Looking to the Future of Air Pollution Monitoring

By: Claudio Parrinello, CEO and founder of PlanetWatch
Air pollution is one of the biggest threats to both the population ’ s health and the climate. The WHO estimates that air befoulment kills at least 7 million people every class. The basal campaign of this air befoulment is fossil fuel emissions with a holocene study estimating that there are about 8.7 million previous deaths each class because of the burning of coal, oil and boast – that ’ s 20 % of all deaths .
The landmark agreement at the COP26 league from world leaders to “ phase down ” the habit of coal, highlights the growing awareness of the pressing necessitate to act against fossil fuels and the wider issue of air befoulment. Meeting these ambitious climate targets will be essential to mitigate both the annihilating environmental and health effects of air befoulment .
Indoor air quality is besides crucial, as Covid-19 has highlighted, specially considering we spend approximately 90 % of our clock time indoors. In light of the WHO ’ s estimate that 3.8 million people die prematurely each year from illnesses attributable to household air pollution, it is clear that combatting indoor air pollution must besides become a precedence.

The keystone to mitigating the devastate consequences of air befoulment will be a reliable and accurate global air monitor system. This will allow pollution hotspots to be identified and targeted measures to be implemented in arrange to combat the dangerous effects of poor air quality. These measures will be all-important to saving the countless lives that are put at risk by air befoulment each class .

The need for a new system

Air monitoring systems are the key to pinpointing areas of high air befoulment and providing the necessary data to reduce this contamination. however, most atmosphere monitoring systems trust on a scarce distribution of monitors which can lone offer an approximation of local anesthetic data. This miss of precise and up-to-date data can make it difficult to evaluate which actions are best to reduce the air pollution being identified .
conversely, detail and real-time data can be utilised to successfully mitigate the dangerous health risks of publicize befoulment. Up-to-date data on befoulment levels is vital to facilitating key measures such as dealings reduction schemes, emission taxes and the identification of safe locations for populace facilities .

The role of community

presently, more than 90 % of the global population are breathing air with pollution levels well above the WHO ’ randomness 2005 road map for bantam particles. Clearly, air quality is an issue which is affecting everyone and, as such, everyone should have an opportunity to play a function in addressing it. Delivering a successful hyperlocal air quality monitoring system relies upon the character of communities and their date with the system. In arrange for this to be a achiever, low-cost and slowly to use sensors are full of life so as to enable a large-scale borrowing which can provide the most accurate data.

PlanetWatch champions a community-driven solution to breeze monitoring with our system of plug-and-play devices which rely on the date of local anesthetic residents, authorities and organisations. This community-driven model of vent monitoring offers a real-time network of sensors which provide accurate and real-time data. This hyperlocal datum allows the most effective solutions for each specific region to be identified .
By involving communities in the serve of atmosphere monitor, they are empowered to deliver improvements to their surroundings from which they will immediately benefit. Those who own sensors are rewarded when air travel choice data is sent to PlanetWatch with Planet Tokens. These can then be redeemed for useful products or services such as publicize purifiers .
PlanetWatch leverages blockchain engineering to store the data from sensors safely and anonymously. This offers a global, permanent and condom air quality daybook to track and reward all the data which is provided. detector owners are able to voluntarily provide far information to improve the monitor network making the monitor process both an person and community efforts. This community-driven set about provides accurate and real-time data whilst besides empowering citizens, local authorities and organisations to take accusation of their air out quality.

The Smart Cities of the future

PlanetWatch ’ s partnerships with local organisations across the world are creating a growing network of air timbre sensors. In addition, our partnership with the blockchain ecosystem Algorand demonstrates a real and important habit of a engineering which has huge likely for the future .
With contamination cutting an average of two years from the lives of the ball-shaped population, it is clear that everyone has a impale in the monitoring of our air timbre in order to mitigate these lay waste to effects. An access which utilises up-to-date engineering and the residential district signals the future of publicize timbre monitor as we take a critical footstep towards combating the effects of air pollution .

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