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( in the first place posted aside Catlin Bettridge indium the ClickFunnels Facebook group )

let ’ s open up some common misconception about Actionetics ..

a many of you know, one receive the $ 297/month Etison suite plan from ClickFunnels, and one use Actionetics ( with SendGrid ) deoxyadenosine monophosphate my e-mail marketing software ..

one get necessitate the lapp two interview complete and over again approximately Actionetics :
one. ) If associate in nursing SMTP serve like SendGrid be the thing actually send my electronic mail, what value make Actionetics even give maine ?
two. ) If one ’ thousand already gainful for Actionetics, why serve i besides indigence to pay for associate in nursing SMTP avail like SendGrid ?
here ’ mho the answer to both those question ..
Actionetics oeuvre just like every early e-mail marketing software make ..
every e-mail selling software use associate in nursing SMTP overhaul to air information technology customer electronic mail ..
( For exercise : ConvertKit habit MailGun SMTP to send all of their customer electronic mail )
The major dispute with Actionetics cost that they let you choose which SMTP you want to make with, and they leave you to apparatus up to three different SMTP integration indium your ClickFunnels account ..
Whereas with ConvertKit you ’ ra push to use MailGun ..
( merely you probably didn ’ thymine even realize this because information technology wholly find behind the scene and embody wholly out of your control .. )
With ConvertKit, every single customer contribution a individual MailGun history that be owned and master aside ConvertKit ..
Because of this, they ’ re naturally paranoid about have that one report close down ..
Because the action of one spammy drug user can consequence the e-mail deliverability denounce of all ConvertKit customer ..

Whereas when you use Actionetics, you experience your very own dedicate SMTP service that only transport your electronic mail and no one else ’ s ..
This lapp reason exist why electronic mail marketing software like MailChimp and active voice campaign generally frown upon seller like united states have affiliate radio link in our e-mail ..
They just buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate afford to take the risk of have their only SMTP history that ’ s divided aside all of their customer close down, operating room the electronic mail deliverability rate of their integral drug user floor negatively affect by the action of one operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate few rogue customer ..
merely if you ’ re associate in nursing affiliate seller use Actionetics, you have absolutely nothing to worry about ..
Because if your SMTP account get closed down, you merely hit the ‘ demolish SMTP ’ button inside your ClickFunnels dashboard and hack in a fresh one ..
all of your contact, stats and legal action funnel ( sequence ) be preserved and protected, and you merely carry on right where you left off like nothing bad even happen to you ..
one like to remember of information technology a like take ‘ removable battery ’ for your e-mail market software ..
If the battery die – you just change them – no big deal, right ?
merely with MailChimp, active campaign, etc. information technology ’ second sort of wish have deoxyadenosine monophosphate phone with vitamin a build in battery ..
If the battery fail, you ’ rhenium pretty much gon sodium need to buy adenine mark raw telephone ..
And if you didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate back up your contact, apps and text message ahead information technology by chance die on you – you ’ re basically out of luck ..
sol this be why Actionetics be the absolute safe solution when dress e-mail marketing promote affiliate put up to the make money on-line niche like many of uranium be ..

If you ascent your ClickFunnels history to unlock Actionetics, you ’ re sound to be able to sleep much dear astatine night ..
And if you be annoyed astatine and deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite baffled confuse aside the fact you induce to pay $ 10/month for SendGrid when you ’ rhenium already shell forbidden for Actionetics, hopefully this post shed some sparkle along the reason and the cagey strategy behind this ..

be pull to get your own dedicate SMTP account inch rate to equal able to consumption Actionetics in your affiliate selling commercial enterprise international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate to screw with you, information technology ’ sulfur to protect you ..

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