find. I fair ain ’ thymine out there forcing jack, feel me ? But when the right opportunities come across, we normally capitalized on ’ em. And I know if bro had a situation for me, something he had going on, if it fit ? then hell yeah I ’ megabyte gon na sleep together with it.

* * *
Interview edited for duration and clarity .
Murderville is streaming now on Netflix .

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