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These days, it ‘s park for the crypto commercialize to have a successful rant project immediately see imitators pop up, trying to ride the wave of hype. evening such a doubtful plan as SafeMoon had imitators. In this article, we ‘ll talk about one of its imitators, the SafeMars project, and study the price predictions of its nominal .

What is SafeMars (SAFEMARS)?

SafeMars is an altcoin created on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain that positions itself as an autonomous give and liquidity coevals protocol. A fee is charged for each transaction, which goes towards rewarding the holders and increasing liquid. SafeMars' website

The history of SafeMars

SafeMars launched on 13 March 2021. The project was founded by an anonymous developer under the pseudonym The Martian. The project team consists of 3 developers and 5 marketers. Of these, entirely CEO Kenneth Churchill and Community Liaison Brian Dooley are known. The perch of the team prefer to remain anonymous.

After the project ‘s establish, 53.5 % of the issued tokens were burned, 40.5 % of the tokens were allocated to the pre-sale provide and 6 % went to the SafeMars team ‘s wallet .

SafeMars’ features

Launched only a few days after SafeMoon, SafeMars is not much different. It ‘s a cryptocurrency designed in a way that encourages it to be held for a long clock time. The SafeMars bright contract charges a 4 % tip on each transaction. The tip received is distributed as follows :

  1. 2% is distributed as a reward among token holders. This is one of the main features of the token, which should attract holders.
  2. 1% is auto-locked in the liquidity pool to constantly increase the liquidity of the token.
  3. 1% goes towards prizes for holders.

The project roadmap outlines plans to create a staking dApp angstrom well as the ability to stake and mine NFT. Despite the fact that the implementation of those plans was announced vitamin a early as the third quarter of 2021, as of the end of February 2022, nothing is known about their execution .

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SafeMars (SAFEMARS) price analysis

As of 23 February 2022, the SAFEMARS token rank 4623rd among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization at $ 11,087,347. SAFEMARS price statistics ( as of 23/02/22 )

SAFEMARS current price $ 0.0000000279
market cap $ 11,087,347
Self-reported circulate provide 393,255.87B SAFEMARS
Max supply 1,000,000B SAFEMARS
day by day trade volume $ 63,524
all-time gamey

$ 0.00000229 ( 19/04/21 )
all-time low $ 0.00000001 ( 29/03/21 )
Website hypertext transfer protocol : //

SAFEMARS’ price history

shortly after the release of the keepsake on the crypto market, its price collapsed, reaching an all-time depleted. then the price rose sharply and reached a local senior high school of $ 0.0000001061 on 5 April 2021. An tied more impressive growth followed the correction, and the price reached a new high of $ 0.000001068 on 20 April. After another deep correction, the price soared again, reaching its all-time high. Following this, the price collapsed. Despite the fact that buyers tried to change the bearish drift twice, in early August and in October, they never even got close to the previous two highs, and after each of those attempts, the price fell even lower .SAFEMARS/USD historical price chartSAFEMARS/USD historical price chart

SafeMars technical analysis

The price of SAFEMARS is presently moving sideways, trade volumes are very abject even by the standards of this keepsake. Moving averages and MACD indicate fallible bearish opinion. Having said that, it should be noted that altcoins with such a low market cap are highly susceptible to market handling, and their technical foul analysis is very treacherous .SAFEMARS/USD daily chartSAFEMARS/USD daily chart

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SafeMars (SAFEMARS) price prediction 2022

It ‘s about impossible to predict the price demeanor of a mint with a low market cap. There are presently no objective reasons for the monetary value to increase, but a new round of hype may cause another short-run price upgrade .

SafeMars (SAFEMARS) price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

The crypto with a market cap that low has attracted the attention of not many democratic predictive services. We have compiled for you the predictions of the few that did pay care to the token .

Wallet Investor’s SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

Wallet Investor considers SAFEMARS to be a regretful investment. According to their calculations, the keepsake ‘s price will decrease and will be $ 0.000000005 at the end of 2022, $ 0.000000004 at the end of 2023 and $ 0.000000002 at the end of 2025 .WalletInvestor's SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022WalletInvestor’s SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022

DigitalCoinPrice’s SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

DigitalCoinPrice, on the contrary, expects the price of the token to rise. They believe the price will reach $ 0.0000000396 at the end of 2022, $ 0.0000000433 at the end of 2023, $ 0.0000000513 at the end of 2025 and $ 0.0000001300 at the end of 2030 .DigitalCoinPrice's SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022-2031DigitalCoinPrice’s SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022-2031

CryptoPredictions’SAFEMARS price prediction for 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

CryptoPredictions agree with DigitalCoinPrice that the monetary value will rise. however, according to their calculations, the price increase will be more rapid. thus, the token will be worth $ $ 0.0000000832 at the end of 2022, $ 0.0000001069 at the end of 2023 and $ 0.0000001324 at the goal of 2025 .

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SafeMars (SAFEMARS) overall future value predictions

SafeMars has quite a few indications that this keepsake is an extremely bad investing, even when compared to early altcoins.

  • A very low market cap results in the token’s low liquidity and makes it very vulnerable to market manipulation.
  • The token has no real utility and is only suitable for holding at the moment. Holders receive passive income from transaction fees, but there is little point in carrying out those very transactions.
  • The project does not have any advantageous differences from competitors. It doesn’t offer its users anything new.
  • The token is listed on a very small number of crypto exchanges, the largest of which is
  • Most of the project developers remain anonymous.
  • The project is noticeably behind the published roadmap.

With all this in mind, it ‘s safe to say that at this stagecoach, investing in this project is more of a gamble .

How high can SafeMars go?

Since the token ‘s price presently has no objective reasons for growth, it can only rise because of ballyhoo. however, evening in this shell, the price is improbable to reach the highs that it saw in spring 2021 .

SafeMars(SAFEMARS) price prediction today

The token ‘s price is presently slowly declining, the interest of traders in the token is at a very low level. The most probably scenario is a promote price decline. however, it should be taken into account that due to the abject market detonator, the position can change in an irregular way at any time .

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