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The recent explosion in pastime for the metaverse has put the spotlight on the structures needed to support virtual worlds, including cryptocurrencies able of sustaining and furthering virtual economies .
Amid this interest, Sensorium, the company behind one of the populace ’ sulfur leading metaverses, has burned one billion SENSO, the equivalent to 40 % of its in-platform currency. With that, the total supply of SENSO tokens now stands at 700 million, of which 500 million tokens will be locked for digital assets in-game sales, leaving the active supply at 200 million SENSO. The burn is the second base undertake by the company this class, positioning SENSO close to becoming one most relevant metaverse tokens at a clock time when spill about digital worlds is hitting a fever gear .

The long-awaited metaverse

Founded in 2018, Sensorium Galaxy has been named as one of the leading contenders in the metaverse slipstream, aboard technical school giants like Facebook and Epic Games ’ Fortnite.

once launched, Sensorium Galaxy users will be able to explore unlike virtual worlds, each dedicated to a particular form of entertainment. top attractions will include exclusive concerts by world-renowned DJs like David Guetta and Armin van Buuren, arsenic well as mindfulness and meditation activities led by think of practitioners. More recently, Sensorium announced that it would be partnering with electronic music picture Jean Michel Jarre, whose VR appearances have drawn millions of viewers, to co-create its metaverse .
“ At its core, Sensorium Galaxy is a social platform. Our vision from the start was to be able to give users incredible experiences that are deserving populate in virtual reality, but that will distillery make them feel completely show and connected to others. The metaverse is a collective experience meant to be built and enjoyed in concert, be that with sleep together ones or with all the raw people you ’ ll meet along the way. And co-creation is at the center of it all, ” says Alex Blagirev.

Besides their high-profile partnerships, Sensorium has besides made a big bet on a killer whale have – AI-driven virtual beings. This new breed of avatars is meant to be the ultimate metaverse companions, being capable of holding intelligent conversations with users and traveling with them across virtual worlds. not alone that, but users will besides be able to co-create the metaverse with these AI beings, unleashing their joint creativity in realms like music and dance .

The metaverse engine

SENSO is at the kernel of Sensorium Galaxy, as a primary means of payment for all transactions within the metaverse. This includes the buy of avatars, tickets, cosmetic add-ons, digital artwork, and more. additionally, Senso will besides be used to mint all kinds of NFTs within Sensorium Galaxy .
Inside the Galaxy, one SENSO is worth $ 10 per unit of measurement. This pace is applied to those buying SENSO through traditional decree payments. however, Senso is besides traded through crypto exchanges, like Kucoin and Poloniex, slightly above $ 1.9 at the fourth dimension of publish, meaning that getting SENSO in the open commercialize can provide a dynamic deduction for users.

Holding SENSO besides gives the metaverse users extra benefits, as the platform says it intends to reward users by letting them participate in the metaverse ’ s government through a DAO where, according to Sensorium ’ s latest whitepaper, “ participants are given the hypothesis to join the Council and enjoy voting rights on product decisions along with early perks. ”

Other metaverse tokens

ahead of the much-anticipated free of Sensorium Galaxy, slated to take place in the come months, SENSO is making great strides in the burgeoning population of ‘ metaverse cryptos ’, which includes the likes of Decentraland, whose market capitalization surpassed $ 2 billion on the back of last month ’ randomness large Facebook/ Meta news, taking its keepsake MANA through incredible rallies since. other platforms like Axie Infinity and Sandbox to name just a few, have besides been crucial in setting newly heights for metaverse cryptocurrencies, with AXS and SAND leading a price thunder with no end in view .
It ’ sulfur clear that monetization has become a focal point for metaverses, and users are quickly becoming knowing at picking platforms with fairly and crystalline virtual economies, where the time and feat invested in virtual worlds is well rewarded .

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