Watch & Cry Happy Tears: Selena Quintanilla Being an Absolute Queen in These Iconic Interview Moments

Selena Quintanilla will constantly be an icon. Until her tragic death precisely 27 years ago, she surprised people everywhere with her soothing yet herculean voice wherever she went. Singing unforgettable songs that tugged on heartstrings like “ Amor Prohibido, ” or uptempo bops like “ Como La Flor, ” she brought a perfect mix of pleasantness and zest to all her performances ( and who can forget her “ lavadora ” dance travel ? ! ) .

hush, even more shock for some was her personality. As the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena could have been a prima donna — but honest-to-god interviews show she was anything but .
As excavate interviews, quotes, and off-the-cut moments show, Selena was ampere real as it gets. She never let fame get to her head, flush after winning the Grammy for Best Mexican/American Album in 1994 — with that gorgeous ashen and aureate sequin snip that will be ingrained in our minds everlastingly .
She was decidedly glamorous, but she was hush the daughter from Lake Jackson, Texas, that started off performing in restaurants with her siblings as a young child. Falling in beloved with her isthmus ’ south guitarist Chris Perez later in life, Quintanilla just wanted happiness — and she lived her life with positive energy, vivacity, and authenticity everywhere she went. Plus, she was hilarious, excessively, particularly when poking fun at herself in spanish interviews. now, we ’ ve rounded up all her most cheer, funniest moments — so organize to love her even more !

1. Her interview in Spanish with Cristina Saragelui in 1994.

As person who was born in Texas, and was proudly mexican-american, Selena notoriously sang fabulously in spanish — but lived most of her animation speaking English ( as thus many of us Latinos in the U.S. do ). The “ Dreaming Of You ” headliner always laughed at herself when getting spanish words improper — like in this “ The Cristina Show ” interview when she excellently said “ diez yttrium cuatro ” rather of “ catorce ” ( minute 18:00 ! ) .
2. When she got her Grammy nomination, her first thought was taking pictures with celebrities.

In a rare unearth consultation with “ Tejano USA ” right before her performance at the Texas Live Music Festival in 1994, Selena gave insight into just how authentic she was. When asked about her Grammy win, she said, “ when they beginning told us we were nominated we all freaked out, we couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate believe it. ” Her first thought ? “ The first thing that came to my judgment was… I have to take a television camera so I can take a picture with all these stars. ” She actually did bring a camera to the ceremony, but they didn ’ triiodothyronine let her bring it inside !
3. A 1995 post-Grammy interview showed she didn’t see herself as a “big” act.

When asked about her Grammy experience, she said, “ barely to be around all these artists that are heavyweight is an honor. ” The interviewer questioned her about this, saying, “ you say you got to meet a lot of big acts… we feel you ’ ra pretty doggone big. ” Selena laughs and replies, “ well it ’ south different… I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate see myself that direction. ”

4. She wanted to remembered as “a person that cared a lot.”

An interviewer in Lubbock, Texas asked Selena, “ when you ’ re gone how do you want to be remembered ? ” In a consequence that ’ south giving us all goosebumps, the singer replied : “ As not merely an entertainer, but as a person who cared a lot. And I gave the best that I could. And I tried to be the best character model that I possibly could, and the best person that I could. And I tried to help out. ” Selena was The Queen of Tejano Music, and she besides had a heart of gold .
5. She was always laughing and making fun of herself.

We can ’ metric ton stop smiling watching this bloopers video of a Selena interview with Onda Max, where she starts laughing uncontrollably at gesturing with her hands while they were hidden under her shirt sleeves. She then laughs out loudly with the man next to her when he says “ que tal amigo ” — and immediately we ’ re laugh ( and crying a bit ) excessively .
6. Selena didn’t shy away from speaking in a British accent — even at the Grammy’s.

While we recommend watching this video recording the hale way through for unearth gems — we just can ’ thyroxine beget over our fagot talk in a hilarious british stress. While at the Grammy ’ randomness ( in that iconic gown ), Selena says, “ yes, dahlin ” as if she was born in London — and then goes on to sing acapella in spanish flawlessly .
7. The “No Me Queda Más” singer had a facial expression for everything.

This 1994 interview with “ Puro Tejano ” shows us just how much times have changed — thankfully. While the interviewer keeps pointing to Selena ’ s “ sex symbol ” status after shooting a Mexico-based magazine report in a bikini, the singer keeps it extra professional ( we love to see it ). even better ? Her hilarious shriek and laugh when they tell her the magazine is being sold in the U.S., besides. Always poderosa, constantly ahead of her fourth dimension.

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