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Coin Buyer Tempe.  We Buy ALL Coin Types.

Tempe’s Leading Coin Buyer, Tempe Pawn & Gold

Our Pawn Shop in Tempe, besides serving Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler can either buy your coins outright or you can take a loan on them and get them back ! Whether you have one mint or an integral collection, we will closely examine them and give you the best price that you deserve. We have clients across the West Coast that are selling to us every day. Don ’ t lose 10 % + in fees on eBay to sell your coins, sell to us today for immediate cash ! We are a buyer of gold coins, flatware coins, pre-1965 US Silver Coins and besides rare and collectible coins .
We ’ re not alone the top mint buyer, the clear coin lender, but we ’ re besides a coin store for collectibles, numismatic, old, antique, and vintage types of coins. evening if they ’ ra aureate, or silver medal, or age-old United States coins, we have them in house and are actively buying and selling them. This means that are ability to make valuations on your coins and our ability to make valuations on the coins we sell is top of the line in Tempe. We live to serve our customers whether we ’ re helping them, or whether they ’ rhenium helping us, all transactions are honest and beneficial for everyone involved. And hey, possibly you don ’ triiodothyronine want us to be your coin buyer, but you still need cash. We can besides make quick and easy coin loans at alike prices as if we were your mint buyer and that direction you can get your items back.

As A Tempe Coin Buyer, We Are Actively Seeking:  

coin buyer tempe, mesa, scottsdale, chandler, gold coins, silver coins, collectible coins 10c Silver coins ( dimes ) dated pre 1965 – Priced based on silver price .
25c Silver coins ( quarters ) dated pre 1965 – Priced based on eloquent price .
50c Silver coins ( halves ) dated pre 1965 – Priced based on silver medal price .
$ 1.00 Silver coins dated pre 1937 – up to $ 50,000 .
Buffalo coins – Priced based on stream aureate price .
We also are a buyer of Gold Numismatic Coins such as:
$ 1.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 5,000 .
$ 2.50 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 5,500.

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$ 3.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 8,000 .
$ 4.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 95,000 .
$ 5.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 6,000 .
$ 10.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 10,000 .
$ 20.00 U.S. Gold coins valued up to $ 15,000 .
coin buyer tempe, scottsdale, mesa, chandler, gold coins, coins, collectible coins
At our instrument patronize in Tempe is a major coin buyer, besides serving Scottsdale, Mesa, and Chandler, will besides pay you the most money for your Gold, Silver and Platinum coins .
We take most minted stamp bullion bars and ingots including Engelhard, Johnson Matthey, Pan American, Pamp Suisse, Sunshine and many others. We are in a situation to buy or sell Silver. We are besides able to offer Cash For Silver on the spotlight in Tempe.

If you are thinking, “ Coin Buyer Tempe ”, think Tempe Pawn & Gold. Buying and selling all types of coins from customers in Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler .

All Gold and Silver Coins Are Good for Cash!

Let Tempe Pawn and Gold be your coin buyer. Any ash grey, gold, old, or antique coins you have are equally good as cash at our pawn shop class. What makes silver and gold coins sol valuable is the cute metals at heart. There ’ s two types of coins that determine what kind of value they have : intrinsic and numismatic. intrinsic coins are coins that are either old or antique and have their value because collectors are interested in them. This normally means they have some sort of curio, and that ’ s where certain types of grades come into gambling. These types of coins are valued based upon how rare they are, but besides about the overall stipulate of the mint all in all .
Most coins will have numismatic prize. This precisely means that they contain some sort of cherished metallic like aureate, argent, or platinum, and that their value international relations and security network ’ t determined by rarity or anything of the sort but simply by the gram weight of the metals that are held within the mint itself. You ’ ll see a basic tilt of these up above of the most popular silver and gold coins, but these types of coins are the best kind for flying cash. Gold coins hold a lot of value as they can be quite heavy, so let us be your gold coin buyer and get cash in your hand today .

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