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Controversy and questions surround SafeMoon. So what will this mean for a SafeMoon price prediction in 2022 ?


Accusations of “ pump-and-dump ” fraud and early alleged shenanigans involving the crypto token SafeMoon (SFM) saw the coin ’ randomness price dip 50 % in a fortnight in the middle of April 2022. So what does this mean for a SafeMoon price prediction today ? SafeMoon ’ s most concern feature is that anyone who sells a SafeMoon coin will be discipline to a 10 % sales tax, with 5 % redistributed to people who are still holding their coins, and the other 5 % burned. This encourage people to hold on to their coins. On 18 April 2022, allegations of a SafeMoon imposter were made in a YouTube television by “ internet detective ” Coffeezilla, actual list Stephen Findeisen, with the claim that SafeMoon CEO John Karony has not been adding SafeMoon from sellers to the liquidity pool. Findeisen, claims SafeMoon had a deal with Bitmart, where the exchange sent the 5 % of SafeMoon tokens mean for burning to Karony while distributing the rest among holders – and Karony allegedly barely pocketed the tokens.

The SafeMoon price was already devour from $ 0.001151 to   $ 0008185,   after an earlier accusation by Fineisen that Ben Phillips, a early SafeMoon influencer and the company ’ s former head marketing officer, orchestrated an alleged $ 12m “ pump and dump ” fraud, promoting SafeMoon while at the lapp clock selling millions of the tokens. Following the latest claim, the price crashed by anbother 28 % and the coin was trading at $ 0.0005898 at the begin of 19 April. Neither John Karony nor the SafeMoon Twitter accounts   have responded yet to the video. SafeMoon   has been in being for barely over a year and has recently generated a batch of exhilaration thanks to its late V2 upgrade. But after the accusations of imposter, what is the expectation for the nominal ? And is it safe ? SafeMoon ’ s very name pays court to a saying that has become popular call-to-arms among on-line crypto communities – “ to the moon ”. While it is ill-defined who originated the phrase, it has probably become most consociate with dogecoin, the currency that started as a meme and is now trading at around the $ 0.11 mark following endorsements from the likes of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, rapper Snoop Dogg and Elon Musk, PayPal co-founder and Tesla and SpaceX CEO. The “ safe ” part of its name, meanwhile, has possibly less to do with the slang condition of blessing, and is alternatively just a reference to the crypto ’ sulfur purported security .SafeMoon’s process for selling the cryptoSafeMoon encourages people to hold the crypto – Credit:

Legitimacy of SafeMoon

Concerns have been raised over the legitimacy of SafeMoon. Its unique structure, which encourages people to hold on to the coin, coupled with its relative newness, have drawn questions from some experts – with some analysts dubbing it a Ponzi scheme. There was besides the fear that since SafeMoon CEO John Karony holds around half of the liquid, he could easily get rid of it, therefore rendering the coin worthless. however, Karony had claimed that the liquidity pool will merely be used for emergencies, and that the funds could end up seeding exchanges that trade SafeMoon or fund future products. SafeMoon recently replaced its chief blockchain policeman, Thomas Smith, with a raw team, stating that the handover process started last September. meanwhile, on 8 March 2022, it was revealed that SafeMoon ’ s vice-president Charles Karony had stepped down from his placement, in order to return to university and complete his degree. In terms of its holocene upgrade, the idea was to consolidate the old SafeMoon – SAFEMOON – by a ratio of 1000:1, therefore meaning that the rate of the new SFM mint will be higher than the old one, but besides that existing holders will not lose out. IThe migration is not automatic, so SAFEMOON holders will have to convert their old crypto to SFM. Let ’ s take a look at SafeMoon ’ sulfur price history. While past performance is never an index of future results, knowing what has happened can help to contextualise a future SafeMoon price prediction .

The story so far

SafeMoon launched on 8 March 2021 with an initial price of $ 0.000000001. As with all new things, people started to get interest, and the price soon reached $ 0.00000157 on 3 April. It stayed around this price for about two weeks, but then things started to move importantly. On Friday 16 April, it stood at $ 0.000001, but over the course of a match of days, it more than doubled, hitting precisely under $ 0.0000029 by the early hours of Sunday 18 April. While this price growth seemed reasonably impressive at the time, it was nothing compared to what happened next .

The value of SafeMoon

The measure of SafeMoon rocketed, hitting a eminent of $ 0.00001375 on the evening of Tuesday 20 April. That is an increase of 375 % in the outer space of a small over two days. To put things even more starkly, if you had bought into SafeMoon when it was launched, then you would have seen the measure of your investment tear up by a stratospheric 1,374,900 %. Basically, if you had bought a dollar ’ s worth when it launched and sold at its acme on 20 April, barely over a month after it became available, you would have ended up a millionaire, tied after your SafeMoon sales tax had been taken.

The mega-boom was ephemeral, however, and the monetary value gradually declined from the end of May. On 28 August, the beta plunge of SafeMoon Wallet suffered technical difficulties and the price went from $ 0.000003508 to $ 0.000002519 over a day, according to data from CoinMarketCap. following came October, which saw the SafeMoon price jump a massive 355 %, from $ 0.000001386 at the originate of the month to $ 0.000006302 on 29 October. There was further excitability in November, but then the V2 upgrade was launched on 12 December 2021. At the clock of the switch over to SafeMoon V2, it was standing at about $ 0.0000016. While the newly SFM keepsake has garnered most of the attention, the erstwhile SAFEMOON is still traded and, as of 7 February, it was worth a small under $ 0.0000013. This particular token ’ s utmost add, one trillion, was in circulation, and it had a commercialize crown of around $ 754m, making it the 254th-largest crypto by that system of measurement. interim, the new SFM mint stood at $ 0.001639 at the get down of trade on 16 December, and it was immediately hit by problems, falling to an all-time low of $ 0.0000002453 on 18 December. That bug was soon sorted out, and the mint started to grow, reaching a price of $ 0.002558 at the end of the class. SFM looked like it was going to be a mint which defied the bears that were dominant in the crypto marketplace at the time, and it reached an all-time high of $ 0.007232 on 4 January. The mint looked like it was still going to maintain a degree of between $ 0.002 and $ 0.003, but support ebbed away in late January and it has plunged since. As of 19 April 2022, the SFM price stood at approximately $ 0.0006261. Let ’ s take a spirit at the SafeMoon price prediction for 2022. We will be looking at the new SFM coin here. We need to point out that forecasts are much faulty and, with the SFM version of SafeMoon being a newer mint, the likelihood of error increases. besides, crypto forecasts are frequently made using an algorithm, which can change at any moment .SafeMoonHow to buy SafeMoon – Credit: SafeMoon

The future

These SafeMoon predictions are algorithmically derived and not carved in stone.

DigitalCoinPrice says that SafeMoon should get to around a utmost of $ 0.000877 by the end of the class. The like site sees it reaching an average price of $ 0.00253 in December 2029. gives a SafeMoon mint monetary value prediction that sees it getting to around $ 0.001 in 2022. The locate thinks SafeMoon V2 will break through the cent barrier in 2027. Its average price for 2028 should be about $ 0.014. The same site argues that SFM could reach a senior high school as $ 0.043 in 2031. last, Telegaon suggests that SafeMoon V2 can reach a price of anywhere between $ 0.0038 and $ 0.018 in 2022, but the most probable average is going to be $ 0.0079. The web site, which is more bullish in its SFM prognosis than the others, says the coin should break through the cent barrier in 2023, the 10 cent mark a soon as 2025. Its SafeMoon price prediction for 2030 suggests it could evening be worth more than a dollar at that point .


Is SafeMoon legit? While there does seem to be a actual plan for the crypto in its whitepaper, there are still some questions and accusations of imposter to be addressed. We do not know what is happening to the fluidity pool, for exemplify. That said, it is constantly best to do your own research, and decide for yourself whether you think it is deserving buying into or not .Can SafeMoon reach $1? It is possible that SafeMoon can hit the $ 1 grade at some degree, though even the most optimistic long-run SafeMoon crypto price prediction does not see that happening for another eight years yet. however, the next-best bode says the mint will likely be worth mere cents by then, so it is worth being careful. Will SafeMoon go up ? If you want to buy some and wait until it reaches the charming dollar crisscross, you may be waiting for some time. As is true with pretty much any crypto, you should be prepared to deal with some losses in the coin ’ s rate a well as gains, and practice solitaire.

Is SafeMoon a good investment? There are accusations of imposter and pump-and-dump so you will need to do your own research. Remember that prices can go down a well as up, and never invest more money than you can afford to lose .How to buy SafeMoon Although SafeMoon is available on some exchanges, it is not available on all of them, partially because it is a relatively new cryptocurrency. The SafeMoon web site gives details of where and how to buy it .

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