Penny Board Trucks – How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Ride Materials, Size, Shape, and more


When referring to penny boards, trucks play a crucial role. They are the components connecting the wheels to the board, facilitating motion and agility. However, with multiple options available, selecting the right ones for your ride may be tricky. This article will delve into the realm of penny board trucks, discussing various options and providing expert advice on choosing the appropriate ones for your ride.

What Are Penny Board Trucks?

Penny board trucks are the metal T-shaped structures attaching to the underside of your penny board. They hold the wheels, enabling motion and steering. Key factors when selecting penny board trucks include the material they’re made of, their size, and shape.


Penny board trucks can consist of various materials like aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. Each material comes with advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it’s crucial to weigh each option’s pros and cons and pick the best fit for your needs. Aluminum is the most common as it is lightweight and robust. Magnesium is even lighter than aluminum but easier to crack. Titanium is the most robust, but its heft is its downside.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for penny board trucks as they come in varying sizes. The size of your trucks directly affects your ride’s maneuverability and stability. Penny board trucks’ typical sizes are 3.125 inches, 4 inches, and 5 inches.


The penny board trucks’ shape directly influences their performance. Some trucks have a curved shape, facilitating more turning and agility. Conversely, trucks with a flatter shape provide more stability at high speeds.

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How to Choose the Right Penny Board Trucks:

Given the basics of penny board trucks discussed earlier, let’s examine how to pick the appropriate set for your ride.

Riding Style:

Considering your riding style comes first when selecting penny board trucks. Do you need tight turning radius for trick riding, or stability for navigation around town? As such, you might choose either curved or flatter trucks depending on your riding style.

Experience Level:

Your skill as a rider affects the trucks you select. Novice riders may select larger trucks as these offer more stability, while advanced riders might need smaller trucks for sharpened maneuverability.


Penny board truck weight impacts how easily you carry your board around when not riding. Lighter trucks might be ideal if you plan on taking your board frequently on the go.


Several penny board truck brands exist, with each offering unique perks and downsides. Popular brands include Independent, Thunder, and Venture. Pick recognized brands offering high-quality products.


Q1. How often should I replace penny board trucks?

A1. Wear and tear and how frequently they’re used determine how often you replace trucks. It’s best to inspect them regularly and replace them if they wear out.

Q2. Can I substitute penny board trucks with other brands?

A2. Interchangeability exists between brands, but ensure that the new trucks are appropriate for your riding style.

Q3. Can I adjust penny board truck tightness?

A3. Yes, tightening or loosening them can affect your riding and the board’s maneuverability.

Q4. How can I tell if penny board trucks are too loose or too tight?

A4. Loose trucks might make your board wobbly, while tight ones may hinder your turning and maneuvering.

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Q5. Are penny board trucks and regular skateboard trucks different?

A5. Yes, penny boards are lighter and smaller than regular skateboards, and their trucks are thus smaller and different.


Choosing penny board trucks crucially impacts your ride’s smoothness and enjoyment level. Consider factors like materials, size, shape, riding style, experience level, weight, and trustworthy brands. With careful consideration, both novice and advanced riders could find the perfect penny board trucks for an enjoyable ride.

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