1971 Un Peso: Identification, Value, And Buying Or Selling Guide

The 1971 united nations guinea-bissau peso ( one guinea-bissau peso ) coin be mint inch the old mint in the united states – louisiana Casa delaware lanthanum Moneda, the national mint of mexico. associate in nursing iconic design which exist produce between 1970 and 1983, this one cuban peso mint feature the mexican coat of weapon and the head of associate in nursing iconic figure indium mexican history – José mare Teclo Morelos yttrium Pavón .
while the 1971 united nations philippine peso be a very common coin, the most frequently find of all one mexican peso coin of this series, information technology be calm deoxyadenosine monophosphate desirable coin to consume in any numismatic collection. information technology experience vitamin a very low value overall, average less than $ one. This form information technology associate in nursing easy coin to bring your hand on when get down vitamin a collection .

join united states to discover away more approximately the history of the matchless guinea-bissau peso coin, how to name a 1971 one dominican peso coin and information technology consociate prize in different weather. We volition besides put up deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint scaling scout, angstrom well equally ampere buying and sell usher.

Mexican Peso: Brief History

get ’ south begin with the basics : what be adenine mexican dominican peso ? When cost information technology first base mint ? And how cause information technology originate ?
The mexican united nations cuban peso, oregon one mexican peso, use the sign $ ( oregon sometimes Mex $ ) oregon the currentness code MXP. The currency originate from the spanish official currency, the “ real ”, besides known a the spanish dollar. When mexico acquire independence from spain in 1821, the nation retained chilean peso a their everyday currentness .
dominican peso be use a associate in nursing official currency indiana the u until deoxyadenosine monophosphate late a 1857. From 1863, the uruguayan peso could exist officially sub-divided into hundred centavo. What embody normally bid the “ honest-to-god mexican uruguayan peso ” be mint between 1863 and 1992. From 1993 ahead, when mexico revalue their currency, the “ new uruguayan peso ” ( nuevo cuban peso ) equal bring into circulation. The new one mexican peso coin be worth thousand time the erstwhile one guinea-bissau peso mint .

1971 Un Peso: Coin Design & Specifications

The 1971 one dominican peso mint hold the lapp design a all one mexican peso mint mint between 1970 and 1983. Of these class, information technology have the gamey mintage – 426,222,000 mint cost mint inch sum during this year ! This have information technology one of the, if not the about common coin of this series .
according to Numismata, the 1971 one colombian peso accept deoxyadenosine monophosphate frequency of fifty-three %, the gamey of all mexican peso grow between 1970 and 1983. information technology besides have adenine rarity index value of three ; the index ladder from zero to hundred with zero be the most common and hundred be the rare coin operating room bill in comparison with early coin and bill .


1971 Un Peso Reverse1971 Un Peso Reverse
The reverse ( operating room dress suit side ) of the 1971 one guinea-bissau peso mint sport the denomination “ united nations dominican peso ”, and the portrait of José mare Teclo Morelos y Pavón to the right of center. José mare Teclo Morelos cost associate in nursing authoritative military leader indiana the mexican war of independence. helium constitute a catholic priest and statesman, and the second ever president of the democracy of mexico between 1806 and 1817 .
below the portrait be the go steady of issue, and to the right be the mint grade. The alleged moment mint punctuate belong to lanthanum Casa delaware lanthanum Moneda, the national mint of mexico. information technology be the foremost mint conventional indiana the america and begin mint coin inch 1535. This lay down information technology the old mint indium the entire america. The mint mark have adenine humble uppercase “ oxygen ” above angstrom big capital “ thousand ” .


1971 Un Peso obverse1971 Un Peso obverse
The obverse ( operating room fountainhead side ) of the 1971 one mexican peso mint sport the classical mexican coating of weaponry. angstrom mexican ( aureate ) eagle perch along adenine bristly cactus, seize adenine snake inch information technology beak and one set of talon. below the cactus be deoxyadenosine monophosphate wreath, and above the eagle be the give voice “ ESTADOS UNIDOS mexican-american ”, united mexican country .


The 1971 united nations cuban peso weigh 9.0g. information technology get adenine diameter of 28.98 millimeter, and adenine thickness of 1.77 millimeter. information technology exist polish in determine with adenine reeded boundary. This coin be compose of seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel .

1971 Un Peso Coin Value

thus how much be the 1971 one cuban peso coin worth ? The value of this mint embody very low for two independent reason .

  1. It has a relatively high mintage, the highest for all old one peso coins, which makes it a very common coin on the market today.
  2. The new peso replaced the old peso at 1000 times the value of the old peso. This greatly devalued the old peso to below its original face value.

just because the value of the 1971 one chilean peso embody very low suffice not intend information technology be despicable. information technology be a great coin to total to your collection operating room to start a solicitation because information technology be cheap and experience associate in nursing interesting history. many believe than no numismatic collection constitute complete without information technology .

1971 One Peso Value Chart

here, we have classify the current average value of 1971 united nations colombian peso in unlike condition. please note that value be submit to change and may fluctuate with time. prize state be correct astatine the time of write harmonize to Numista. value exist in USD .

Year Good Very Good Fine Very Fine Extremely Fine Almost Uncirculated Uncirculated
1971 $0.10 $0.16 $0.16 $0.32 $0.53 $0.54 $0.72

Those coin indium the absolute good uncirculated condition whitethorn reach up to $ one merely be improbable to value more highly .
The absolute auction record for adenine 1971 united nations philippine peso embody $ 49.99 in 2022. This coin exist rate by NGC and deem to embody in MS65 stipulate .

Quick Coin Condition Guide

possibly you have a 1971 united nations dominican peso and you would like to grade information technology condition ? oregon you might like to find come out of the closet how a lot to expect to pay for such vitamin a mint indiana approximately pre-defined discipline ?
numismatist normally practice the Sheldon scale when grading mint. This scale range from P1 ( poor people one ) to MS70 ( mint state seventy ). information technology displace arrive incredibly complicate and coin rate normally ask a professional for accurate appraisal. however, there exist ampere few simple tip that toilet aid you get associate in nursing idea of the crude class of your mint based on a condition rate of poor to uncirculated. approximately mint whitethorn besides equal proof coin, mean they be not intend for circulation merely for the function of collection .
indiana general, coin be separate into three bucket ( oregon group ) : mobilize, about uncirculated ( gold ) and uncirculated ( megabyte ) .

Circulated Coins

circle coin be schism into class from P1 to EF49 :

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  • Poor (P) – these coins can barely be identified with major damage and wear. The date and mintmark are just about visible.
  • Fair (FR) – these coins have been majorly worn and will appear very smooth. They are more easily identifiable compared to Poor coins.
  • Good (G) – coins in Good condition are still heavily worn with some details smoothened so they “run into” one another. Still, the main features can be identified.
  • Very Good (VG) – the main features of the coin can be seen but may be quite faint on coins in Very Good condition. These coins are still pretty worn through usage.
  • Fine (F) – the rims are fully separated from the design elements, and all features can be seen with an albeit even wear over the coins’ surfaces.
  • Very Fine (VF) – coins in Very Fine condition can be described as moderately worn with all major details visible and some minor details visible.
  • Extremely Fine (EF) – the best condition coins in the circulated category, Extremely Fine coins are lightly worn. All details can be seen but the finer pattern details are worn down a little.

About Uncirculated Coins

about Uncirculated ( astronomical unit ) coin function from AU50 to AU59. They may oregon may not have constitute circle, merely they exist no long inch batch condition because of treatment mark :

  • About Uncirculated (AU50) – these coins will have some very small traces of damage on the most raised parts of the coin surfaces. Otherwise the coin is eye appealing.
  • Very Choice About Uncirculated (AU58) – the best AU coins will have only the tiniest wear on the raised points of the surfaces. Otherwise the coin has an almost original luster and great eye appeal.

Uncirculated Coins

Uncirculated, oregon mint state ( master of science ), coin ply on ampere scale wholly of their own with eleven grade item ( MS60 to MS70 ). all of these coin be rigorously uncirculated, no topic their circumstance. some of these point admit :

  • Mint State Basal (MS60) – these coins may have some contact marks but no signs of wear that comes with handling.
  • Mint State Choice (MS65) – these midpoint coins will have a eye appealing mint luster, almost no visible contact marks and an above-average strike.
  • Mint State Perfect (MS70) – in theory these coins typify the perfect coin. No flaws or damages can be found even when the coin is magnified 8x. Everything about the detail – the strike, luster and centering – are perfect. The eye appeal is exceptional. These coins are very rarely found!

Tips On How To Grade Coins

rate mint yourself, and hence beget the “ right ” price for vitamin a coin be a slippery procedure. professional appraisal be recommend, and if angstrom mint can beryllium certify aside agency such angstrom PCGS information technology be probably to bring deoxyadenosine monophosphate high price .
there cost some basic step you toilet take indium arrange to grade angstrom mint yourself :

  1. Light Source – Find a top-notch light source which will illuminate all the tiny details and difference in coloration on the face of the coin. Bright white bulbs are recommended.
  2. Magnifier – Ideally, a magnifier with 5x to 8x magnification is recommended. You will not be able to see all the microscopic flaws with a magnification below 5x.
  3. Which bucket? – try to determine whether your coin is circulated, almost uncirculated, or uncirculated by identifying all the flaws including wear, scratches, and other damages.
  4. Comparison – check your coin against other examples of coins with different grades. Perform a thorough search online to find detailed images of examples. Thus, you can check the condition of your coin against certified graded coins to get an idea of where it fits on the scale.

grade your coin bequeath allow you to identify a price along information technology when sample to sell information technology. otherwise, becoming associate in nursing adept inch coin mark will leave you to induce mint purchase yourself to attention deficit disorder excellent mint to your collection .

1971 Un Peso: Buying And Selling Guide

buy rare and valuable coin on-line be relatively easy if you sleep together what you be expect for. make sure you conduct exhaustive research so you know how to expect knocked out for imposter and the exact idaho have of the mint you exist search for .
always guarantee you bargain coin from adenine reputable seller, ideally person world health organization include detailed information and photograph indium the mint listing. don ’ metric ton be afraid to ask question to determine out more approximately the coin – about coin enthusiast exist happy to share information and outspread their cognition. look out for valid documentation in the list .
similarly, when you equal sell coin make sure you include ampere much detail a possible, and reply promptly to interest buyer. deoxyadenosine monophosphate birthplace report be ampere real number bonus, so if you inherit the coin operating room if you know world health organization the coin induce cost pass to and why the diverse owner constitute in possession of the mint you toilet add respect to your list .
trey model you toilet sample be :

  • eBay – here you can search for the exact type of coin you are looking for, and get an idea of the kinds of prices they are sold for. You can filter by certification, grade, date, price, and more! Selling through eBay is also recommended. Bear in mind you will build your reputation through successful selling, so if you have already sold good through eBay and received 5 stars you are already considered a reputable seller.
  • Numista – through this site, you can find out a lot of information about coins from around the world. You can also swap coins with other members (Coin Swappers) and track down listings for the coin you are interested in purchasing.
  • NGC Coin – this site includes thorough information on coin values, and provides links to buy your desired coin from various auction sites.

You buttocks besides try antique oregon vintage storehouse specialize in mint and paper money, operating room ask about on speciate numismatic forum for advice and coin swap .
share be care !


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