Penny Treat Jars A Timeless Décor Item for Candy Lovers and Home Enthusiasts

Penny Treat Jar: Giving You a Blast from the Past


Penny treat jars act as a reminder of a simpler time when candy was more affordable, and kids revelled in sweet delights without spending a lot. These vintage containers are still fashionable and are gaining popularity due to nostalgia and their unique appearance and taste. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you should learn regarding penny treat jars, their past, and their usefulness in home décor.

What are Penny Treat Jars?

Penny treat jars are glass jars used to collect and display various kinds of tiny candies, such as hard candy, lollipops, toffees, and gumdrops. Typically made of clear glass or plastic, occasionally with a metallic cover, penny treat jars can come in different forms and sizes. Their name is derived from the small price tag that each piece of candy used to cost in the past.

Past of Penny Treat Jars

Penny treat jars became popular in the 1800s when different types of candies increased in availability in the United States and Europe. Shopkeepers capitalised on this phenomenon by storing their candy in large glass jars, which they placed on their storefront windowsills prominently. Children passing by could not resist the charm of the jars, and shopkeepers would sell tiny amounts of candy for a penny.

With time, penny treat jars became a vital element of store culture, an identifiable feature of a shop owner’s candy shop. Penny treat jars have also gained popularity in residential settings, where parents would surprise their children with a snack after dinner, stored in a penny treat jar.

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The Modern-Day Penny Treat Jar

Due to the increasing prevalence of expensive candy in various shops, penny treat jars have become a nostalgic reminder of simpler times. They are now more popular than ever; people yearn for old-school nostalgia and the flavour of classic candies from their childhood.

Today, penny treat jars are suitable for holding various household items such as spices, tea, and coffee, or as decoration pieces. Clients can find penny treat jars in different forms and sizes, such as cylindrical, square, or even animal-shaped jars.

How to Incorporate Penny Treat Jars into Your Home Décor

Penny treat jars are not limited to holding treats alone; instead, they offer a quirky touch to any home décor. Here are some recommendations for incorporating penny treat jars into your home décor:

  1. Kitchen Storage – Penny treat jars can be used to store different types of kitchen ingredients and utensils, including coffee, spices, dried fruit, and nuts. Their transparent quality makes it easy for anyone to see what’s inside, and their tight lids keep food safe from contamination.
  2. Bathroom Storage – Jazz up your cotton balls and q-tips with a penny treat jar on your bathroom countertop.
  3. Workplace Organisation – Pleasant and colourful treats like gumdrops could spruce up your workspace with fun office décor. You could also use the jars to store paper clips, rubber bands, and other desk items.
  4. Wedding Favours – Penny treat jars can make fanciful and affordable favors for weddings or other events. Fill them up with candy and add a personalised tag or ribbon to enhance the aesthetic.
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Q1: What are penny treat jars used for?

A: Penny treat jars are glass jars traditionally used to keep and display various types of small candies.

Q2: Are penny treat jars still relevant today?

A: Yes, penny treat jars are still relevant today due to nostalgia and their unique appearance.

Q3: Can penny treat jars be used for other purposes?

A: Yes, penny treat jars can be used for storing various household items or as decoration pieces in homes.

Q4: What is the history of penny treat jars?

A: Penny treat jars became popular in the 1800s when different types of candies increased in availability in the United States and Europe.

Q5: What are some ideas for incorporating penny treat jars into home décor?

A: Some recommendations include using them for kitchen storage, bathroom storage, workplace organisation, and as wedding favours.


Penny treat jars are timeless décor items that will never go out of style. They offer a nostalgic feel by bringing back old-school times when penny candies were popular, and anyone could indulge in sweet delights without spending a lot. With various designs and colours available, penny treat jars add a touch of quirkiness and merriment to any home décor. Whether used for storing candy, organising your workspace, or merely adding a splash of colour and style to a room, penny treat jars are sure to bring joy and delight to anyone’s face.

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