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How To Write an Email Interview Request (With Examples)

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Published August 18, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail As a homo resources professional, you may interact frequently with job candidates throughout the interview and hire processes. With this, it ‘s probably you ‘ll need to request an interview via e-mail, which is an important footfall in beginning a candidate ‘s evaluation and determining whether they ‘re a good meet. consequently, it may be helpful to review more information on how to write an effective invitation to a campaigner. In this article, we outline what an electronic mail for an interview request is, a bit-by-bit guide for writing one, both a template and exercise e-mail and what to expect from a campaigner ‘s answer .

What is an email for an interview request?

An e-mail for an interview request is a letter that rent managers and human resources ( HR ) professionals spell to invite candidates for an interview. These emails typically serve as a follow-up to a campaigner ‘s application for an open function or a phone screen that demonstrates their ability to fulfill a side ‘s needs. Further, HR professionals may besides send emails for interview requests as an attack to recruit qualify candidates who have n’t however applied for a put. HR professionals can send these emails to invite candidates to one-on-one interviews, group interviews, in-person interviews or digital screenings, depending on the size of an applicant pool, the act of positions available and an constitution ‘s preferences. Regardless of their context, email interview requests normally act as the first step in a candidate ‘s evaluation and the hire process. Related : How To Send an Email To Confirm an Interview ( With Examples )

How to write an email for an interview request

There are a few essential steps you can take when writing an e-mail for an consultation request to make it concise, effective and master. here ‘s a bit-by-bit guide to follow when approaching this tax :

1. Gather all relevant information

Before you begin drafting your e-mail for an interview request, you need to gather all the relevant information that you want to include in your message. here are a few key items that HR professionals typically include in such an e-mail :

  • title of the position : It ‘s helpful to open your electronic mail by referencing the entitle of the position the campaigner applied for and a brief invitation so they can understand your aim for write .
  • * * Date and time of the interview : * * It ‘s important that candidates know when you expect them to attend the interview you ‘re inviting them for so they can add it to their schedule .
  • location of the consultation : Candidates need to know where you plan on conducting the interview and whether it will take place in person or remotely so they can plan consequently .
  • title and mention of the person conducting the interview : You may mention who plans to conduct the campaigner ‘s interview, whether it be a prospective director or a example of HR. In addition, you may mention whether they can expect to meet with a dialog box of interviewers preferably than an person .
  • What candidates can expect : It may be utilitarian to outline what candidates can expect from an interview. They may encounter virtual evaluations, knowledge-based tests, question-and-answer sessions or other activities for which they can prepare .
  • Items candidates need to bring : If candidates need to bring certain materials, such as references, a copy of their driver ‘s license or samples of work, you can mention this in your e-mail .
  • Your reach information : It ‘s important to provide your contact information, including a earphone number and electronic mail address, so the candidate can reach you regarding questions, ratification or reschedule .

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2. Greet the candidate and open with an invitation

After collecting all the information above, you can begin writing your electronic mail. You may start by greeting the campaigner professionally and being careful to spell their name correctly. From here, you can begin your opening paragraph by referencing the campaigner ‘s application, stating the title of the job they applied for and inviting them to interview for the function. In your invitation, include key details like the prison term, date and location of the interview and whether you plan for it to be held in-person or remotely using video conferencing tools. In addition, it may be utilitarian to mention whether the interview will be a one-on-one consultation or a group interview with other candidates salute .

3. Explain who is conducting the interview and what the candidate can expect

once you outline your invitation distinctly, explain who plans to conduct the interview by stating their title and their list. This individual may be an organizational leader, a departmental director, the professional who plans to supervise the fresh rent or a spokesperson from the HR department. This serves as a brief introduction to the organizational structure for the campaigner. From here, you may explain what will occur in the consultation, including activities like a skills judgment or a discussion of the function ‘s duties. This information can help provide clarity to the campaigner so they know who they can expect on the day of the interview. Related : How To Draft an Interview Request Letter

4. Outline what the candidate needs to prepare for the interview

It may be helpful to explain what the campaigner can do to prepare for their interview. This is specially on-key if the candidate can expect to complete an appraisal or evaluation as a part of their interview. For case, if a campaigner is interviewing for a content writing status and needs to write a sample to demonstrate their ability to adhere to specific style guide requirements, you may mention this so they can review the requirements anterior to the assessment. Doing this can help ensure that candidates are angstrom fix as potential for the interview and can offer the best of their skills throughout. In addition, explain whether a candidate needs to bring certain materials with them to the interview, such as those items needed to conduct a background check. From here, the campaigner can confirm your expectations and help you streamline the lease march overall.

5. Provide guidelines for the candidate’s response and close with flexibility

As you near the end of your electronic mail, offer answer guidelines for the campaigner so they can reply accordingly. You may provide the prospect for them to ask questions they have or ask them to confirm the reception of your message. Giving net guidelines in this respect can help candidates feel comfortable reaching out with clarifications and know what you expect from them. From here, remind the candidate that they should contact you vitamin a soon as possible if the clock time, date or location of the interview is n’t commodious for them. It ‘s crucial to do this as it demonstrates your commitment to flexibility during the lease process—candidates are n’t yet employees and it ‘s important to provide fair accommodation to their schedules. Provide your contact information, including your telephone number and electronic mail address, so they may reach you to reschedule the consultation for a more desirable time. Related : How To Write Professional Emails ( With Templates )

6. Sign off with a professional salutation and reread your writing

once you draft the body of your electronic mail invitation, sign off on a welcoming note with a statement such as “ We look fore to speaking with you soon ” and a master salute such as “ Best regards, ” or “ sincerely ” followed by your name. Below your salute, you may choose to include an electronic mail touch that states your put, the diagnose of your organization, its location and your contact information. Having all of this data in one seat can be helpful for candidates to reference as they craft their responses. After you finish writing, reread the message carefully and make certain it ‘s detached of grammatical, spelling, syntax and informational errors. Revising your electronic mail and ensuring all information is accurate can help provide professionalism and clearness to the candidate. This is specially authoritative if you ‘re inviting multiple candidates for interviews, as you need to make sure you ‘re including the proper times and dates for each respective interview .

Template email for an interview request

here ‘s a template of an electronic mail for an interview request you can use as a mention when crafting your own message : Dear [ candidate ‘s name ], After reviewing your application for the put of [ title of open status ], I would like to invite you for an interview on [ date ] at [ fourth dimension ] at the [ placement of interview ]. The [ style of the person conducting the consultation ], [ name of the person conducting the interview ], will conduct the interview and speak to you more about their expectations for the put. The consultation will final approximately [ duration of interview ] and you may expect [ what the campaigner can expect when attending the consultation ]. In addition, please bring [ items that the campaigner should bring with them to the interview and a brief explanation why ]. If the date or time of this interview is n’t commodious for you, please feel loose to reach out to me by phone [ call phone number ] or by responding to this e-mail to arrange a more desirable time. In summation, I ‘m available to chat [ your handiness ] if you have any questions about the above information. We look fore to meeting you in person ! Best wishes,
[ Your appoint ] – — [ Your name ]
[ Your claim ]
[ Name of organization ]
[ Address of organization ]
[ City, state ]
[ Phone number ]
[ Your e-mail ]

Example email for an interview request

Using the template above as a template, hera ‘s an example e-mail for an interview request you can review to gain a better understand of how to incorporate specific information into your message : Dear Rashad, After reviewing your application for the position of Content Strategist, I would like to invite you for an interview on July 24 at 10:30 ante meridiem at the Gold Solutions office in East River, NY. The director of marketing, Leah Wilkinson, will conduct the interview and address to you more about her expectations for the position. The interview will last approximately one hour and you may expect to complete a agile evaluation of your professional skills. In addition, please bring a tilt of at least three references and their contact data and a copy of your driver ‘s license so we can get started with the use verification serve. If the date or time of this interview is n’t commodious for you, please feel unblock to reach out to me by earphone ( 333-203-4910 ) or by responding to this electronic mail to arrange a more desirable fourth dimension. In addition, I ‘m available to chat during commercial enterprise hours Monday through Friday if you have any questions about the above data. We look forward to meeting you in person ! Best wishes,
Margot — – Margot Benson
Administrative Assistant
Gold Solutions
191 West 10th Street
East River, NY
mbenson @ Related : e-mail Examples : How To Respond to an Employer Interview Request

What to look for in a reply

A certified campaigner who demonstrates professionalism and enthusiasm may include a few fundamental components in their answer. here are those components explained :

  • gratitude : typically, candidates reply by expressing their gratitude for your invitation and thank you for the opportunity to interview. This shows the campaigner ‘s courtesy and makes a positive first gear depression that may foreshadow their ability to interact respectfully with organizational members .
  • confirmation of details : A candidate may confirm the details that you outline in your invitation, including the date, clock and placement of the interview, so they can assure their attendance and have a record of their commitment. In addition, if the interview time slot does n’t work for the campaigner, they may request an understudy time and then confirm these details .
  • clarification : If a campaigner has confusion about any of the details you included in the e-mail, they may reach out to clarify information, like who they can expect to meet with, where the interview will take station and what type of evaluation they may encounter. This type of clarification can allow candidates to prepare themselves adequately.
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