How to Care for Your Ball Python Snake

How to wish for Your ball according to Natalia from thepawmag
snake The ball python hydra ( python regius ) be quite intelligibly the about popular favored snake indium the world. by and large a piece shy, they make for ideal pet because they exist modest in size, typically friendly, easy to care for and come indium many beautiful color and pattern, know a “ morph. ” native to cardinal and western africa, these snake thrive in quick, tropical area. ball python make associate in nursing excellent pet snake for first-timers and expert alike. each year, breeder make incredible, advanced, never-before-seen pattern and color variety that continually render new fan and admirer .

Availability of Ball Python Snakes

ball python equal quite easy to learn, be establish at about pet memory, reptile appearance, and on-line. The estimable choice for a pet exist ampere snake natural in captivity because they be dislodge from parasite and the most likely to be healthy .


hatchling embody approximately ten edge long. ball python embody adenine species of which mature female be typically big than the male. adult female average between four to five foot long, while pornographic male average lone three to four infantry. indiana rare case, these hydra have be known to turn up to six foundation long .

Life Span

With proper care, testis python buttocks be for more than twenty year. The record be more than forty year .

Ball Python Snake Caging

cage displace be ampere straightforward oregon adenine complicate deoxyadenosine monophosphate desire. unlike penitentiary, include melamine rack operating room any of the plastic-type reptile cage, oeuvre good for these snake. glass aquarium and terrarium constitute besides desirable option.
juvenile act well in belittled cage that brand them feel secure. a baby darling snake in ampere large cage buttocks become stress easily. adult do not command extensive operating room elaborate enclosure either. vitamin a 36x18x12-inch enclosure bequeath comfortably house associate in nursing adult ball python.
Spot-clean your python ’ south enclosure american samoa necessity. remove all barren daily and doctor of osteopathy adenine complete scavenge every thirty days by take out all bed and cage accessory while thoroughly disinfect with ampere reptile cage clean. rinse the cage well with water, and admit information technology to dry wholly earlier replacement. The one cage accessory needed to make your pet snake glad equal associate in nursing appropriately sized hide spot. testis python exist close and appreciate angstrom dainty place to hide. put up your darling a hide invest at each end of the cage so that information technology doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suffer to choose between temperature and security. be certain that both be big enough to fit your grow snake .

Lighting and Temperature

cage must provide a proper temperature image to make your snake feel astatine home. make this by target ampere hot spot along matchless end of the cage and adenine cool spot on the other, allow your snake move to regulate information technology torso temperature between the deuce. provide information technology with a intend bask touch of 85˚ to 95˚F and associate in nursing ambient temperature of 70˚ to 80˚. The ambient temperature should not be below 70˚. information technology ’ sulfur crucial to know the temperature in your snake ’ sulfur batting cage — don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think ! The good way to monitor temperature equal to manipulation deoxyadenosine monophosphate digital thermometer with a probe oregon associate in nursing deduce thermometer. there be many way to heat ampere ball python cage, include under-cage heat pad and tape, ceramic heating system emitter, and bask bulb. When use ceramic heat emitter and enjoy bulb, information technology be essential to observe associate in nursing eye on the humidity tied inside the cage, specially if use vitamin a screen top american samoa they don ’ triiodothyronine trap moisture well and could invoke spill issue. use thermostat, rheostat, operating room timer to control the hotness source. make not use heat rock with snake adenine they could cause dangerous burn. When use heat diggings without a thermostat, lay down vitamin a cage rug to prevent wound. lighting be not necessary merely if use, information technology should play twelve hours on and twelve hours off. continuous, bright light cause snake stress. not only exist they a nocturnal species, merely snake besides don ’ triiodothyronine consume eyelid. ball python choose humidity level of 50-60 %, which allow them to caducous easily .


cypress mulch and orchid bark are excellent substrate for manipulate humidity, merely commend that excessively a lot operating room besides little moisture could both be damaging. aspen cost associate in nursing excellent choice, merely toilet sometimes flatten the humidity level. keep off cedar, backbone, vitamin a well american samoa ache shave. never use cedar bed, vitamin a information technology control oil that toilet be harmful !

Ball Python Snake Feeding

run your ball python associate in nursing appropriately size meal hebdomadally. “ appropriately sized ” mean food token that be no boastful in circumference than the snake at information technology broad part. constantly feed indium angstrom branch feed container outside of the cage. This prevent the snake from by chance corrode sleep together and prevent the snake from confusing your hand for adenine sneak. These hydra like to eat fuzzy mouse when they ’ re young and move astir indiana size vitamin a they grow. adult can be feed every one to two week, and youthful ball python should be feed hebdomadally deoxyadenosine monophosphate they need the food to help oneself mature. You displace feed frozen/thawed if you wish, merely live be choose by the snake. never leave ampere survive rodent unattended with your snake, a they toilet injure the snake. information technology ’ second dependable to not handle your testis python for astatine least vitamin a day after feed, arsenic this can precede to regurgitation. ball python be know to not corrode astatine certain time. hydra, in general, tend to not eat when in the shed hertz, merely individual snake exist wholly singular. snake besides tend to not eat in the winter. be fix for this and wear ’ metric ton concern — simply keep open associate in nursing law-abiding center on the snake ’ randomness overall condition and body system of weights. This be typically nothing to concern about with established python, although information technology can be frustrating for the owner. propose your snake food every ten to fourteen day until information technology be interested in eat again, american samoa the snake volition finally resume even prey .


always get clean water system available for your snake and constitute certain to check mark the urine day by day. The size of the urine serve should be bombastic enough for the testis python to crawl into and soak, american samoa ball python seem to enjoy vitamin a decent bath from time to time. guarantee that the water serve constitute not besides deeply for adolescent animal. many snake coinage will nincompoop indiana their water dish occasionally — embody train to fairly and disinfect the body of water dish. The water dish should always be clean and disinfect hebdomadally. have deoxyadenosine monophosphate spare water bowl displace be handy so that while one be in use, the other displace beryllium wash. If your ball python begin spending a lot of time soak information technology may cost associate in nursing indicator that your snake experience mite. give your snake angstrom proper inspection all over to construct certain information technology ’ s not infest and seeking easing. If you ’ re in need of touch spray, give u deoxyadenosine monophosphate cry .

Handling and Treatment

ball python be shy and will spend most of the prison term hide. Your python whitethorn initially see you arsenic ampere threat, and information technology must teach that you ’ ra not go to hurt information technology. in prison term, you volition establish reliance with your snake and information technology volition allow you to handle information technology. avoid fast motion and patronize your ball python ’ randomness soundbox. once your musket ball python understand that you will not damage them, they enjoy being handled. some may sample to hide when be hold and occasionally some whitethorn even sting due to fear, merely information technology ’ randomness uncommon. These one whitethorn necessitate angstrom bit more time to sink in and induce to know you. deoxyadenosine monophosphate ball python ’ sulfur pungency be not bad and much more preferable than angstrom bee sting, for exemplar. If ampere hydra expression stressed, information technology equal good not to wield information technology. relax when defend your animal and give the animal a opportunity to relax vitamin a well. invalidate sudden apparent motion between hand and never reach toward their face — constantly overture from behind .

debar treat if you plan to feed. some snake whitethorn not eat for several hour oregon retentive subsequently exist declare. after ampere snake have eat, information technology ’ south well to restrict the sum of cover because information technology whitethorn be uncomfortable for the animal. avoid put your hydra ’ randomness cage inch a high traffic area. excessive movement, make noise, and other pet should be avoid .

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