Penny Bashlor Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Leader


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Early Life and Career of Penny Bashlor

Childhood in Georgia

Penny was born and bred in a petite city in Georgia. Her zeal for supporting others originated at a premature period and gradually convinced her to pursue a profession in social care.

Experience in Social Care Organizations

She served in diversified social care organizations before affiliating with a non-profit organization where she worked as an executive director for over a decade.

Altruistic Pursuits of Penny Bashlor

Contributions to Humanitarian Organizations

Penny’s altruistic efforts have significantly impacted individuals’ lives, especially those in dire straits. She has contributed astronomical amounts of finances and time to various humane organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and American Red Cross.

Charity Events

In addition, Penny has organized several charity events, such as marathons and charity balls, to raise funds for distinct charitable causes.

Command and Entrepreneurial Abilities of Penny Bashlor

Entrepreneurial Qualities

Penny Bashlor has grandiose command qualities that have enabled her to attain significant progress in her profession and personal life. Her entrepreneurial qualities inspired her to originate her non-profit organization after realizing that she could make a larger impact on society.

Services Rendered by Penny’s Organization

Her organization renders amenities such as nominal housing, education, and job training to families with low income.

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Awards and Honors

Penny Bashlor’s philanthropic work and exceptional command abilities have not gone unseen, as manifested by the numerous honors and accolades she has earned throughout her profession. She has received the Presidential Award for Volunteer Service and was induced into the Georgia Women of Eminence Hall of Fame.


1. What encouraged Penny Bashlor to pursue a profession in social care?

2. Which benevolent endeavors has Penny contributed to?

3. What are some of Penny’s prominent accomplishments throughout her profession?

4. How has Penny Bashlor’s organization impacted families with low income?

5. What honors has Penny Bashlor attained throughout her profession?


Penny Bashlor’s influence on society is admirable, and her ability to lead by example corroborates her personality. This article highlights some of her achievements, altruistic works, and entrepreneurial pursuits. Penny Bashlor is an authentic inspiration and personifies the qualities of a genuine leader.

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