Top 10 Best Slow-Motion Video Apps

How phệ make your video in Dịch vụ sản xuất phim animation
motion : The FAQ

Can you edit a video to slow motion?

If you’ve recorded a video in real-time, then the good news is that it’s easy mập edit it và add Slow Motion effects. Here’s how béo make a slow-motion video using Movavi Video Editor :

  1. Install and launch Movavi Video Editor.
    Version for Windows
    Version for Mac

  2. Import your video và drag it onto the timeline .
  3. Open the More Tools menu.

  4. Select the Slow Motion effect.

  5. Move the slider béo the left Khủng slow lao dốc your video .
  6. Once you’re happy with the results, click Export to save your video to your computer. You can select the video format, quality, and where you’d like to save the file to. Then click Start to export.

What app makes your videos slow-motion?

There are a number of different apps you can use Khủng create slow-motion videos. Some are for iOS or Android, while others are designed béo be used on Mac or Windows computers. You’ll find không lấy phí và paid apps và those that allow you phệ edit pre-recorded videos, as well as those that allow you Khủng record videos in slow-motion. Here are our top 10 ( you can read more details about each ứng dụng in the danh sách above ) :

  1. Slow motion video FX
  2. Slow Fast Motion Video Editor
  3. Videoshop
  4. Movavi Clips
  5. PowerDirector
  6. SloMo Video Editor
  7. SloPro
  8. Slow Motion Video Maker
  9. Slow Motion Camera
  10. Video Speed

How do you change a video to slow-motion on iMovie?

To add slow-motion effects phệ a video in iMovie, just follow the below steps :

  1. mở cửa your video, then tap the video clip in the timeline .
  2. In the inspector (at the bottom of your screen), tap the Speed button.

  3. You should see a yellow bar at the bottom of your clip with yellow range handles at each over .
  4. To adjust ranges drag either yellow range handle. You can also tap Add to create a new range.

  5. Then, drag the slider left mập decrease the video tốc độ .
  6. When dragging the slider, the tốc độ is displayed below your clip ( i. e., 50% x means half the normal tốc độ, etc. ) .
  7. If you make a mistake, you can reset the entire clip’s speed by tapping Reset.

  8. When you have finished, tap anywhere outside the inspector phệ dismiss it .

How do you play a video in slow motion on Android?

It’s really easy phệ play a video in slow motion on Android. Thes e are the simple steps you need mập follow :

  1. Navigate béo your video .
  2. Tap the video, then tap More (which looks like three little dots stacked vertically).

  3. Tap Playback Speed.

  4. Choose the tốc độ you’d lượt thích bự play the video at .
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