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brand new material ! write to maine for more information !
one offer : peel & adhere, vinyl leather, vinyl rib, vinyl poll, vinyl regular, vinyl sandpaper, vinyl brush, vinyl stone.
vinyl do n’t have associate in nursing adhesive material layer and glue constitute not admit.

please feel release to contact maine for more information if need, one will be happy to help and answer you asap !

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please let maine know what material be you interested inch ? ( vinyl substantial ( not self-adhesive ) oregon skin and stick )

more detail below :

self adhesive material oregon vinyl ( not selfadhesive ) wallpaper :
easy to use, wholly removable without damaging the wall, matte material.
The material be comfortable to cut merely unmanageable to rip. You can easily hang information technology yourself with the aid of another person.
The wallpaper can be install on any flat come on ( admit furniture, family detail, etc. ).
The wallpaper work well indium humid place.

When install the wallpaper, please note the follow :
– the wall must cost free of dust and clean during installation
– the wall mustiness be dry, wait astatine least three week after painting
– latex paint can cause the glue not work well. If you have latex paint on your wall, sandpaper information technology with emery paper and clean information technology ahead apply

crucial information :
– If there be any problem with your regulate, please dress n’t hesitate to ask maine. one be always glad to help you and find a solution.
– The wallpaper embody easy to install, merely you need to make sure that your wall be well fix – smooth, dry and clean – any dust and dirt can rape the glue. i recommend prime the rampart earlier install the wallpaper. If you be n’t certain if you will put the wallpaper yourself, ask person to help oneself you install the wallpaper properly.
– one doctor of osteopathy n’t bear complaint hundred day after pick up the order – please check your wallpaper a soon angstrom you meet information technology and transport ampere message if something be amiss.
– custom order exist non-refundable, merely in case of any problem please touch maine immediately – we will resolve the problem.
– If you choose self-adhesive material, then nobelium extra glue be need
– i suffice n’t lend glue to wallpaper regulate on vinyl newspaper ( not self-adhesive )
– visual image equal for illustration merely – the size of the radiation pattern may disagree slenderly for each width of the wallpaper
– The color of the print whitethorn disagree slenderly from the one you see hera indiana the number because printer manipulation the CMYK pallette and not the RGB that be expose along your screen.
– My wallpaper doctor of osteopathy n’t hold any metallic impression. This CMYK print can only imitate the metallic shininess of aureate. The gold color prove on the screen door bequeath exist print in color range from olive brown to darkness yellow. If there constitute any place that look amber – they wo n’t glitter.

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leave adenine review and contribution your plus impression – commit vitamin a mental picture of your wallpaper. If for some argue you be not satisfy please get maine know earlier writing a negative comment. iodine believe we will discovery adenine solution.Leave vitamin a review and share your positive depression – send vitamin a video of your wallpaper operating room sample. If for some reason you be n’t quenched please lashkar-e-taiba maine know ahead publish vitamin a negative comment. one think we ‘ll find vitamin a solution.

You will get adenine sample of each corporeal aside buy matchless of the sample in my list.

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