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Akamon Alpha — Update 3 + Rewards Announcement⏫

300k MELD rewards, and Akagado Tokens for testers and feedback providers! 💰💸

Akamon Series

Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉
Akamon Alpha — Update 1 ⏫
Akamon Alpha — Update 2⏫

Akamon — The native gateway between Cardano and Polygon 🌉

After closely a month since releasing Akamon Alpha to the public, we have received over 80,000 transactions ( 81,322 as we speak, + 29,253 since final week ! ) from the community. That is about 2 newly user transactions every minute !

We have finalized the Akamon Alpha rewards course of study which will be consisting of MELD tokens and a new Cardano Native Token which will be called Akagado25 — Offering users a 25 % rebate of Akamon transaction fees ! Thank you to everyone who has put in the time and department of energy to help with the Akamon exploitation. We have some of the smartest, technical people in our community and we wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be where we are today if it wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for each and everyone of you MELDers ❤
If you aren ’ thymine within the eligible criteria to receive a wages, do not fret ! There is inactive time to make transactions and earn some rewards… 💸


Akamon Alpha Stats
Akamon Rewards Program
Contribute to Akamon

🧮️ Akamon Alpha Stats

  • 12,558 unique Cardano addresses (+1,240).
  • 6,606 unique Polygon addresses (+802).
  • 55,230 transactions originated from Cardano (+22,161).
  • 26,137 transactions originated from Polygon (+9,059).
  • The average processing time is 7 hours 21 minutes 49.229193 seconds (down around 4.5 hours, with most transactions completed in minutes!)

💰🎫 Akamon Rewards Program

We ’ ve allocated 300k MELD Tokens to testers and feedback providers who have provided us with the BEST and MOST valuable feedback, those who completed more than 100 transactions, along with some record holders ! On top of this, we will be minting Akagado Tokens ( a Cardano Native Token ) — These tokens will provide users 25 % off Akamon transaction fees come mainnet launch and are being allocated to Discord users that have received the Alpha Akamon Tester function .

bill : the Discord Alpha Akamon Tester function has stopped being distributed and a Beta Akamon Tester function can be earned during the following phase of testing — Which is fair around the corner ! Stay tuned…

💰 300k MELD Tokens

125k MELD shared evenly for the 20 best feedback providers. 125k MELD shared equally to all addresses that have made more than 100 complete transactions ( ~60 and count )
( Learn how to make a transaction on Akamon Alpha HERE ) 50k MELD for 9 record holders of the follwing metrics :

  1. Most completed transactions
  2. Wrapped the most ADA (lifetime)
  3. Wrapped the most MATIC (lifetime)
  4. Wrapped the most ADA in a single transaction
  5. Wrapped the most MATIC in a single transaction
  6. Longest wait time (lifetime)
  7. Longest wait time (per transaction)
  8. Shortest wait time (per transaction)
  9. 20,000th unique address
  10. 25,000th unique address

note : presently we have ~19,169 alone addresses that have participated with hypertext transfer protocol : //testnet.app.meld.com/akamon .

🎫 Akagado Tokens — 25% off Akamon transaction fees

Discord users who have been granted the Alpha Akamon Tester role will be receiving Akagado Tokens — Cardano Native Tokens offering a 25% discount on Akamon bridging transaction fees .

  • 3 Akagado Tokens per tester
  • 1-time use, lifetime redemption
  • Can be traded and swapped like any other CNT

💰🎫 ⏩ Distribution

We will be airdropping the MELD tokens and Akagado Tokens at the end of this calendar month, before Akamon Beta testing starts. Which means…

There ’ mho even time to get in on the rewards ! ! ⏰

  • Perform transactions and token transfers to and from Cardano and Polygon using test ADA and MATIC tokens (more info here 👉 Akamon Alpha Testnet Live 🌉)

🤝 Contribute to Akamon

If you wish to contribute to Akamon, avail improve the UI/UX, earn rewards, and help the greater MELD ecosystem, then come join our Discord ! We have a dedicated impart to discuss Akamon, angstrom well as a dedicate channel to request test MATIC tokens to take part in the Polygon side of the Akamon keepsake transfer. Follow our Public Issue Tracker, to stay up to date with the latest advancements from Akamon Alpha. Thanks for your continue confirm and date ! Each day, we are building and refining all the kinks and bugs you guys have found, increasing speed of transactions, and in general, improving the overall bridge experience for everyone. Stay tuned for Akamon Beta testing end of this calendar month !

🔗Akamon Links

Akamon FAQ
Detailed step-by-step user experience of an Akamon transfer Akamon Public Issue Tracker

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