Ngoisao – Luminous Star in the Vietnamese Entertainment Sky

When it comes to Vietnamese entertainment, the concept of “ngoisao” (star) has a broad meaning. From singers, actors, models to influencers, they are all considered as “ngoisao” if they have made a mark in the scene and gathered a significant following from fans.

In this article, we will delve into some frequently asked questions regarding “ngoisao” and provide you with insights about them.

What kind of career paths do “ngoisao” pursue?

The entertainment industry offers a wide range of career paths for “ngoisao.” Singers and actors are the most mainstream options, but others might choose to become models, fashion designers, or beauty bloggers. Nowadays, social media platforms have become self-operated stages for influencers who share their daily life, passion, and personalities, accruing followers and influencing consumers’ behaviors.

How do “ngoisao” rise to fame in Vietnam?

The means of becoming a “ngoisao” in Vietnam have not changed much over the years. One can rise to fame through three main routes: joining a talent show, debuting through a song or movie, or going viral on social media. In addition, some “ngoisao” cemented their position through their craft, such as having a unique voice, exceptional acting ability, or unrivaled fashion sense.

Who are some of the most popular “ngoisao” in Vietnam?

Vietnamese entertainment has produced a large number of “ngoisao” who are popular both at home and overseas. Among the most well-known names are V-pop singers Son Tung M-TP, My Tam, and Noo Phuoc Thinh, actors Ngo Kien Huy, Truong Giang, and Jun Vu, models Thanh Hang, Ho Ngoc Ha, and Lan Khue, and influencer Hana Giang Anh.

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What are some of the challenges that “ngoisao” face?

Becoming a “ngoisao” is not an easy feat, and the journey comes with numerous obstacles. Physical and mental exhaustion, paparazzi and privacy invasion, social media trolling, and scandals are some of the pressing issues that “ngoisao” have to endure. Additionally, like all professions, there is the risk of burnout, as well as ruthless competition that can pit “ngoisao” against one another.

What is the impact of “ngoisao” on Vietnamese culture?

“ngoisao” plays a significant role in shaping Vietnamese culture. Their popularity can translate into significant influence on their followers’ behaviors, fashion trends, and even political opinions. Moreover, “ngoisao” can also act as ambassadors for Vietnam’s image in the international community, inspiring others to explore the country’s beauty and culture.

What future trends do you see for “ngoisao” in Vietnam?

As the world changes rapidly, so does the entertainment industry. “ngoisao” in Vietnam can expect to face tougher competition as the industry grows, and the criteria for success will increasingly be driven by everything from looks to social media appeal to unique talents. More importantly, the role of technology and social media platforms in determining “ngoisao” influence is expected to grow. As such, the future will belong to those who are adept at leveraging these technologies to stand out and connect with audiences both domestically and globally.


Vietnamese entertainment has produced its fair share of “ngoisao,” representing a wide range of talent and styles. While the path to “ngoisao” status has shifted somewhat over time, the challenges and benefits of this career choice have remained relatively constant. Regardless of the difficulties of fame, “ngoisao” play a crucial role in shaping Vietnamese culture and inspiring the next generation of talent. With a bright future ahead, we look forward to discovering even more stars in the Vietnamese entertainment world.

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