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If you’ve been an Insteading reader for some thời gian, you probably know that we love the idea of upcycling wooden family sign
s ! Not only does it utilize scrap wood that might otherwise over up in a landfill, it’s a resourceful way lớn craft decor, furniture, & even garden beds without having phệ spend a pretty penny for supplies .
Pallets are super versatile, & once you’ve gotten them pulled apart, the projects you can make out of them are virtually endless ! Especially if you’re looking Khủng get a little creative và make your own decor .
If you’re looking lớn decorate your trang chủ và yard for fall, all you’ll need are a couple of pallets, some art supplies, & your own artistic imagination. With that said, we’ve found some of the best fall pallet projects béo try out now for a perfectly decorated trang chủ come September .

Pallet Pumpkins

photo courtesy of the handyman’s daughter

What’s more quintessentially fall ? Here, a single pallet is transformed into a trio of pumpkins. Paint them all the same màu, or set & match with a few different shades of orange. Thes e would be super dễ nhìn on your fireplace mantel or front porch .

Happy Fall Y’all!

Photo courtesy of jennifer allwood homeAs far as fall pallet projects go, this one checks a lot of the boxes. Cute fall rhyme ? Yep ! Candy corn thiết kế ? Got it ! Hand stencil và fun for the kiddos too ? Definitely !

Fall Awaits Pallet Sign

photo courtesy of made in a dayMaybe fall isn’t quite here, but you just can’t hide your excitement for cooler weather & táo bị cắn harvests. This pallet sign calls for only a few craft supplies, & you can either hand write the lettering or use a stencil .

Rustic Mantel Fall Pallet Projects

photo courtesy of the frugal homemakerOr maybe you lượt thích phệ keep your fall decor a little more subdued. Here, pallet wood is re-arranged mập look lượt thích shutters, và pumpkin pallet art is added for a harvest feel .

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The shutters could definitely stay up year-round, và you could add your own changing seasonal flair .

The Great Pumpkin Pallet Project

hello fall pumpkinPhoto courtesy of beyond the picket fenceIf you love the shabby-chic phong cách of painting & distressing your decor, here’s a fall pallet project that might interest you. In this project, a pumpkin shape is crafted out of a pallet, và then you get bự paint & distress the decor bự your heart’s desire .

Reclaimed Multi-Color Pumpkin Decor

PHOTO COURTESY OF BEYOND THE PICKET FENCEHere’s another take on the pallet-turned-pumpkin decor idea. Every piece of wood is painted a different màu phệ give the pumpkin lots of character. Add this pallet decor béo your front porch, or hang it on the wall in the entry .

Pallet Patio Furniture

pallet patio furnitureIf you’re not ready for summer phệ kết thúc & want phệ enjoy cool fall nights outdoors by the campfire, consider putting together this outdoor patio furniture bự enjoy the season with friends & family. There will definitely be plenty of seating for it .

Sunflower Pallet Art

Most underrated part of fall ? Sunflowers ! Make those beautiful blooms last all season long with this sunflower pallet art .

Subtle Ombre-Style Fall Pallet Project

Here’s a more subdued fall pallet project if you lượt thích béo keep your home page decor a little more minimalist. It’s a simple painting project for a casual decoration that can be used in a variety of settings .

Fall Mason Jar Vase Pallet Art

Maybe you just want a dễ nhìn, medium-sized piece of wall art lớn welcome the cooler weather. And nothing says fall quite lượt thích mason jars & sunflowers .

Pallet Compost Bin

Fall is typically the season that’s known for garden cleanup. Your vegetable garden is nearing its kết thúc, & if you have large trees on your property, you’re probably already anticipating a lot of leaves béo rake .

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Rather than tossing them in the yard waste, turn them into a beneficial soil supplement. Grab a few pallets và make this compost bin .

Fall Pallet Project with Ribbon Bunting

There’s something about a bunting that feels so sánh celebratory và fun. What better way mập welcome fall than a celebration ? Hit up the craft store or your fabric stash at home page bự find the perfect fall colors bự use for this project .

Grateful Fall Pallet Project

We couldn’t put together a danh sách of fall pallet projects without incorporating something for Thanksgiving. Sometimes, the best way bự sum up your feeling for the season is phệ pick one important địa cầu : Grateful .

Pallet Wood Jack-o-Lantern

And since we’re mentioning Thanksgiving on this fall pallet projects danh sách, we definitely had phệ mention Halloween, too .

Fall in Love With Autumn Pallet Sign

An awesome wooden sign mập greet the season with. Plus, it is perfect for you if you prefer béo gọi the season autumn rather than fall. Here you go !

Fall Porch Sign

Here’s a quick & easy fall pallet project that’s perfect for decorating your porch or entryway. Pair this sign with some fall flowers và pumpkins .

Pallet Walkway

This isn’t necessarily one of those decorative fall pallet projects, but we thought it was a great way phệ utilize pallets in your backyard or garden ! This walkway won’t last forever, but it’s definitely a functional, & beautiful addition lớn your space .

DIY Pallet “Graveyard” Fencing

If you lượt thích lớn go all out on the Halloween decorations, consider transforming old pallets into “ graveyard ” fencing mập transform your yard into a spooky ghost town .

Pumpkin Patch Inspired Rustic Fall Sign

Vintage farm signs are really making a comeback in interior thiết kế, but if you can’t find the real thing, why not turn an old pallet into something similar ?

Ladder-Style Fall Pallet Projects

fall pallet projectsIf you can’t be bothered phệ pull a pallet apart ( we get it ), keep it as is & give it a facelift .

Rustic Wooden Fall Pallet Sign

Rustic & seasonal, this fall pallet sign features a leaf cutout that you’ll need a jigsaw bự create. Leave the leaf empty, or add some backing lớn the piece of wood bự make it a solid piece .

Pallet Wood Fall Yard Decoration

This fall pallet project has everything you might associate with autumn. Pumpkins, tricolored corn, và gourds .

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