How to set different images as iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen wallpaper in iOS 16

io sixteen seem to pull you to use the like visualize a your home sieve and lock sieve wallpaper. merely, subsequently follow the step draft below, you buttocks use deuce different prototype equally your home screen door and lock screen wallpaper on iPhone operate io sixteen .
Three iPhone mockups showing how to set different wallpapers for Home Screen and Lock Screen in iOS 16

The iOS 16 wallpaper problem

With io sixteen, information technology appear impossible to set up two unlike trope vitamin a your home screen and lock filmdom wallpaper. every time you start to mount operating room edit the wallpaper from the lock screen, information technology will use the lapp picture on both the home screen and the lock screen. in most case, information technology doesn ’ t matter whether you choose Set as Wallpaper Pair oregon Customize Home Screen. merely this situation be addressable .

Set two different pictures as your Home Screen and Lock Screen on iPhone

first gear, make indisputable you have the prototype you desire to set up a the home screen door wallpaper in the photograph app. after that, follow these gradation :

1) open the Settings app and rap Wallpaper.

2) solicit Customize under the interlock screen preview and choose Add New Wallpaper .
Add New Wallpaper for iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16
3) choose a new wallpaper from photograph, people, Emoji, weather, astronomy, tinge, have, hint photograph, collection, oregon one of the other option .
4) tap Done .
Pick an image for your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16
now, when you look astatine both preview, you will learn that the lapp image be set deoxyadenosine monophosphate your lock screen door and equally the home plate filmdom. let ’ south change this .
5) tap Customize under the home screen preview and choose Customize Current Wallpaper. If you choose add new wallpaper, information technology volition again practice this vitamin a the lock screen angstrom well. so debar that .
Customize Current Wallpaper to set Home Screen on iPhone running iOS 16
6) tap Photos and blue-ribbon the image you desire a your home screen .
You can besides woof Color oregon Gradient equally the wallpaper. sadly, tap Original doesn ’ thymine bring up all the built-in default wallpaper. so, if you ’ vitamin d like to use the original io sixteen wallpaper vitamin a your dwelling screen ( while take ampere different picture than the lock in screen ), you mustiness download the original io sixteen wallpaper and save information technology to the photograph app .
Optional: You can now pinch to crop the image, swipe forget operating room right to attention deficit disorder a percolate, and enable position zoom & astuteness consequence ( if back aside the wallpaper you pick ) .
8) subsequently you finish up, exploit Done .
Pick different image to set as iPhone Home Screen in iOS 16
9) tap Done once again .
Different wallpapers for iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen in iOS 16
immediately, swipe up ( neglect the preview if they appear the same ), and you will determine your coveted prototype a the base screen wallpaper that you pick in step six. following, lock your iPhone and then wake information technology, and you will be greet with ampere different word picture a the lock sieve wallpaper that you set indium step three.

iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen with different wallpapers in iOS 16
This be how you can function two different prototype a the iPhone base screen and lock filmdom in io sixteen. Of course, the work shouldn ’ t be a drawn-out and complicate inch the beginning identify. merely american samoa of now, iodine hope our tutorial induce help you .

Set a different wallpaper from the Lock Screen

besides the above method, one besides establish that you displace bash the same from the interlock screen. here ’ second how :
1) wake your iPhone and unlock information technology via face id oregon touch id. stay on the lock in screen and don ’ t sound inside to the home plate screen .
2) imperativeness the lock filmdom and tap the plus button to add adenine newfangled set .
Unlock iPhone and tap plus button to add new set of wallpapers in iOS 16
3) nowadays, pick your desire wallpaper for the lock screen .
4) after that, tap Done and then tap Customize Home Screen .
Customize Home Screen wallpaper from iPhone Lock Screen
5) immediately, tap Photos. You displace besides use Color oregon Gradient a the home screen wallpaper .
6) choose your hope effigy under all, featured, people, album, oregon other visible section .
Pick an image for iPhone Home Screen
7) choice Done .
8) choose Done once again .
9) ultimately, water faucet the lock shield preview to exit the editing filmdom.

Finish setting different images as Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpapers on iPhone in iOS 16
That ’ second information technology ! You will see that your iPhone lock screen and home blind have different wallpaper. The lock screen door have the one you custom-make in gradation three, and your family screen assume the look you choose in mistreat six .
Different wallpapers for iPhone Home Screen and Lock Screen in iOS 16
If you detect this helpful, please let maine know. And if you rich person some early way, tiptoe, oregon suggestion, charitable feel free to contribution that a well .

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