The Best Military Movies, Ranked

Being in war or the What Happened To Diamond
is no less than living in constant hell. It is gruesome & brutal. The aftermath of this horror forever haunts people who go through it. This is precisely why filmmakers find this trope quite fascinating, và the audience keeps coming lớn watch yet another military-based movie. This is because war stories reveal the true nature of humanity in its darkest times. Tales about warfare reveal humanity’s true nature during its darkest moments. Just because these movies talk about the military, it doesn’t mean they will be typically flag-waving patriotic movies depicting tales of heroic troops. A military film can be strongly pacifist, revolutionary, & critical of the political figures who push citizens into conflict. Without further ado, here are some of the best military-based movies, ranked .

Platoon is set in the year 1967. It tells the tale of a young army volunteer who enlists to serve in Vietnam, portrayed by Charlie Sheen. He quickly unveils the harsh reality of living in constant fear, patrolling through the jungle, not knowing when it will be his last minute. However, things turn interesting when he finds himself stuck between two sergeants battling good and evil. This movie really stood out among others, primarily because of how brutally honest it depicted the Vietnam War. Another reason is that this was the first ever Vietnam warfare movie written and directed by a veteran of the Vietnam War himself. This degree of realism enabled viewers to experience the turmoil and disorientation that actually occurred during those dark times. It is one of the darkest films, and the actors do such an incredible job of depicting the horror of that time, especially the delirious performance of Dafoe as Sergeant Elias.

This masterpiece is based on the real-life experiences of World War II combat medic, Desmond Doss, who abstained from carrying a firearm for religious reasons. For saving up to 75 lives during the Battle of Okinawa, he was bestowed the Medal of Honor. Despite being ostracized by his fellow soldiers for his stance, he ended up winning respect for his bravery. The audience recognizes the movie as a compelling Doss character study, played by Andrew Garfield. Hacksaw Ridge was beautifully shot and edited, with some huge war scenes juxtaposed with scenes where Doss attempts to preserve his vow to himself to be a pacifist. Viewers get to see an exciting look into war from his perspective. As always, with his tenacious and endearing performance, the marvelous Andrew Garfield mesmerizes everyone and hard carries the entire film. He even received his first Academy Award nomination for the part.

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This unflinching and merciless anti-war film tells the tale of a young Belarusian teen named Flyora, who enters the movement of resistance during the times when Nazi Germany occupied Belarus. Directed by Elem Klimov, Come and See explores the gloom and brutality that the villagers of European villages went through during that time. The movie doesn’t shy away from encapsulating war’s harrowing and brutal effect and how quickly things can get out of control in once a peaceful location. This can be seen especially when Flyora makes his way back to his unrecognizable house; the audience will witness the same horrifying anguish that he does, which is heart-wrenching to say the least.

Full Metal Jacket follows a group of Marines as they undergo torturous training under the brutal supervision of Hartman. The soldiers are forced to deal with the horrible mayhem of war after a peculiar event. Stanley Kubrick produced this fantastic movie with a strange mixture of black comedy and an uncompromising story of depravity. It’s full of dark humor, such as playing cheery pop music over the atrocities of war. The self-aware Joker is precisely there to draw attention to the irony and paradoxes of war. The provocative film takes the audience on a journey that is certain to stay with them for a very long time.

This is yet another movie based on the Vietnam War. However, it adds the element of a thriller to it when Captain Willard is assigned on a mission to murder Captain Kurtz, who seems to have gone wild. Captain Kurtz starts believing he is a deity and brutally massacres numerous individuals. This disturbing film is primarily recognized as among the genre’s best. Filled with enormous set pieces, famous visuals, and a slow, deliberate pace, Apocalypse Now is unlike any other war film. It raises doubts about the soldiers’ sanity as they are continually surrounded by horrific bloodshed in the jungles. To this day, Apocalypse Now is acclaimed as one of the greatest films ever created.

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Inglourious Basterds adopts a revisionist history perspective by rewriting the end to alter history. The film portrays a group of Jewish individuals fighting Nazis and attempting to overthrow the Third Reich’s leaders. The blend of fiction and reality makes this movie very enjoyable for viewers. Glimpses of humor are sewn beautifully with suspense. The movie provides a refreshing change from the grim horrors audiences are used to witnessing in military films.

Grave of the Fireflies tells a tragic tale of two siblings, Seita and Setsuko, and how they struggled while surviving during the declining days of World War II in Japan. Unfortunately, an American bombing separated the siblings from their parents. Now the two have only each other to rely on in order to survive. It isn’t easy to portray the severe impact of war through animation, but Studio Ghibli does it incredibly. This hauntingly beautiful masterpiece does an incredible job of contrasting the horrors of war with mesmerizing hand-drawn imagery. Grave of the Fireflies never shies away from capturing the reality of World War II and how the people who bear the brunt have always been and always will be innocent civilians. The movie will leave the audience in a pool of tears and a void in their hearts for weeks.

The Pianist, directed by BAFTA-winning director Roman Polanski, chronicles the tale of a Holocaust survivor, Wladyslaw Szpilman. This gifted pianist is forced to eke out a living under the brutal Nazi occupation of Warsaw. Unfortunately, after his family was exiled in 1942, he became even more vulnerable and alone. This movie will pull the audience’s heartstrings by showing an honest portrayal of the widespread human suffering and carnage that happened in that period. It serves as a poignant reminder of what mankind is capable of under the worst of circumstances, as viewed through the perspective of the distraught pianist.


Life Is Beautiful ( 1997 )

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