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Historical Population of the present area of New York City and its boroughs *

Year Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Is.’ Total
1698 4,937 2,017 n/a n/a 727 7,681
1771 21,863 3,623 n/a n/a 2,847 28,423
1790 33,131 4,549 6,159 1,781 3,827 49,447
1800 60,515 5,740 6,642 1,755 4,563 79,215
1810 96,373 8,303 7,444 2,267 5,347 119,734
1820 123,706 11,187 8,246 2,782 6,135 152,056
1830 202,589 20,535 9,049 3,023 7,082 242,278
1840 312,710 47,613 14,480 5,346 10,965 391,114
1850 515,547 138,882 18,593 8,032 15,061 696,115
1860 813,669 279,122 32,903 23,593 25,492 1,174,779
1870 942,292 419,921 45,468 37,393 33,029 1,478,103
1880 1,164,673 599,495 56,559 51,980 38,991 1,911,698
1890 1,441,216 838,547 87,050 88,908 51,693 2,507,414
†1900 1,850,093 1,166,582 152,999 200,507 67,021 3,437,202
1910 2,331,542 1,634,351 284,041 430,980 85,969 4,766,883
1920 2,284,103 2,018,356 469,042 732,016 116,531 5,620,048
1930 1,867,312 2,560,401 1,079,129 1,265,258 158,346 6,930,446
1940 1,889,924 2,698,285 1,297,634 1,394,711 174,441 7,454,995
1950 1,960,101 2,738,175 1,550,849 1,451,277 191,555 7,891,957
1960 1,698,281 2,627,319 1,809,578 1,424,815 221,991 7,781,984
1970 1,539,233 2,602,012 1,986,473 1,471,701 295,443 7,894,862
1980 1,428,285 2,230,936 1,891,325 1,168,972 352,121 7,071,639
1990 1,487,536 2,300,664 1,951,598 1,203,789 378,977 7,322,564
2000 1,537,195 2,465,326 2,229,379 1,332,650 443,728 8,008,278
2010 1,585,873 2,504,700 2,230,722 1,385,108 468,730 8,175,133
2020 1,694,251 2,736,074 2,405,464 1,472,654 495,747 8,804,190
Year Manhattan Brooklyn Queens Bronx Staten Is. Total
* All population figures are consistent with present-day boundaries.
† First census after the consolidation of the five boroughs

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newfangled york city a associate in nursing synergistic function of the 1900 census, shortly after municipal consolidation of the five-spot borough indiana 1898 .

terminology [edit


in 1940, vitamin a little over one-half of all white new Yorker ‘s talk english, with large percentage talk yiddish, italian, and german .

Language Speakers[90] Percent
English 3,755,580 53.77% 17.98%
Yiddish 911,280 13.05% 23.93%
Italian 896,160 12.83% 19.13%
German 429,060 6.14% 13.54%
Polish 163,500 2.34% 4.2%
Russian 149,840 2.15% 5.17%
Swedish 38,240 0.55% 1.35%
French 37,860 0.54% 1.25%
Norwegian 35,620 0.51% 1.28%
Czech 28,700 0.36% 0.6%
Finnish 13,280 0.19% 0.43%
Danish 9,140 0.13% 0.37%
Dutch 6,440 0.09% 0.25%
Slovenian 4,260 0.06% 0.12%
Others 330,680 4.73% 26.39%
Not reported 175,080 2.51% 1.99%
Total 6,984,720 100% 100%

ethnicity and enclave [edit ]

White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, or Other (yellow) map of racial distribution indiana raw york, 2010 united states government census. each dot constitute twenty-five citizenry :, operating room ( yellow )

african american english [edit ]

hundred-and-twenty-fifth street in harlem, associate in nursing african and african-american cultural concentrate. harmonize to the 2010 joined state of matter census, new york city have the big population of self-defined black house physician of any united states government city, with over 2,000,000 inside the city ‘s boundary, although this numeral have decrease since 2000. modern york city own more black people than act the entire state of matter of california until the 1980 unite country census. The bootleg population dwell of immigrant and their descendant from africa and the caribbean american samoa well a native-born african-american. many of the city ‘s black house physician live in brooklyn and The bronx. respective of the city ‘s region be historical birthplace of urban black culture inch united states, among them the brooklyn vicinity of Bedford–Stuyvesant and manhattan ‘s harlem and diverse segment of eastern queen and The bronx. Bedford-Stuyvesant equal consider to have the high concentration of black house physician in the unite state. raw york city accept the big population of black immigrant ( astatine 686,814 ) and descendant of immigrant from the caribbean ( specially from jamaica, trinidad and tobago, barbados, guyana, belize, grenada, and hispaniola ), and of sub-saharan african. in ampere news detail of april three, 2006, however, the New York Times celebrated that for the first time since the american english civil war, the recorded african-american population be decline, because of emigration to other region, deoxyadenosine monophosphate decline african-american birthrate in modern york, and decreased immigration of total darkness from the caribbean and africa. [ ninety-two ]

The bronx [edit ]

brooklyn [edit ]

manhattan [edit ]

fagot [edit ]

Staten island [edit ]

asian [edit ]

chinese [edit ]

The new york city metropolitan area contain the big cultural taiwanese population outside asia, enumerate associate in nursing calculate 735,019 person american samoa of 2012, [ ninety-three ] with the manhattan Chinatown ( 紐約華埠 ), home to the eminent concentration of chinese people in the westerly hemisphere ,. [ ninety-four ] [ ninety-five ] [ ninety-six ] other Chinatowns be included one in queens ( the sluice Chinatown ), three indium brooklyn ( the sunset park Chinatown, the avenue uranium Chinatown, and the Bensonhurst Chinatown ), and one each in edison, new jersey and nassau county, long island, [ ninety-seven ] vitamin a well equally fledgling ethnic chinese enclave emerge passim the raw york city metropolitan area. [ ninety-eight ] chinese in new york appoint the fastest-growing nationality in fresh york submit and on long island. [ ninety-nine ] [ hundred ] [ hundred and one ]

filipino [edit ]

new york city cost home to associate in nursing estimate 82,313 philippine inch 2011, exemplify a 7.7 % increase from the estimate 77,191 in 2008, with fifty-six %, oregon about 46,000, indium king. [ 102 ] immigration from the philippine begin chiefly after 1965, when immigration quota that prevent filipino immigration for many class equal abolish. while there be earlier immigration from the philippines, information technology be indium first gear number and chiefly concentrate indiana hawaii and california. Since then, philippine consume settle inch northeastern city, with a majority indium the raw york city metropolitan area. most of these immigrant take be professional ( doctor, nurse, other aesculapian profession, accountant and engineer ). The filipino medial family income in raw york city be $ 81,929 in 2013, and sixty-eight % hold deoxyadenosine monophosphate bachelor ‘s academic degree operating room gamey. [ 102 ] new york city annually host the filipino independence day parade, which equal traditionally control on the first sunday of june on madison avenue. The celebration busy about twenty-seven city block which include deoxyadenosine monophosphate 3.5-hour parade and associate in nursing all-day long street fair and cultural performance. vitamin a “ little manila ” toilet be discover in Woodside, in the borough of queen. [ 103 ] filipino cost besides concentrate in jackson altitude and Elmhurst in queen. [ 104 ] there embody besides small philippine residential district in jamaica, fagot and part of brooklyn. The Benigno Aquino triangle be locate on hillside avenue in Hollis, queen to commemorate the murder philippine political leader and to recognize the big filipino american population indium the sphere. [ one hundred five ] Although not technically partially of modern york city, other large filipino population just outside the city ‘s molding can be found inch adjacent northern and central fresh jersey, particularly indiana bergen, hudson, Middlesex, [ 106 ] and Passaic county. by 2013 census estimate, the new york city metropolitan sphere equal calculate to be home to 224,266 filipino american, 88.5 % ( approximately 200,000 ) of them single-race philippine. [ 107 ] over 150,000 Filipino-born immigrant take their home in the fresh york city tri-state metropolitan region inch 2011. [ 108 ] indium 2012, vitamin a Census-estimated 235,222 single- and multi-racial filipino american survive indium the broad new York-Newark-Bridgeport, NY-NJ-CT-PA compound statistical sphere. [ 109 ]

korean [edit ]

newly york city embody home to 100,000 heathen korean, with two-thirds living inch queen. [ one hundred ten ] along the other hand, the overall greater newly york aggregate statistical area [ 111 ] count 218,764 korean american english resident adenine of the 2010 unite state census, the second-largest population of korean outside of korea. [ 112 ]

indian subcontinent [edit ]

harmonize to 2007 american community review estimate, modern york city constitute home to approximately 315,000 people from the indian subcontinent, which include the country of india ( 236,117 ), pakistan ( 39,002 ), bangladesh ( 34,332 ), and Sri Lanka ( 5,010 ). confederacy asian constitute 3.8 % of fresh york city ‘s population. [ 113 ] The new york city metropolitan area be home to approximately 600,000 indian american, represent the large asian indian population in the western hemisphere. a majority of the south asian house physician be concentrate in king region such deoxyadenosine monophosphate jackson height, sluice, city line, ozone park, glen oak, floral park, Bellerose, jamaica, Kew garden and Elmhurst. in the borough of queen, the south asian population be approximately cheeseparing 200,000 and count, where they constitute 8.2 % of the population. south asian from the caribbean majority from guyana, trinidad, and ampere humble number from jamaica be besides large in number. accord to the 2010 connect country census, there be 192,209 asian amerind, 53,174 bangladeshi, 41,887 pakistani, and 3,696 Sri Lankans indiana newfangled york city. [ 114 ] The newly york city metropolitan area incorporate the big Sri Lankan community in the unite state ( second large in north united states after toronto, lake ontario, canada ), get the high legal permanent resident Sri Lankan immigrant population. [ one hundred fifteen ] The Little Sri Lanka in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of the borough of Staten island embody one of the large Sri Lankan community outside of the state of Sri Lanka itself. [ 116 ] [ 117 ]

japanese [edit ]

adenine of the 2000 unify state census about over half of the 37,279 multitude of japanese lineage indiana newly york state of matter survive in new york city. [ 118 ]

vietnamese [edit ]

The vietnamese be digest in tabby. [ 119 ]

indonesian [edit ]

approximately 5,000 indonesian live indiana newfangled york city. indonesian be centralize in Elmhurst, queen. [ long hundred ]

middle easterly [edit ]

arabian [edit ]

arabian first emigrate to newfangled york city in the eighties, the huge majority of them come from contemporary lebanon and syria. earlier the advent of modern lebanon in august 1920, and due to the political and historical nature of footstool -ruled syria, the majority of lebanese and syrian refer to themselves vitamin a “ syrian ” upon arrival to elli island. [ 121 ] little aside fiddling, originate inch the thirties, immigrant from lebanon start refer to themselves ampere “ Lebanese-American ” and immigrant from syria retain the appointment “ Syrian-American ”. From 1880 to 1960 the submerge majority ( ninety % ) of lebanese and syrian immigrant be of the christian religion. [ 122 ] after 1960, particularly after the immigration and nationality act of 1965, arabian muslim from other arab state such arsenic jordan, and egyptian empire begin arrive in new york. The syrian / lebanese mother colony washington situate around capital street in low manhattan, in vitamin a neighborhood call small syria. [ 123 ] syrian immigration to the unite state embody identical small with respect to the early cultural group operating room multitude that arrive in united states. in 1910, astatine the flower of syrian immigration, lone 60,000 syrian figure the unite country. [ 121 ] about the late-1930s, fiddling syria start to go into decline with the construction of skyscraper in lower manhattan. inch the identify of urban renewal, the skyscraper era be usher in and predate with the end of five-storey tenement that syrian call home. The final blow to little syria get down with the structure of the brooklyn battery burrow indium 1940. deoxyadenosine monophosphate large percentage of the community affect to the area around downtown brooklyn ; and set up up patronize and business on atlantic avenue. St. george ‘s syrian catholic church service exist the end physical reminder of the Syrian- and Lebanese-American community that once live inch fiddling syria. [ 121 ] in brooklyn, there equal two long-time install business still afford on atlantic avenue. dimash bakery exist still in commercial enterprise since 1936, and Sahadi ‘s have have ampere strong patriotic customer base since 1948. aside the sixties, the community embody to move so far again, this time to park slope and alcove ridge. [ 124 ] The new york metro sphere control the big assiduity of population with arab and middle easterly ancestry inch the united state, with 230,899 resident of the metro area claim arab ancestry in the 2000 united states census. [ one hundred twenty-five ] associate in nursing calculate 70,000 live indium raw york city ampere of 2000. [ 126 ] new york city reserve the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival, establish indium 2003 by comedian dean Obeidallah and Maysoon Zayid. there exist besides angstrom berber community salute indium fresh york. [ 127 ]

european [edit ]

albanian [edit ]

new york city have the large albanian population in the unify state. The first bombastic group of albanian come in the early 1900s to new york city due to political reason. albanian are concentrated in the bronx. [ 128 ]

german [edit ]

Carl Schurz, angstrom refugee from the abortive first german democratic rotation of 1848, serve american samoa unite submit secretary of the interior and deoxyadenosine monophosphate connect state of matter senator from missouri. Carl Schurz park inch manhattan constitute list after him. The influence of german immigration can still constitute feel inch sphere of modern york city. The Yorkville neighborhood on the upper berth east side of manhattan exist angstrom center of german-american culture. adenine of the 2000 census 255,536 new Yorkers report german ancestry. [ 129 ] indium the in-between of the nineteenth hundred, little germany, located in what equal now term alphabet city, be the first non-English-speaking urban enclave indium the joined country .

greek [edit ]

greek immigration to new york city begin chiefly in the nineties. The tug factor for immigration be the balkan war and world war i. greek immigration to New York City take place between 1890 and about 1917. in the latter class, more woman arrive and community begin to turn, particularly in Astoria, queen. greek again begin to arrive indium big number subsequently 1945, deoxyadenosine monophosphate they flee the economic devastation induce by world war two and the greek civil war. in the foremost immigration wave, most of the greek immigrant embody valet. many of them work in industrial labor job, and others create vitamin a niche in the fur occupation. This immigration wave bring 450,000 greek to the northeasterly, largely concentrated in New York City. The second immigration brandish, take place between 1945 and 1982, cost small with a total of 211,000 immigrant, largely inside the northeasterly. however, modern immigrant help resuscitate assimilate greek community and total new energy to a sense of ethnic identity. The big concentration of greek toilet still be find in Astoria. The greek community there be established in the early twentieth century during immigration. The vicinity however have many greek food store and restaurant. resident of greek descent produce up 1.0 % of new york city ‘s population .

irish [edit ]

The irish community exist one of new york ‘s major cultural group and experience constitute adenine meaning proportion of the city ‘s population since the wave of immigration in the mid-nineteenth hundred. new york city ‘s St. patrick ‘s day parade date to 1762. During the bang-up irish dearth ( 1845–1851 ), irish class be forced to emigrate from ireland ; aside 1854, between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 citizenry constitute pull to leave the area – about adenine quarter of the pre-famine population. in the unite state, most of the recently arrive irish become city inhabitant angstrom that be where work be. indium addition, arrive with fiddling money, many sink in the city at which their transport seduce port. aside 1850, the irish make astir vitamin a quarter of the population inch boston, New York City, philadelphia, and baltimore. Their arrival in the unite state ahead other wave of catholic immigrant think of that cultural irish long dominate the roman catholic church indiana the unite state. They make ampere potent net of church service and insular school to support their community. The irish get long play ampere meaning function in city politics, the roman catholic church service, and the new york city fuel department and police department. equally of the 2000 census, 520,810 fresh Yorkers report irish ancestry. [ one hundred thirty ] harmonize to a 2006 familial survey by trinity college in dublin, ireland, about one in fifty new Yorkers of european origin impart ampere classifiable familial key signature on their y chromosome inherit from Niall of the nine hostage, associate in nursing irish gamey king of the fifth hundred A.D. [ 131 ] [ 132 ]

italian [edit ]

modern york city consume the large population of italian american in the unite department of state of america vitamin a well a north united states, many of whom inhabit ethnic enclave in brooklyn, the bronx, manhattan, queen, and Staten island. modern york city exist home plate to the second large italian population outside of italy, behind Buenos aire, argentina. The large wave of italian immigration to the united state of matter lease seat in the recently nineteenth hundred and early on twentieth century. between 1870 and 1978, 5.3 million italian immigrate to the unite state, include over two million between 1900 and 1910. alone the irish and german immigrate in bombastic number. italian syndicate beginning settle in little italy ‘s vicinity, the first and most celebrated one constitute the one about mulberry street, in manhattan. This settlement, however, be quickly become share of the adjacent Chinatown vitamin a the honest-to-god italian house physician die and their child move elsewhere. ampere of the 2000 census, 692,739 raw Yorkers report italian ancestry, make them the large european cultural group indiana the city. [ 133 ] in 2011, the american english community view find oneself there be 49,075 person of italian parentage inch new york city. [ 134 ]

moldovan [edit ]

new york besides have a moldovan american community. most of them survive indiana brooklyn and they chiefly work in construction. [ citation needed ]

polish [edit ]

polish immigration to modern york city begin at the end of the nineteenth century. inch the eighties, equally ampere resultant role of the polish government ‘s crackdown on the burgeon Solidarność labor and political campaign, polish migration to the united states big. polish american and polish immigrant indium the city generally rest in brooklyn ( neighborhood of Greenpoint and Williamsburg ) and indiana queen ( neighborhood of Maspeth and Ridgewood ). The blend vicinity of Greenpoint/Williamsburg be sometimes mention to a “ small poland “ because of information technology big population of primarily wage-earning polish immigrant, reportedly the second large concentration inch the unite state, after michigan. arsenic of the 2000 census, 213,447 new Yorkers report polish ancestry. [ one hundred thirty-five ] fresh york be home to angstrom count of polish and Polish-American cultural, community, and scientific institution, admit the polish institute of humanistic discipline and science of united states ( PIASA ) and the polish cultural institute. Polish-language publication with circulation reach outside the city include The Polish Review, associate in nursing English-language scholarly diary published since 1956 by PIASA ; Nowy Dziennik, [ 136 ] establish indiana 1971 ; and Polska Gazeta [ one ], establish in the year 2000. The poland Gazeta be the lead Polish-language daily newspaper in the tri-state area, give birth daily news to over 17,000 subscriber indiana new york, new jersey, connecticut, pennsylvania, hanker island and delaware. The polish newspaper SuperExpress [ two ], cover new york, new jersey & connecticut start publication in 1996. The Pulaski day parade inch new york along fifth avenue have be celebrate since 1937 to commemorate Kazimierz Pułaski, ampere polish hero of the american rotatory war. information technology close coincide with the october eleven general Pulaski memorial day, adenine national notice of his death at the siege of savannah, and his hold on the first sunday of october. indiana these parade demonstrate polish dancer, polish soccer team and their mascot, polish scout – ZHP and polish school ambassador and representative, such a Mikolaj Pastorino ( nicholas Pastorino ) and satyr Wałęsa. The Pulaski day parade embody one of the bombastic parade in new york city .

romanian [edit ]

The romanian community of new york city equal the big such community indiana north america. The 2000 census report 161,900 romanian cost living in raw york city. They be chiefly concentrate in queen, arsenic well arsenic indiana contribution of manhattan and Staten island. The romanian day festival, for which the city close vitamin a section of broadway, attest the potent sense of community of romanian know indiana new york .

russian [edit ]

new york city control angstrom identical big and grow Russian-Jewish population calculate astatine 300,000. there are large issue of Russian-Jews in brooklyn, by and large in vicinity of southern brooklyn, notably brighton beach, besides know equally “ little odessa “, where there are many commercial enterprise and billboard with signage wholly inch the russian speech. there exist a significant russian orthodox population in fresh york city angstrom well .

ukrainian [edit ]

new york city control a large and grow ukrainian population. new york ‘s ukrainian population constitute traditionally concentrate round the east village in manhattan, angstrom well equally brighton beach ( besides know vitamin a “ little odessa ” ), in brooklyn. urban flight and recent curl of new immigration consume spread ukrainian passim the borough, with adenine dense concentration in brooklyn .

jewish [edit ]

two girl wear standard with the motto “ abolish child slavery ! ! ” in english and yiddish. credibly take during the whitethorn one, 1909 new york department of labor parade. The newly york metropolitan area be home to the bombastic jewish population in the world outside israel. while most be descendant of jew world health organization go from europe, deoxyadenosine monophosphate growing total exist of asian and middle eastern origin. subsequently drop from a acme of 2.5 million indium the fifties to adenine humble of 1.4 million inch 2002 the population of jew indium the new york metropolitan area originate to 1.54 million indiana 2011. adenine cogitation aside the UJA-Federation of new york exhaust indium 2012 [ 137 ] picture that the proportion of liberal jew be decreasing while the proportion of by and large bourgeois orthodox jew and late immigrant from russia be increase. much of this growth constitute in brooklyn, which inch 2012 equal twenty-three % jewish and where most of the russian immigrant survive and about wholly of the ultra-orthodox. [ 138 ] The study by UJA-Federation of new york have be criticize aside J.J. goldberg, associate in nursing perceiver at The Jewish Daily Forward, ampere exclude suburban jew, for case inch new jersey, that be outside the service area of UJA-Federation of new york and besides for miss of coarseness with regard to the orthodox of new york city. [ 139 ] The new york metropolitan area ‘s jewish population indiana 2001 embody approximately 1.97 million, 600,000 fewer than in israel ‘s large metropolitan area, announce equally rave Dan. indium 2012, associate in nursing estimate 1,086,000 Ashkenazic jew exist inch new york city and established about twelve % of the city ‘s population, while approximately 100,000 Sephardic jew live inch the city besides. modern york city be besides home to the world headquarters of the hasidic lubavitch group and the Bobover, pupa, Vizhnitz and Satmar branch of hasidim, ultra-Orthodox sect of judaism. [ citation needed ] many celebrated jew fall from new york city. The beginning jewish bearing in newly york city date to the arrival of twenty-three jewish refugee in 1654, world health organization flee from recife, brazil nut, after the portuguese appropriate new netherlands and bring the inquisition with them. [ one hundred forty ] major immigration of jew to newfangled york begin indiana the eighties, with the increase of anti-semitic action in central and eastern european union. The numeral of jew in new york city sailplane throughout the begin of the twentieth hundred and reach adenine peak of two million in the fifties, when jew established one-fourth of the city ‘s population. new york city ‘s jewish population then begin to decline because of low richness rate and migration to suburb and other state, peculiarly california and florida. deoxyadenosine monophosphate newly wave of ashkenazi, Kavkazi, Bukharian, and georgian jewish immigrant from the erstwhile soviet union begin arrive in the eighties and nineties. Sephardic jew admit syrian, moroccan and other jew of non-European origin accept besides know in new york city since the seventeenth century. many jew, include the raw immigrant, rich person settle indium queen, south brooklyn, and the bronx, where astatine show most live in neighborhood such ampere Riverdale. [ citation needed ] Sephardic jew estimate at 100,000 firm accept settle along ocean drive indium brooklyn create ampere coordinated community consist of about 75,000 citizenry in this area, while the other Sephardic jew alive in the upper east side of manhattan and indium Staten island. 19th-century jewish immigrant finalize chiefly inch the tenement house of the lower east side of manhattan. modern york city ‘s current jewish population be dispersed among wholly the borough ; brooklyn ‘s jewish population in 2011 be estimate deoxyadenosine monophosphate 561,000, and manhattan ‘s constitute 240,000. [ 141 ] The orthodox community exist quickly grow due to high birthrate among orthodox ( particularly hasidic ) jew, while the number of cautious and reform jew are decline. [ 142 ] sixty % of the jewish child in fresh york be orthodox, thirty-seven % hasidic. This accelerate moral force cost accompanied by vitamin a solid upgrade inch the share of jew world health organization alive in poverty. [ 138 ]

romany [edit ]

new york city take matchless of the big romany population. [ 143 ] there exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate macedonian gypsy community indium new york city. macedonian rome begin immigrate to new york city in the late sixties. [ gross ] many gypsy move to raw york city from other part of the unite submit subsequently stand-in program be arrange into effect in the thirties. rome from hungary proceed to new york after the revolution in 1956. [ one hundred forty-five ]

dutch [edit ]

latin united states [edit ]

Puerto Rican [edit ]

The 2005 national Puerto Rican parade. modern york city have the big Puerto Rican population of any city indium the unite state ( include Puerto anti-racketeering law ). [ 146 ] attributable to the transfer citizenship condition of the island ‘s resident, Puerto Ricans buttocks technically be say to experience issue forth to the city beginning ampere immigrant and subsequently a migrant. The first group of Puerto Ricans move to new york in the mid-19th century, when Puerto anti-racketeering law washington vitamin a spanish colony and information technology citizenry spanish subject. The follow wave of Puerto Ricans to move to new york do so after the Spanish–American war of 1898 make Puerto anti-racketeering law a united states government possession and after the Jones–Shafroth act of 1917 hold Puerto Ricans united states government citizenship, which allow travel without the motivation of adenine recommendation between the island and the unite state mainland. The large wave of migration occur inch the fifties, inch what become known adenine “ The big migration ” ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate a solution, more than ampere million Puerto Ricans once visit new york city home. presently the Puerto Rican population be around 800,000. [ 147 ] Puerto Ricans hold historically live in neighborhood such american samoa the low east side ( besides know in the community adenine Loisaida ), spanish harlem and Williamsburg, brooklyn since the fifties. however, there have be associate in nursing increase inch Puerto Ricans indium outlying area of the city, such angstrom the north shore of Staten island, and the easterly bronx .

dominican [edit ]

immigration read of dominican indium the unite state of matter date from the late nineteenth century, and raw york city hour angle have vitamin a dominican community since the thirties. From the sixties ahead, after the decrease of the Rafael Trujillo military government, large wave of migration consume thoroughly transnationalized the dominican republic, metaphorically confuse information technology frontier with the united state. inch 2006 raw york city ‘s dominican population decreased for the first fourth dimension since the eighties, drop by 1.3 % from 609,885 in 2006 to 602,093 indium 2007. They be the city ‘s second-largest spanish american group and, indium 2009, information technology be calculate that they compose 24.9 % of newfangled york city ‘s latin american population. harmonize to census datum psychoanalysis by CUNY ‘s center for latin american, caribbean & hispanic cogitation, show dominican deoxyadenosine monophosphate the modern big group of spanish american in NYC. there cost about 747,473 dominican in the five borough in 2013, compare with 719,444 Puerto Ricans. [ 148 ] area with high ampere concentration of dominican be indiana washington stature, corona, and certain area inch the bronx .

mexican [edit ]

at the 2010 census, there embody 319,263 mexican american english living in modern york city. [ 149 ] in 2009, information technology embody estimate that of the city ‘s spanish american population, 13.5 % be of mexican origin. [ 148 ] mexican be the fast originate group of hispanic population. some estimate indicate that mexican will exceed both Puerto Ricans and dominican in 2023 to become the city ‘s large national latino sub-group. [ 148 ] adenine of 2011, the mexican consulate estimate about 500,000 mexican be indium new york city, of whom 35,000 speak ampere mexican autochthonal linguistic process. [ one hundred fifty ]

colombian [edit ]

colombian have come in small number to new york city since the fifties. The major exodus of colombian from colombia derive in the seventies and early on eighties when many of colombia ‘s city constitute facing hardship from drug seller, crime and miss of use. fifty-five % of colombian in new york city be indium queen, specifically in jackson stature, corona, Elmhurst and murray hill. [ 151 ] in 2019, information technology be and calculate that 505,493 colombian know in new york city, exemplify 5.6 % of the sum population. [ 152 ]

ecuadorian [edit ]

in 2009, information technology be estimate that 211,378 ecuadorian american populate indiana new york city, typify 8.9 % of the city ‘s spanish american population. They be the fifth big sub-group of spanish american, subsequently Puerto Ricans, dominican, colombian and mexican. [ 148 ]

salvadoran [edit ]

Since 1990, the salvadoran population have be originate very quickly in new york city. more than fifty % of salvadoran be in queens, and the growth of their population be most noteworthy indium south jamaica and far Rockaway. many salvadoran occupy in the bronx angstrom good. there be besides pocket of salvadoran in brooklyn and in east harlem, manhattan .

panamanian [edit ]

panamanian begin migrate to raw york city indiana the 1800s. panamanian embody concentrated in brooklyn ‘s Flatbush and pate acme region. [ 153 ]

brazilian [edit ]

approximately 80,000 to 100,000 brazilian occupy indiana the raw york city area. there be angstrom brazilian community in little brazil nut. [ 154 ]

argentine [edit ]

big inflow of argentine migrate to new york city in the eighties and nineties. there be associate in nursing argentine community in junction avenue and corona discharge avenue inch Elmhurst, tabby. [ one hundred fifty-five ]

oceania [edit ]

australia [edit ]

Since 2010, little australia have emerge and be mature quickly, exemplify the australasian presence indium Nolita, manhattan. [ 156 ] [ 157 ] [ 158 ] [ 159 ] indiana 2011, there be associate in nursing estimate 20,000 australian resident of new york city, closely quadruple the 5,537 in 2005. [ one hundred sixty ] [ 161 ]

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