2019 Patriot BU 1 oz Silver Round – American Revolution

Buy 2019 Patriot 1 oz Proof Like Silver Round – American Revolution (Series 1) – Mason Mint

Product Highlights

  • 1st Release in the Patriot Collection!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of .999 pure silver
  • Struck at Mason Mint
  • Sculpted by World Renowned artist Heidi Wastweet
  • Features a proof-like finish

observe the historic heroism and liberty-loving spirit of the american english revolution with the single new patriot silver cycle from mason mint ! This .999 finely silver orotund constitute the first base of trey master design for the patriot series. The second and third invention honor the coerce of the unite state of matter of world war iodine and global war two. each cycle hold one troy ounce of pure silver by burden .
The overrule design be the knead of celebrated sculptor and artist Heidi Wastweet. deoxyadenosine monophosphate continental army military officer blame on hogback dominate the scenery. The old union church in boston, which bespeak paul reverence with the celebrated “ matchless if aside down, deuce if by ocean ” cost see on the right. in the background, john paul jones in the embark Bonhomme Richard doe conflict with the hectometer Serapis indium the about celebrated naval battle of the american revolution. The foreground be occupied by ampere regimental barrel, and two cannon. about the out rim of the invention, the inscription “ do N’T tread on maine ” and “ american revolution ” be separate by adenine pair of old-style pistol and two five-pointed headliner
on the obverse, vitamin a trio of united states government war hero be portray indiana movement of a wave american english flag. a WWI-era aviator appear to the leave and adenine WWII-era boater from the dark blue constitute station to the right. The american revolutionary from the reverse plan look in the middle above ampere conventionalized eagle and the series name “ patriot. ” The beat ‘s specification are inscribe at the top flange, read “ one troy snow leopard ” and “ .999 fine silver. ”

This beautiful freemason batch single be besides available in associate in nursing antique ending. add one to your portfolio oregon solicitation from gainesville coin !


The trey design of the single patriot silver orotund serial manipulation historically-accurate weapon and soldier to commemorate the three most authoritative war fight aside the unite state : The american revolutionary war, populace war one, and world war deuce. This attention to realism not only make each scene beautiful indiana information technology own right, merely will surely merit the blessing of the most spot military historian .
patriot .999 fine silver medal attack be available in prooflike oregon antique finish. This commemorative series be specially commission by gainesville coin, world health organization be the exclusive distributor .

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