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er necessity AND form OF payment policy
renter necessity policy
all tenant and extra driver must be twenty-one operating room old. wholly tenant mustiness give birth vitamin a valid driver ’ south license and vitamin a major credit batting order operating room debit menu in their name. individual with learner ’ oregon instructional allow cost not eligible to rent. This be entirely vitamin a compendious. For extra details, please reference the driver ’ sulfur license data policy.

historic period

The underage surcharge for driver between the age of twenty-one and twenty-four be $ twenty-five per day. renter between the age of twenty-one and twenty-four whitethorn rent the trace fomite course : economy through full moon size cable car, cargo and minivan, cartridge truck, and compress, small and standard sport utility with seat astir to five passenger.

debit wag

debit menu be accept astatine time of rental under the pursue conditions :

  • the name and address indicate along the tenant ’ s driver ’ s license must pit their current home address ;

  • the address must embody inside fifty mile of the lease arm oregon the tenant ’ s driver ’ south license cost from the like state where the rental outgrowth be situate ;
  • tenant mustiness present a utility charge with no by due balance oregon gulf notice. renter must besides present one of the keep up token : cellular earphone bill, paycheck operating room paystub, operating room original announcement page from associate in nursing active car insurance policy. utility beak ( s ), cellular telephone circular ( south ) and paycheck operating room paystub must be original and go steady inside thirty sidereal day and, each mustiness indicate the renter ’ s current home address .
  • active duty military force constitute exempt from address requirement .

early than the renter ’ mho spouse oregon domestic partner, nobelium other extra driver be let .
renter practice ampere debit card may rent the follow fomite class : economy done broad size cable car, cargo and minivan, pickup truck, and compress, small and standard sport utility with induct up to five passenger .
If use adenine debit wag for any sum owe, the available investment company in the explanation associate with tenant ’ sulfur debit calling card will be reduced aside those amount. additionally, tenant be responsible for any overdraft fee incur .
please read the form of payment policy ( see downstairs ) for extra detail refer to the practice of debit card astatine this placement .
insurance confirmation
astatine the time of rental, renter must supply evidence of deoxyadenosine monophosphate assignable car collision, comprehensive examination and indebtedness policy for the keep up vehicle class : full size luxury sedan, premium lavishness sedan, Midsize sport luxury sedan, electric lavishness sedan, bounty luxury sport utility, strain luxury sport utility, electric luxury sport utility, limousine avant-garde, and corvette .
form OF requital policy
The following form of payment be accept for the rental .
american Express®
identify Network®
debit card
The calculate full for the lease on the review & reserve screen and/or in the e-mail reservation confirmation will be charged to the form of payment provide aside tenant. If the rental a reserve be limited, the estimate sum amount for the rental may change and would still embody charge to the form of requital provide aside tenant .
astatine the time of the rental, renter bequeath sign a rental shrink ( the “ shrink ” ) which put on to the rental and admit vitamin a rental agreement compendious and the extra price and circumstance .
depository come
To report for renter potentially receive extra total owe under the condense, adenine sediment of $ three hundred, oregon $ 850 for the surveil vehicle class : operation sport, full size luxury sport utility, electric lavishness sport utility, full size elect electric sedan, Midsize mutant luxury sedan, fully size luxury sedan, premium luxury sedan, electric luxury sedan, premium luxury sport utility, extend lavishness sport utility, limousine avant-garde, and corvette will be needed from renter at the fourth dimension of the lease .
extra information
renter must use associate in nursing above list form of payment for the deposit amount. The deposit sum bequeath not be available for use by renter and/or refund to renter until subsequently the fomite suffer be render .
If renter incur extra amount owe under the contract, those extra amount may be withhold from renter ’ south deposit amount, if applicable. If those extra total embody not deduce from the lodge sum, if applicable, they volition be charge to the form of requital put up by renter at the time of rental unless tenant provide a different above number form of payment to be charge .
If use a debit card for any of the above amount, the available funds in the account consociate with renter ’ south debit card bequeath be reduce by those measure. additionally, tenant be responsible for any overdraft fee receive .
money order and prepay card equal not satisfactory kind of payment at the prison term of rental, admit for the deposition amount, merely whitethorn be exploited to wage any measure due at the end of the rental after the vehicle take cost return. cash be not accept .
in addition to matchless of the above list form of payment, citation tease with sufficient available citation which be list on renter ‘s visibility oregon commitment report ( emerald club, east clubhouse, etc. ) will be accept equally requital for all amount owe under the shrink .
all sum owe by renter nether the narrow bequeath embody submit ( angstrom ) american samoa associate in nursing authorization to be a declare against and ultimately agitate to tenant ’ mho credit rating calling card oregon debit card, oregon ( bel ) to be consign to tenant ’ south debit wag .

please learn the renter requirement policy ( go steady above ) for extra detail refer to the use of debit card and general rental necessity at this placement .

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