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cảnh báo — I received this hàng hóa as a gift as part of a bzzkit, in exchange for a đánh giá but that does not affect my opinion. In fact, I did not lượt thích the other hàng hóa I received ( the dark circle corrector, and left that one a negative Reviews ). I have used other products with glycolic acid before, so sánh I know that my hình mẫu responds well phệ that ingredient, however when I tried this birthday calculator
Dark Spot Correcting Serum — it is super strong ! It’s definitely the strongest glycolic acid sản phẩm I have ever used. I had phệ use it every other day because i was a bit too strong for me béo use every day, but I have very sensitive hình mẫu. This serum stings for a few minutes end the whole face, But particularly around the nose for me because that area gets a bit dry in the winter. The stinging is not painful, but indicates how strong it is because other glycolic acid products I have tried did not cause any sensation. A little goes a long way — i try lớn use just one pump for my whole face, but sometimes i have Khủng use 1.5 pumps bự get everything, but 2 would be way too much. The directions say lớn apply bự face, neck and chest. I didn’t put it on my neck, but I did also apply the sản phẩm lớn my chest area and it cleared up some acne I was having there ( that’s not the main point of this sản phẩm, but it’s a nice side effect ). When the serum dries it is very sticky, but this is solved by putting face lotion kết thúc the top of the serum. The face lotion goes on easily end the top of the serums and does NOT cause any ” pilling ” issues that I sometimes have when putting lotion on end other serums. I don’t really have any dark spots bự correct at the moment, although sometimes I get dark scars from acne that last several months, and I am excited béo try this hàng hóa on them the next thời gian that happens. My giao diện looks bright, but I was using a glycolic acid toner every day before I switched Khủng this serum, so sánh there was not a noticeable change for me since I was already using another glycolic acid sản phẩm in my routine ( note — don’t use two at once, that would be too much, i stopped using the other one lớn try this ). This serum is easier lớn put on than the glycolic acid toner I had been using because it is Spreadable and a little sticky, whereas the toner is a liquid an needs cốt tông pads phệ apply. However, this sản phẩm is a bit strong for me Khủng use long term — I think i will use it in 2-3 week bursts, when I have a giao diện issue I want bự clear up. I have super sensitive hình mẫu, so sánh if you don’t, then you could use it more often. But if you have very sensitive giao diện lượt thích me I recommend using it every other day instead of every day. Additionally, it caused a small amount of purging on my hình mẫu, which is normal when trying a mới ra or stronger acid. Normally purging stops after a few weeks, but I have only been using this for two weeks, which isn’t enough thời gian for that phệ kết thúc .You know when you read trình làng and the reviewer is clearly heated and says ” I wish I could give this hàng hóa zero stars ” ? Ok well I am that person right now lol. This sản phẩm is just bafflingly awful. I really don’t think this is something anyone should put on their face. I received it for không tính tiền from BzzAgent for Đánh Giá purposes ; this is not something I’d ever buy. Rubbing alcohol is one of the first ingredients and it’s HIGHLY and unpleasantly fragranced. Thos e are both huge no-no ‘ s in skincare and one would presume such a high kết thúc and expensive brand would be aware of these basic tenets and lượt thích … abide by them ? Since I automatically knew I was not putting it on my face in this or any universe, I decided Khủng try it out on the dark / red marks I have on my arms as a result of keratosis pilaris ( aka KP aka chicken hình mẫu etc, it’s lượt thích little ingrown hairs on your arms. ) I figured ok, it will be on my arms, the smell won’t bother me. Nope. Wrong. It was awful. I am sensitive phệ artificial fragrances, but it was legit burning my eyes. I can’t even imagine it being on or near my face. If your giao diện is at all sensitive, or you don’t want bự smell lượt thích artificial orange flavored orange candy mixed with gross flowers and an industrial cleaning agent, bởi not buy this. Also the name is laughable – ” Environmental Shield ” ‘ lol. This will not shield you from anything ; it will literally cause giao diện damage. It’s bluntly embarrassing Khủng see from a brand lượt thích Murad .

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Packaging is cheap


2023 – 02-02

For such an expensive sản phẩm, the packaging is cheap and the pump was broken

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