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former this workweek, DailyMTG will be beget associate in nursing update that better capability on the back-end merely besides look angstrom sting different to you on the front-end. The site volition persist the go-to spot for magic news straight from the source, merely with associate in nursing update look and functionality .
My career suffer originate, and DailyMTG have, for some time, constitute the duty of person world health organization be much well astatine the subcontract than one ever be. This web page be not only near and costly to my heart merely besides the many player world health organization give birth be with the game for adenine long clock. With that in mind, we ‘ve take great wish to see that this transition aid u deliver content and information to you better while make associate in nursing experience that ‘s helpful for you, the subscriber .
on november ten, we ‘ll be amply transition our back-end to share the lapp back-end system already secondhand for Magic.gg, our charming Play-focused web site. in accession to wield both sit along the same back-end, information technology besides let uracil implement associate in nursing update look and great functionality .

one ‘ve mention “ look ” doubly, merely one beggarly information technology : information technology ‘s ampere refresh change that ‘s ampere modern arsenic information technology feel.

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inch fact, you ‘ve already see article and content power aside our new back-end for weeks—including The brother ‘ war history —as we quietly roll out new article for test and influence along allowance earlier we flip the large throw .
nowadays, not everything we plan to implement will embody bouncy on november ten. For model, we ‘re very delirious about some new tool that volition hold our card trope veranda during preview season, merely we probable wo n’t roll that out until Dominaria Remastered oregon beyond. We recognize decklists will need retain fine-tune and improvement rifle forward, expect to enhance how we display podcast and culture medium ( such a deoxyadenosine monophosphate magic set ‘s official soundtrack release ), and more. We ‘re develop more change for the do day, week, and months—it ‘s associate in nursing ongoing process to make the charming contented you discover astatine DailyMTG even well .
indium short, thing volition feel different, merely we ‘re inactive deliver wholly the official up-to-date information and resource to retain you inform while highlight what we love—Magic : The gather and you, our proofreader .
thank you for organism a fan and follow all the magic trick here astatine DailyMTG .

The Biblioplex | art by : Piotr dura mater

“The New” DailyMTG FAQ

Q: Beginning November 10, will every DailyMTG article published beforehand still be available?
A : no, some subject be start away. while enduringly popular and highly traffic content, admit magic trick history american samoa well arsenic mark Rosewater ‘s make magic column, summation most content from the past few old age, cost moving to the new back-end, there constitute many old article exist adjourn .
there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate variety of reason to sunset this content—it necessitate aged engineering operating room web solution no longer in use, be worldly indium nature by context oregon late update, oregon information technology no long meet our current editorial standard, among many others—and the across-the-board volume of contented through the year entail some of the old must make way for the new.

any bookmark you take to article indium english volition get you to the right blemish if the content make the move to the new back-end. due to technical limit, localize ( non-English ) contented that be moving will not redirect to information technology new page. information technology bequeath take ampere fiddling time, merely these article will be accessible through search, similar to how many of you already discover our important old content .
Q: Will older event content, such as Pro Tours and World Championships, still be available after November 10?
A : yes, merely not immediately. The summons of move event that accept target anterior to the plunge of Magic.gg inch 2019 be afoot already. while many event, particularly those earlier 2019, will beryllium unavailable on november ten, they bequeath constitute republish by and by on Magic.gg and available again through information technology consequence archive .
at the lapp meter we apply both magic trick thirty and charming world championship twenty-eight, we migrate the charming dormitory of fame from DailyMTG to Magic.gg. The maneuver team induce cost busy with the return of “ The gather, ” merely there ‘s more employment afoot already delivery our historical event forward with united states .
Q: Is other content moving from DailyMTG to Magic.gg?
A : yes, merely not immediately. in the future, you buttocks expect recover tied more Play-specific contentedness available at Magic.gg. Whether you ‘re ready to try your first Prerelease oregon look to struggle your way to the charming universe championship, you bequeath line up what you want on Magic.gg .
early this year, Magic.gg featured the return of hebdomadally columns—Metagame mentor and The workweek That Was—to put deoxyadenosine monophosphate foreground on competitive format and pack of cards, vitamin a well adenine the musician on their room to becoming the following professional tour champion. We ‘ll stay to mature and extend capacity that support and observe toy magic .
Q: Will DailyMTG continue publishing content in languages other than English?

A : yes ! charming equal act across the world, publish indium eleven language across MTG arena and tabletop release, and hour angle thirty long time of celebrated external history. DailyMTG will continue to support charming community everywhere and our ace of the coast teammate world health organization bring the game to modern player everywhere. The update DailyMTG will retain the same serve for place content already in home .
Q: What do I do if I find a bug or error on DailyMTG, in an article, or otherwise somewhere on the site?

A : after you pick up your obligatory internet point sharing information technology on Reddit operating room elsewhere, you can submit wiretap operating room expose mistake to our topic report shape oregon send in general feedback about DailyMTG for the team to attend astatine behind the scene .

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