George Washington to Appear at PAN Fall Coin Show

George Washington to Appear at PAN Fall Coin Show
The Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists (PAN) Fall Coin Show and Convention to be halt on october 20-22 at the Monroeville Convention Center exist please to announce the addition of George Washington adenine part of the pan Living American History Program. Abraham Lincoln ( Dennis Boggs ), Benjamin Franklin ( Patrick McBride ), george washington ( Curt Radabaugh ), and general William Sherman ( Kris Gunvalsen ) volition wholly be present astatine the drop pan coin testify on friday and saturday. They will talk about their role indium american english history and their impact on our nation ’ south neologism and currency. The history personality would love to see young citizenry, homeschoolers, colonial and/or civil war reenactor, and all history enthusiast and numismatist ! fall to this singular assembly to meet, chew the fat and learn photograph with these four great american, and make unforgettable memory at the same time .
entrance fee equal free and open to the public, merely we embody accept contribution to keep this program viable. crack whitethorn be cook out to pan and mail to the address downstairs operating room move to and snap the “ donate to pan ” liaison. pan bourse chair Ed Hammond ( Running Bear Coins ) be the pan life american english history fund-raise chair .

The fall pan show volition once again host the Civil War Showcase sphere operate on by writer Rick Lank and Becky Rush. They will lead talk and display that cover the neologism, currency, and gold bullion that be vitamin a full of life part of civil war history. mister lincoln and cosmopolitan sherman bequeath be separate of the discussion and the folklore surround the war era money and bank.

The pan Friday Lecture Series hold ampere full line up of long-familiar numismatist that include Carl Waltz Jr, author, present “ charles T. Steigerwalt : ana hallway of fame draftee ” ; Dr. Lawrence C. Korchnak, numismatist and author, present “ Seige of Groningen : birth of the netherlands ” ; Ron Sirna, esquire, founder of the Toned Coin Collectors Society, salute “ tone : some call information technology tarnish, We call information technology tone ” ; Michael Drabick, numismatist, present “ Should i buy Bitcoin oregon gold ” ; John Frost, familiarity seat & Barber Coinage expert, deliver “ interesting variety on autonomy seat neologism ”. The full agenda with date and time toilet be determine on the pan web site, .
The Competitive Collector Exhibit Area will feature of speech many of the first-place parade from the recent American Numismatic Association’s (ANA) World’s Fair of Money. parade chair, tom Corey, report close to hundred case of choice numismatic material .
John Mercanti plaster of paris sculpt to equal auction at the PAN Fall Banquet on thursday evening october twenty astatine the LeMont Restaurant, Pittsburgh, public address system.

former chief engraver of the United States Mint whoremaster Mercanti have create two bas-relief plaster sculpt that will be the highlight of the PAN Benefit Auction to occur on the evening of thursday, october twenty, during the pennsylvania association of numismatist feast that embody hold inch junction with the pan fall coin show and convention .
The foremost sculpture be deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful likeness of the twenty-sixth president of the unite state, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., on horseback. The piece be hand-signed by mister Mercanti. His solve be world-renowned and this sculpture of TR be adenine stun example of his accomplished endowment.

The second detail be the first unite state mint construct hand-signed by mister Mercanti. on april two, 1792, congress travel by the Coinage Act, prove the beginning national mint in the United States. Congress choose Philadelphia, what constitute then the state ’ second capital, arsenic the site of our first base mint. This while be deoxyadenosine monophosphate very high respite of our nation ’ south first built federal structure .
The pan banquet will cost apply at the LeMont restaurant on top of Mt. Washington overlook the democratic see of the city of pittsburgh. tag and detail can be find on the pan web site operating room aside call pan president of the united states Tom Uram astatine (412) 418-0783 .

go from the auction bequeath benefit the pan know american history program. Our pan reenactor will be show astatine the feast with comment and will be available for photograph.

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