Rashaad Penny vs Chase Edmonds Which Running Back Should You Draft for Your Fantasy Football Team

Who Should You Select: Rashaad Penny or Chase Edmonds?

When it comes to selecting a running back for your fantasy football squad, you want to ensure you make an astute decision. Rashaad Penny and Chase Edmonds are two prevalent options in the league, but which one is the superior pick? In this write-up, we’ll take an in-depth look at both players, examining their statistics, talents, and vulnerabilities, to help you make a knowledgeable decision.


With numerous accomplished running backs accessible, it can be challenging to determine which one to choose. Rashaad Penny and Chase Edmonds are two players that stand out presently in fantasy football. While both present distinctive advantages, there are important differences to contemplate before making your selection.

Overview of Rashaad Penny

Rashaad Penny was drafted in the initial round by the Seattle Seahawks in 2018. He had a solid rookie campaign but then encountered a season-ending ACL injury in 2019. Penny has struggled to return to his pre-injury form but still has the potential to be an invaluable asset.

Talents of Rashaad Penny

One of Penny’s most significant strengths is his perception on the field. He has the faculty to make rapid cuts and exploit opportunities created by his offensive line. Penny is also a forceful runner, with the potential to bulldoze through defenders.

Vulnerabilities of Rashaad Penny

Penny’s primary vulnerability is his resilience. He has been beset with injuries throughout his career and has yet to complete a full season. Furthermore, Penny is not as productive in pass protection as some other running backs in the league.

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Overview of Chase Edmonds

Chase Edmonds was drafted in the fourth round by the Arizona Cardinals in 2018. He has gradually heightened his productivity each season and has emerged as a robust option for fantasy football players.

Talents of Chase Edmonds

Edmonds is an immensely adaptable running back. He has the ability to catch passes out of the backfield and is a skilled pass blocker. Additionally, Edmonds is a patient runner who can perceive blocks and make good judgments.

Vulnerabilities of Chase Edmonds

Edmonds’ most significant vulnerability is his lack of size. He is not as physically imposing as some other running backs in the league, which can restrict his effectiveness in short-yardage situations. Additionally, Edmonds has yet to verify that he can handle a full workload as a featured back.

Comparison: Rashaad Penny vs. Chase Edmonds

When juxtaposing these two running backs, it’s lucid that they each have their strengths and vulnerabilities. Penny is a forceful runner with terrific perception, but is prone to injuries and not as productive in pass protection. Edmonds is a versatile player who can catch passes and block adeptly but may struggle in short-yardage situations and has yet to ascertain himself as a featured back.


Therefore, when it comes down to it, which player should you select? It depends on what you’re searching for in a running back. If you want someone who can power through defenders and make prominent plays, Penny may be a sound choice. If you’re searching for a more versatile player who can contribute in multiple ways, Edmonds might be the better option. Ultimately, the decision is yours.

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Q1: Who has more experience in the NFL, Rashaad Penny or Chase Edmonds?

Answer: Rashaad Penny was selected in the initial round in 2018 and has played two seasons in the NFL. Chase Edmonds was picked in the fourth round, likewise in 2018, and has also played two seasons in the league.

Q2: Who has more fantasy football points, Rashaad Penny or Chase Edmonds?

Answer: As of the 2021 season, Chase Edmonds has more fantasy football points than Rashaad Penny.

Q3: Is Rashaad Penny prone to injuries?

Answer: Yes, Rashaad Penny has struggled with injuries throughout his career and has yet to play a full season.

Q4: Can Chase Edmonds catch passes out of the backfield?

Answer: Yes, Chase Edmonds is an adept pass-catching running back.

Q5: Who is more liable to be a featured back, Rashaad Penny, or Chase Edmonds?

Answer: It’s unclear at this time which player is more liable to be a featured back. Both have the potential to assume a bigger role in their respective offenses.

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