Penny Creek Discover the Untouched Beauty and Serenity of this Hidden Treasure

Penny Creek: Discovering the Untouched Splendor and Tranquility of This Concealed Treasure

Penny Creek provides a natural haven for individuals searching for solace and calmness amidst unadulterated nature. As one of the lesser-known spots in the UK, this stunning location attracts visitors with its innate natural charm and peaceful scenic magnificence. Whether you’re an exploration enthusiast or simply require a break from the commotion of urban life, Penny Creek provides the perfect refuge. In this article, we’ll explore everything you must know about this hidden treasure and how to make the most out of your trip.

Introduction to Penny Creek

Nestled in the heart of the South West, Penny Creek is a small yet captivating river that meanders through the countryside of Devon. The river stems from the uplands of Dartmoor and flows through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the country, passing through Leigham, Crabtree, and extending all the way to Laira.

What to Observe and Do in Penny Creek

Penny Creek provides a range of exciting activities for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re into trekking, fishing, or simply unwinding in the lap of nature, there’s something for everyone here.


Penny Creek is a trekker’s oasis, with a widespread network of paths that offer stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The River Plym path is a renowned path among trekkers, snaking through valleys, woods, and moorlands, providing a look into the diverse flora and fauna of the area.


The river is prominent among anglers as a prime spot for capturing trout and salmon. With crystal-clear waters and serene settings, it’s no surprise why numerous visitors come here to relish the tranquility of fishing.

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If you’re seeking a peaceful retreat, there’s no better place than Penny Creek. The distinct murmurs of flowing water and chirping birds are the only sounds you’ll hear, making it the perfect place to unwind and rejuvenate.


1. How do I reach Penny Creek?

Ans: The most convenient way to reach Penny Creek is by car. The river is easily accessible from the A38, and there are plenty of car parks nearby.

2. Is there a fee to visit Penny Creek?

Ans: No, there is no admission fee to visit Penny Creek. It is open to the public and free to visit.

3. Are there any facilities near Penny Creek?

Ans: Yes, there are ample amenities nearby, including eateries, bistros, and shops.

4. How long should I intend to stay in Penny Creek?

Ans: It depends on your interests and activities. Most visitors spend a day or two discovering the area.

5. Is it safe to swim in Penny Creek?

Ans: We strongly advise against swimming in Penny Creek due to the robust currents and presence of rocks and other impediments in the water.


Penny Creek is a concealed natural treasure that provides the perfect escape from routine life. It’s an exemplary destination for those who desire to experience the beauty of nature and relish a range of activities that cater to all interests. From trekking to fishing and relaxation, Penny Creek is a haven for anyone seeking a peaceful refuge. So why not plan your visit today and discover the splendor of this hidden sanctuary?

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