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Your Guide to Promotion Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

By indeed Editorial Team

Updated May 13, 2021 | Published December 12, 2019 Updated May 13, 2021 Published December 12, 2019TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail As you prepare for your promotion interview, you may be thinking about what your employer will ask you about your current function, responsibilities and what you can offer in this fresh function. In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for a promotion consultation with the most coarse questions and sample answers .

What is a promotion interview?

A forwarding interview is conducted for internal employees who are applying for a newly job character or position that has more responsibilities within their department or outside of their stream department. many companies require internal candidates to go through a like hire process as external candidates. Since you are already a function of the company, there are likely many things that are known about your problem performance already, which can be an advantage to you. however, the promotion interview is necessity for your employer to be able to complete a comprehensive appraisal of how well you will handle the responsibilities that come along with being promoted .

How to prepare for a promotion interview

Your employer may want to promote from within the company, but they have to make surely you are the best person for the speculate. It is significant that you thoroughly prepare for a promotion interview so you can ensure that your employer is impressed by your skills, abilities and expertness. hera are some tips for you to prepare :

1. Talk to your manager

Discussing your decision with your director is authoritative to do before you apply for a promotion. This way your director hears the decision from you alternatively of from person else in the organization. It besides provides you the opportunity to ask for feedback about your current workplace. They may have valuable insight into the expectations of the new function you will be interviewing for .

2. Research the role

Gather adenine a lot data as possible about the function you are applying for. What are the daily tasks ? What key skills are necessary ? You may try looking up the job list for the occupation entitle to get an accurate idea of what this new job will include .

3. Review company information

You should know a lot about your caller since you are already employed with them. however, you may want to review their deputation, vision and values. then you can adapt some of your answers to include aspects of what the party prioritizes. You may besides want to be mindful of any new projects the company may be starting. For case, if your caller just took on a modern customer that they have been trying to get for months that you will be dealing with in your raw character, you may be asked questions regarding that work .

4. Anticipate criticism

It is likely that your interviewer has consulted with your stream coach and read your past operation reviews. They may critique the weaknesses you have in your stream function and apply what they have learned about you to the questions they ask. It is important that you address the criticism with confidence by being prepared for it .

5. Build a list of accomplishments

Write down any awards you have won and any early areas of accomplishment within your current character. Prepare specific examples of steps you took to win those awards or accomplish those tasks. For example, if you have helped your party achieve a higher net operating income and you received an award for the beginning quarter, you may want to bring that up in the interview, when allow .

6. Differentiate yourself

Think about the things that make you unlike and more adaptable than external candidates. You may want to write down accomplishments from away of sour deoxyadenosine monophosphate well that make you a thoroughly campaigner for this function .

Common job promotion interview questions and answers

Taking fourth dimension to review possible questions and answers to those questions is significant to your interviewing achiever. Preparing will build your confidence. here are nine common questions that you may be asked in your subcontract promotion interview, arsenic well as sample answers :

  1. What do you like best about your current situation at the company ?
  2. Why do you want the new military position ?
  3. Why should we consider you for this forwarding ?
  4. Can you tell me what you know about the position you are being considered for ?
  5. How would your current team members describe your work ?
  6. How will you react if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get this promotion ?
  7. How will this forwarding affect your current work relationships ?
  8. Tell me about a time when you had to complete a job you had never done before…how did you go about it ?
  9. If given this promotion, what do you hope to accomplish within the next three to six months ?

1. What do you like best about your current position at the company?

When the interviewer asks this motion, they are looking to assess your overall position about your current status. They probably want to make sure you have a positivist attitude, can-do about your current function at the company. Focus on positivity and how the ship’s company has assisted you with your success in your current character. exercise : “ I have enjoyed working with my current leaders to develop newly processes that have improved the efficiency of our products and services. I have been fortunate to work with a supportive team that assists me in providing solutions to bad situations. ”

2. Why do you want the new position?

The interviewer is seeking to uncover the reason why you applied for this position. They likely want to determine what your motivation is and they will assess if you will be able to stay motivated to succeed in this position for the correct reasons. This could besides give you an opportunity to mention how your values match the company ’ mho values and goals. example : “ Since I have worked for this caller, I have refined my skills and grown to be efficient in my current character. now I ’ molarity not alone ready to apply my skills and abilities to a new function, but I ’ m ready to learn and develop to far profit this caller at a higher tied. One of the kernel values of this company is invention. I believe that invention begins with constant self-development and the willingness to take on new and stimulate challenges. ”

3. Why should we consider you for this promotion?

This interview is normally asked by the interviewer to make sure you are confident that you can handle this modern character. If you can ’ metric ton provide a reason as to why you should get the promotion, then they likely won ’ triiodothyronine want to consider you either. This question provides you with the opportunity to mention accomplishments and awards you have won during your employment with the company. example : “ I should be considered for this promotion because I have exceeded expectations in my stream character. I have created respective campaigns that have contributed well to the net operating income of this company. I work well in a team environment and have communicated efficiently with my team for the best possible results. I believe that I can bring my comprehensive skill set and insight into this party and exceed expectations in this role a well. ”

4. Can you tell me what you know about the position you are being considered for?

Researching the job function expectations will assist you with your reception to this interrogate. Answer this question to the best of your cognition. Don ’ thymine manufacture an answer. Ask for clarification on the expectations and duties of the raw function if needed. exemplar : “ I know that this position requires a high-level of collaboration and a considerable sum of psychoanalysis to successfully meet the high-quality standards of this arrangement. I besides know that this function will be project-based and require working overtime hours. ”

5. How would your current team members describe your work?

The interviewer most likely knows how your current team members have described you. Try asking for feedback from your team members to prepare for this promotion interview. Be naturalistic and honest in your reaction to this motion while remaining positive. example : “ My team members would describe my workplace as detail-oriented and effective. ”

6. How will you react if you don’t get this promotion?

Remain professional when answering this motion. The interviewer wants to get an idea of how you handle rejection and if you will want to remain with the organization if you don ’ triiodothyronine get the promotion. exercise : “ If I don ’ thyroxine get this promotion I will be disappointed because I do believe I can make a deviation in this fresh character. however, I understand that the lease action is complex and if I am not the right person for the job then this company has to hire the person who is the best person for the job. I will still continue working on my current projects with my team to ensure the highest choice production. ”

7. How will this promotion affect your current work relationships?

The interviewer will likely want to make certain that if you are promoted there won ’ t be any conflicts with you and your team. This is an important interrogate to consider if you are being promoted within the lapp department or location. model : “ I will maintain the lapp relationships that I presently have when I am promoted. My goal will be to help and mentor my team and let them know that the environment will be open, honest and inclusive. I will continue to develop my work relationships and deal with any issues with solitaire and open communication as they may come up. ”

8. Tell me about a time when you had to complete a task you had never done before…how did you go about it?

This question may be asked to measure your ability to approach new and challenge tasks. many promotions include tasks that you may not have completed before and your employer will want to assess how capable you are. model : “ I once was given XYZ tax about three months ago that I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate certain how to complete. I started by reviewing the information on the undertaking thoroughly. then I researched early tasks that were like to it to get an idea of the cultivate that was expected. I created an outline to stay organized and then gave myself a timeline of when I expected the knead to be completed. ”

9. If given this promotion, what do you hope to accomplish within the next three to six months?

This is a bang-up question for you to respond to using your cognition of the military position and company expectations. Your interviewer may ask this wonder to see if you have personal goals within the new function that you ’ d like to accomplish. This answer will change depending on your diligence, but try to be specific when responding to this question. example : “ I hope to increase team morale, help them set actionable goals, reduce our monthly spend by half of what it is nowadays and create new and innovative ideas that will produce excellent results. ”

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