7 tips for a stand-out interview presentation

It’s second-interview time, and they’ve asked you to present – but how do you show what you know without sending people to sleep with your slides? We asked a presentation expert, David Bliss, to reveal his top tips.
The phenomenon of ‘ end by PowerPoint ’ is one of those things that we all agree is a badly thing – but, when consultation nerves strike, it can be all excessively easy to hide behind our decks. The consequence is normally some unpalatable combination of excessively many slides, bantam fonts and sterile imagination .
In the course of our day by day work, where decks are produced much and on the fly, some of these excesses may be excusable. But at an important job interview, where you need to perform at your identical best, your presentation needs to be up to the mark excessively. We asked David Bliss, presentation guru and conductor of training company Edison Red, for his top tips on slide design and present at interview…

Keep the interviewer engaged, make them think and question.

This is vitamin a much about how you fit with them as them fitting with you. Think of your presentation as one half of a conversation that you will lead, quite than a soliloquy where you will bludgeon them with facts and statistics. You need to take your hearer ( sulfur ) with you, get them participating in the argument or narrative you are developing.

Always consider the 80/20 rule of engagement.

Of course, you want to create some shock and profit attention, but that needs to be backed up by substance. so, aim for 20 % of your slides and talk to be challenging and challenging, and the remaining 80 % to be insightful or enlightening. Keep this balance all the way through so your consultation keeps listening and is then rewarded for their attention with new cognition. Remember that only when people are listening are they able to gain any understand .

When you’re building slides, think simplicity.

You merely have to look at Apple to see that on-key simplicity comes from real intelligence. It takes a distribute of function to craft a elementary estimate – a lot of time thinking about what to leave out, and how to distil everything down to one great detail or model quite than an under-confident handful. Use your imagination – no one wants to see another ignite medulla oblongata representing creative think !

Get them glancing.

A effective swoop should work on the principle of ‘ glance engineering ’, just like a billboard. basically, you want your hearer to glance, get concern, and then move to you, the loudspeaker, for greater depth .

Less is more.

When it comes to slides, think ‘ 1 slide = 1 message ’. This will give you greater control over the subject, and you can stay on each as little or a long as you like. Remember, excessively, that not every sharpen needs to be backed up with a slide.

Never give away the story.

You ’ five hundred be annoyed if the final chapter of the book you were reading was revealed on page three. This is why bullet train points frequently hinder preferably than help – your hearing reads on and gets to the punchline ahead of you. Your slides should leave your hearer wanting more .

Morph for impact.

Microsoft ’ s holocene PowerPoint addition of the fresh transition tool Morph is a game changer. Morph allows you to move and enlarge, shapes, pictures and text with one dim-witted movement. What used to take hours immediately takes minutes, making your slides look like the work of the marketing team – but take manage not to overdo it .
Now that you’ve got your presentation sorted, find out how to maximise the first five minutes of your interview .

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